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  1. Hmm, about the only 'must-get' is Magic Knight's Force Break, and maybe Hammer's Stunshot. Others that are 'nice to have': Axe's Tekkouzan, Shield's Phalanx, Rod's Super Magic Circle, and um, that's all I can think of. A lot of the other skills are used often in the Colliseum, but I don't know too much about that. And monsters' skills depends on the monster, but usually the weapons skills are alright. The casting speed cap is at around 75%, but you cannot reach that as a priest outside of Rapid Stick skill. So just get as much as your wallet allows. Or just stick with like 12% each for Stick and Arm slots, which provides the best cost-performance. Death resistance is nice to have on upper body slot. Note that priests have 25% natural resistance to Death so you only have to get 75%. Curse resistance on shield. Also have another shield with breath resistance. Feet should be trip resistance or dance resistance. Or both. Head should be HP and/or various resists. Lower body slot should also be resistance. Different bosses require different resists so can't really recommend just one. So just pick something. Ring slot also has various rings with 50% resistance, so keep that in mind as well. Right now, Taima set is the best set. Water set is still pretty darn good too if you want a placeholder until you decide on the final set.
  2. Type in all chat ã¹ã‚¸ãƒ¼ã‚¯ãƒ»ãƒ™ã‚¸ã‚»ãƒ«ã‚¯! around that silly cucumber. Then you be done. You get an important item called 強戦士ã®æ›¸ that lets you fight against most of the å¼·bosses.
  3. If you have high level friends or a team, go ahead and grab supports to clear the story until the 2nd disk's first major arc. This will open up the 'shin' Kokolata Beach, so you can do the solo spear takomets to level up your priest. Level up the other classes enough so that you get all of the global passives weapon skills on your main character. Start going to bosses etc for loots.
  4. Metal Slime Coin grinding is where 4 members each bring several metal coins and lap around the labyrinth. If you have two boomerang classes, then it will reliably pull in 120k per genki. While it's not the best in terms of exp, it has the benefits of a chance of meeting Toruneko or Minea, getting Metal no Kakera (worth around 40k a pop?), meeting some of the rare bosses, etc. Other popular exp spots are Shiren Gate tour (120k+ exp per genki, 24k gold, and more in loot. Requires some coordination between members. Lvl 60+) Emonoyobi Kabalier (~200k exp per genki. Easy to do, but requires 2 lvl50ish Monster Master classes in party) Kokolata Beach Takomet solo (140k+ exp, more if you use metal perfume. Can be done with Paladin, Priest and Item Master which are otherwise a pain to level. And can start from like lvl 40ish) and of course the trusty old Bazax
  5. Nice, I want a +% dmg to spells. And +% dmg to light attacks. I think those are the best boost to dps.
  6. Yeah it's like 12 or 13? Not very far in.
  7. So... how is that royal labyrinth guys? Got any godly belts? I got a +8% to ice elemental attack belt which is nice on my pet killer machine.
  8. For current endgame contents, one with full magic resist, and one with full 呪ã„ガード should be enough. But really, any shield is fine, as long as you have all the shield skills.
  9. You can get most of the accessories from chests in the new continent, don't sweat it. Sorry, apparently only Venus Tears and Power Rings in there.
  10. I believe it's 0% until level 10, then from there you lose your level's % (15% if you are level 15), then caps at 50%.
  11. Get them through Magical Labyrinth's boss chest, several daily quests in the first railroad towns, and/or get them through 'iraisho' quests.
  12. Yeah you only need the shield skill for some Orb bosses etc. For leveling, it's best to stick to improving damage.
  13. Yeah you can enter commands. You use it, and it just makes you immune to criticals for 3 minutes or so.
  14. If you really focus on optimal grinding, I would say about 3 months to get all 70. Extra skill points take about 15 hours per class maybe。 There is a shield skill at 100 that blocks all critical hits.
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