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  1. Sorry to necro-post this, but I've added (and will continue to add) the DQXI-S bonus material leading into Act 2, in case that is more interesting to people.
  2. I can only think of these few from DQ11 off the top of my head, likely because they're the freshest in my mind. But these made me eye roll, groan, and/or face palm. Phnom-non Nou-wat Dora-in-Grey And my personal favorite (which I called on stream ) is Snorri ending the incantation to seal away Krystalinda with "Hexpialidosious!".
  3. Another brilliantly done 8-bit cover! You're a wizard! (Harry...)
  4. This is SUPER over due, but I finally got around to adding the maps to the website, in case anyone was still waiting for them. https://www.dragonwarriorclassic.com/dragon-warrior-classic-2
  5. And more DQB2 today @ 1:00pm PST! Hope to see you there! http://www.twitch.tv/hawkeye1701

  6. Streaming DQB2 @ 8pm PST. Feel free to join! :) http://www.twitch.tv/hawkeye1701

  7. A new DQ game & 311 album on the same day! Oh, happy me! :overjoyed2:

  8. I think it's safe to say that the demo literally rocked my world.
  9. What are the level codes? I'd love to play them on stream.
  10. Mario Maker is half of the content I stream. I was obsessed with the first one on WiiU and this one is absolutely amazing so far. Can't wait to see what crazy difficult kaizo levels and tech pop up in the next few weeks/months.
  11. There is a small game store outside downtown LA that was putting on a little Dragon Quest art exhibit by local or traveling artists that I went to. And they happened to already have the game in stock so I grabbed one. I should've posted a topic here about the art exhibit. I guess I still could! There was some really neat pictures by some really talented people.
  12. I hate it. It's the worst! Thank you Woodus! I appreciate it!
  13. 999 North Pacific Coast Highway, El Segundo, CA 90245
  14. I hope you all don't mind a little shameless self promotion, but I finally got around to begin editing my first play through of DQ11 when I was able to snag an early copy back on Sept 2nd 2018. Don't worry, since this is a long ass game, I won't reply to the chain every time a new video is posted. But if you're curious about the play through, all videos will be located in the spoilers section below. And if you like what you see, feel free to like, comment, and subscribe! (sorry... Had to... )
  15. NESCard was the first person I Tweeted at. What other DQ games have credit warps? This is the first I've heard of any.
  16. I'm already giddy about the possibilities (if possible) of how this could drastically change the Any% category. Imagine using the RNG manipulation trick to level up to Rimuldar readiness then credit warp. Or even RNG manipulate just to the credit warp hahaha. Calm down Hawkeye... Let's not get ahead of ourselves...
  17. Just double checked speedrun.com really quickly to confirm there wasn't a credit warp category yet, and indeed there isn't. Since I don't personally speedrun this game, I think I'm going to pass this info along to some peeps like NESCard and see if they wanna try and deep dive to recreate. This could be the creation of a new category! Great (accidental ) find!
  18. I loved that game. So many memories. I remember spamming a tool shop glitch which helped you buy unlimited Medical Herbs for hard monster grinding. I also remembered getting bullied by this one "guild" group that would always hang out in the same room in the Inn of a town and they would attack and kill you if you tried to enter. If Beyond or anything similar ever made a comeback...... Dragon Warrior Classic Online........????
  19. It takes a lot of tweaking to get the classic DW font (or any font that the default text boxes weren't designed with) to work. It's a very involved process and requires going into the scripts for each text box and adjusting the pixel sizes of the text areas themselves. It's really silly. So the reason text get stretched is because there is more room allowed than there are characters, and vice versa when it gets smushed is because there are more characters than allowed space. It was a really grueling trial and error process I had to go through for both DWCs to make things look right and not fun at all.
  20. Ack! Literally setting a reminder to myself to download and play this demo this weekend! Super stoked!
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