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  1. Continuing to annoy the mainstream.

  2. http://www.woodus.com/den/games/dw1nes/ yeah, I got a question, what is this manga you speak of? Loved the Pat Buchanan and George Bush references. I don't remember was Tantegel the only place in Alefgard in DW2? There was a Dragon Quest 3 manga somewhere. Someone posted a few pages where it had the Dragon Queen gave Erdrick the ball of light. also it showed the world of Alefgard being a 2nd planet.....inside the world of Aliahan.....one world inside another.....literally. Now in DW2, only Tangagel and Charlock were the remaining inhabited areas in Alefgard, I think there was a shrine, same place you get the Rainbow drop in DW 1 & 3, but that's about it. All the other places: Garinham, Kol, Rimular, Cantlin, and the ruins of Haukness, all gone. Rimular island is still there, but where the town is, only some forrest is there now. It's like either all the towns' people got up and left the kingdom, tore down their villiages and went someplace else.....maybe to the lands of Middenhall, Cannock and Moonbrooke and their surrounding lands. It's also possible that Hargon's forces totally trashed Alefgard in their attepted world-wide invasion, and that only Tantagel, depsite its chicken-$#!& coward of a king, was able to hold them back. Tantagel took a page from Cantlin's book and made itself, along with Brecconary, and become a fortified, though somewhat small, casteltown. Also, the economy either went to hell or became rather good. For Tantagel does offer pretty good medium power weapons and armors and the Inn has 6 gold per night fee......so it makes one think that maybe Tantagel is is doing pretty ok for itself ( with the luxary of having such a cheap inn cost ), though the magic key business is shot, since the keys of the DW2 era obviously replaced the DW1 era magic keys....which is ironic since the DW2 era keys are in fact the ones from DW3 era......the ones that the ancester of Rimuldar's key cutter orginally based the magic keys upon, least one of em, since we only see one kind of door in DW1 era Alefgard. I believe that the Map of Alegard and the surrounding lands of DW2 are on this very site. ( found some ) Though keep in mind that Alefgard was shrunk down quite a bit in the game. Though I love that they kept the Alefgard music for the Kingdom once you enter it. DW2 Map, big file
  3. That one's out of my reasons, since I only know the NES versions.
  4. Here's my theory: The egg the Dragon Queen laid was that of which would eventually hatch and the dragon from it will be Drgonlord. The earthquake the sealed the pit of Gaiga, forever trapping Erdrick and his companions in the world of Alefgard ( imagine what his mother must have went though ) could have maybe either caused the Dragon Queen's castle to crumble and the egg falling through the hole ( if the Dragonlord's scales were "like steel", I am sure the eggshell had to be pretty damed hard too ) and found its way to Alefgard. Or maybe the egg was taken to Alefgard by some creatures, be it Zoma's Baramos' or some other third party, and hidden away in the land. Now the Dragon Queen in the DQ3 manga had a humanoid form.....could she become a full dragon, I don't know. Now someone HAD to have mated with her for that egg to be even able to hatch.....possible that the father could have been some some humanoid being or maybe a creature that can change its form. The Dragonlord hatches and has no idea of his past. Now was he raised as a humanoid or a dragon, we don't know. Was he even raised at all......maybe he was able to fend for himself right upon hatching....we don't know either. But at sometime, he did know about being able to change his form....plus his blue skin ( grey in the DQ remix ) HAD to have told him something, especially since Alefgard, for the most part, is populated by white people ( Pat Buchanan's wet dream come true I bet ). Dragonlord lord learned to change form. Now could Dragonlord have been treated like a second class citizen? He really looked different from all the other folks, and I am sure there were the equivilent of a KKK or at least rednecks with nothing else to do but obess about skin color somewhere in Alefgard....maybe, maybe not.....but it does make for interesting thought excercises. Anyhow, Dragonlord learns about his dragon self....maybe he knew it the whole time....maybe even the opposite.....finding he could become a humanoid if need be. Dragonlord finds other dragons, and seeing a fellow dragon, or maybe aware of his origins, take to his side and begins the campaign to rid Alefgard of the human populations. He trashes Haukness, for that's where Erdrick's sword, once named The Sword of Kings, was hidden; Erdrick might have even maybe hidden the sword in the same place, along with his armor. Dragonlord finds the sword, has the remaining parts of the town destroyed and the people libing there killed. He finds the armor as well and decides to have an axe knight guard it as a form of bait to any would be heros brave (and dumb? ) enough to come after them and try to take on Dragonlord, while taking the sword, the one thing that could pierce his scales, back to Charlock with him. Another reason to wipe out Haukness was because that town was famous for its stables and making war horses for the King's army. I read an interesting article on how Dragonlord destroyed Haukness and other towns to detroy the economy of Alefgard....look at the poor shape of the kingdon in DQ2......all the towns, apart from Tantagel, which now became a small castle town, are gone. The land was like as if the Bush adminstration got hold of it. ( all angered pro-bush people may PM me personally ). I also think he had some magicians create the goldmen of that era.....used to either mobile sources of gold to help fund campaigns ( though what dragons would need money for is beyond me, especally since they can go out and simply TAKE what they want or need. ) or to just use to make more monsters. Now with Erdrick's sword in hand, also used for bait......since the sword can only kill Dragonlord and being in the castle....would make people come to Charlock. Assuming they could have survived the trip to reach the island Charlock is on, get the rainbow bridge remade ( I assume Dragonlord destroyed the orginal, since having the rainbow bridge intact would be pretty much be like having a big sign out in front saying, "Hello Dragonslayers....enter here." ) and make it through the traps and monsters living in the castle, the poor schmuck would still have to hope he found a weapon strong enough to fight with. And Dragonlord would have a laugh, since the one weapon that could be able to kill him would be right under the would be hero's nose and he probably would be none the wiser. Though tyrants, as history shows, often get too arrogent......and Dragonlord did not expect anyone to make it to charlock alive, let alone his throne room. Maybe the years of being on that throne made him weak too......like the star football hero in school that beat you up and stole your girlfriend now turned into a balding, fat guy.......or at least did not get any stronger.....since Dragonlord was a whimp, at least in battle; when compared to Zoma, Baramos, or Malroth 100 years later. And then Erdrick's descendent showed up and got rid of the Dragonllord. now for Dragonlord's grandson......it's possible that if he spent some of his life as a person before discovering his dragon origions.....he might have had a female companion.....be it a lover, a quick fling or a prostitute. Or during his reign of evil over the land, Dragonlord might have had concubines.....be it in either humanoid or dragon form......maybe even some of each. Dragonlord knew that he would need an heir to the throne, so he had to make sure he would have offspring....maybe that's why he wanted Prince Gwealin? Now when Zoma died and mentioned about "Another great evil comming to Alefgard.....long after Erdrick is dead", the offical answer is that he ment Dragonlord, but I think he ment Malroth....since Malroth was much more powerful and was associated with the forces of Rhone, which DID happen to cause a bit more trouble than Dragonlord. That's my theroy, any questions?
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