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  1. NESCard was the first person I Tweeted at. What other DQ games have credit warps? This is the first I've heard of any.
  2. I'm already giddy about the possibilities (if possible) of how this could drastically change the Any% category. Imagine using the RNG manipulation trick to level up to Rimuldar readiness then credit warp. Or even RNG manipulate just to the credit warp hahaha. Calm down Hawkeye... Let's not get ahead of ourselves...
  3. Just double checked speedrun.com really quickly to confirm there wasn't a credit warp category yet, and indeed there isn't. Since I don't personally speedrun this game, I think I'm going to pass this info along to some peeps like NESCard and see if they wanna try and deep dive to recreate. This could be the creation of a new category! Great (accidental ) find!
  4. I loved that game. So many memories. I remember spamming a tool shop glitch which helped you buy unlimited Medical Herbs for hard monster grinding. I also remembered getting bullied by this one "guild" group that would always hang out in the same room in the Inn of a town and they would attack and kill you if you tried to enter. If Beyond or anything similar ever made a comeback...... Dragon Warrior Classic Online........????
  5. It takes a lot of tweaking to get the classic DW font (or any font that the default text boxes weren't designed with) to work. It's a very involved process and requires going into the scripts for each text box and adjusting the pixel sizes of the text areas themselves. It's really silly. So the reason text get stretched is because there is more room allowed than there are characters, and vice versa when it gets smushed is because there are more characters than allowed space. It was a really grueling trial and error process I had to go through for both DWCs to make things look right and not fun at all.
  6. Ack! Literally setting a reminder to myself to download and play this demo this weekend! Super stoked!
  7. Also, confirming that class changing retains your spells. If you're pre-class change (under lvl 20) then I would take the Golden Claw from vault and go to the Cave of Jipang/Zipangu where Metal Slimes are found. Or if you're feeling a little more daring, you can go to the large forest where the Leaf of the World Tree is located. Metal Slimes are more common there but you'll be dodging tougher enemies like Grizzlies, Eliminators, Old Hags at the same time.
  8. Oh it's so good to see new pixel art monsters again!
  9. Like I said, late to the party But hey! That page also said 2019, so hopefully its sooner this year than later. I'm excited. 1 was sooooo much fun and I can't wait to have that experience along with everything they've added.
  10. Saw this article as well as the game info page. So.... it's coming then? (also apologies if I'm late to the party on this one lol) http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/01/nintendo_reconfirms_switch_release_windows_for_metroid_pokemon_animal_crossing_and_more http://www.nintendolife.com/games/nintendo-switch/dragon_quest_builders_2
  11. My head cannon is that once she's returned to the castle she gets all cleaned up and given new clothes.
  12. My only comment to those who might stop after beating Mordegon, I IMPLORE you, to play the post game material before ultimately forming an opinion on this game.
  13. Hey! Don't let me stop ya! She deserves all the praise What was cool is that I literally met her the night before at an IGN Event in downtown LA and she told me whereabouts her name was.
  14. Hey Woodus, Sorry if I missed anything regarding this, in case this was requested by others, but what happened to the New Topics section on the home page?
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