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  1. Continuing to annoy the mainstream.

  2. http://www.woodus.com/den/games/dw1nes/ yeah, I got a question, what is this manga you speak of? Loved the Pat Buchanan and George Bush references. I don't remember was Tantegel the only place in Alefgard in DW2? There was a Dragon Quest 3 manga somewhere. Someone posted a few pages where it had the Dragon Queen gave Erdrick the ball of light. also it showed the world of Alefgard being a 2nd planet.....inside the world of Aliahan.....one world inside another.....literally. Now in DW2, only Tangagel and Charlock were the remaining inhabited areas in Alefgard, I think there was
  3. That one's out of my reasons, since I only know the NES versions.
  4. Here's my theory: The egg the Dragon Queen laid was that of which would eventually hatch and the dragon from it will be Drgonlord. The earthquake the sealed the pit of Gaiga, forever trapping Erdrick and his companions in the world of Alefgard ( imagine what his mother must have went though ) could have maybe either caused the Dragon Queen's castle to crumble and the egg falling through the hole ( if the Dragonlord's scales were "like steel", I am sure the eggshell had to be pretty damed hard too ) and found its way to Alefgard. Or maybe the egg was taken to Alefgard by some creatures
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