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  1. What monsters carry them and where can I find them on the ground in the Snowy Hills?
  2. dang, didn't know they could be used in the dungeons.
  3. I don't know how I got them but I have the lineup of the original DQ Heroes in my lineup in DQ Heroes 2. Wow and when are they available to use?
  4. It was only 13 eps but people have English Subbed the entire series on youtube. I'm currently on episode 21. Loosely based on Dragon Warrior 3 with appearances by Baramos, Zoma, finding the ghost ship to get the Mirror of Ra to reveal a false king, lots of good stuff https://youtu.be/Cf6L5QGpHHA
  5. so the grotto missions looking like caves on the map of Dragon Quest Heroes can be completed? I thought they were never ending but I see an accolade for completing all those missions? How long you gotta hack n slash, 2 hours?
  6. some of you mentioned items. Something I didn't really pay attention to much in this game, maybe made it harder for me as well. While I made use of the alchemy pot very well in DQ8 , I just didn't use it that much in this game other than to create items I needed for quest if I couldn't buy them with medals. I never even used the melding option once in this game. I will go back to the "how to use" section and figure it out more.
  7. I thought you would be able to have everything when you started a new game after you beat it but none of those items are with my character
  8. so as someone who grew up on Dragon Warrior, playing all the NES games when they first came out and then 7 and 8 on the PS1 and PS2, the whole hack n slash of Dragon Quest Heroes for ps4 took a lil getting used to. Wasn't crazy about it till I came upon the boss of DW4 who I eventually beat and becomes part of your party. That nostalgic moment was pretty cool as Alena's reaction pretty much mirrored mine as I thought he was defeated and killed in DW4. Then I came across Erdrick's equipment as well as the Zenithian equipment. I am a big fan of the Erdrick story line so I really enjoyed those easter eggs and have become pretty enthused about this series. I like how the bird Raia is a link to all the worlds of Dragon Quest and makes sense of the story. Even after beating the game I came across Zoma from DW3, who is hard as hell by the way, and can't wait to see what other easter egss there may be. Came across some guy I am sure was in one of the games I never played like 5,6,9 and 10. Be nice if the Dragonlord showed up? Hargon maybe? Malroth? Dolmagus? I recall a Kandor like character that was in the game as well as a mission in which as you proceeded you fought bosses that mirrored the ones you fought in Hargon's castle at the end of DW2. Good stuff yall. Barely started Dragon Quest Heroes 2 and it looks just as fun. Looking forward to DWQ11 as well. I really need to play 5,6, 9 and 10 now though
  9. yeah, I actually found them shortly after I posted this at Dawnsholm but I swear they weren't there before, lol
  10. Every challenge that lists having sorcerers there are none, what gives?
  11. I definitely did, so he's the boss from DW4, cool. I knew it was him being that Alena recognized him but could of sworn he gets killed at the end of that game (shrugs) Haven't beat him yet in this game. First time my whole squad got wiped out
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