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  1. The mansion is easier than the cave, but you'll see the cave before you see the mansion. You initially travel up the desert, and you would see the cave on the rocky wall to the right side of the desert. The mansion is at the very end of the desert. The last tower dungeon is hidden somewhere in the huge desert you crash into after you get Liete. It's big and if you're not strong, it's quite hard. Hmm, I never beat FFT but I did play some of it (25 hours). I gave up because I felt that the battles didn't have enough strategy for my tastes. A lot of them seemed to be based on odds and luck than strategy. So maybe it might be 60+ hours, but if some battles last about 90 minutes then I wouldn't be surprised.
  2. There are 3 bonus dungeons. The 1st one is reasonably long, probably about 3 hours to beat if you try to fight a lot. This one is that cave one. The 2nd one should take about an hour or around 45 minutes if you're fast. It's the one in the haunted mansion. The 3rd one is that tower dungeon, which probably takes around 5-6 hours since you do a lot of time backtracking to heal spots since the monsters kick your butt a lot. 60 hours is still fairly long. Most PS1 RPGs clock in at about 40 hours. If you can name me any other RPG aside from DQ7 you think is longer than Grandia on PS1, I'd like to hear it. I can't think of any, although some people had a time with Xenogears. (Although it was easy for me)
  3. Did you guys use walkthroughs? I didn't. I'm still pretty sure it's 80 hours for me but 60 looks a bit like 80 as well. Too bad I erased the save game. I did backtrack a helluva lot during the game and sometimes just walked around to look at the sights. I also got lost in the last desert a couple of times (where the last bonus dungeon was). I wouldn't think that'd be 20 hours difference though. I can see me wasting 10 more hours but not 20. I believe I did get every single weapon/armour in the game though. So I was being a completist. Curious. Still, the point is, it's a pretty long game, and from everything I've played on the PS1, the second longest after DQ7. Even Xenogears was shorter than those two.
  4. If you do the bonus dungeons, it's about 80 hours total. I played it very recently, so I remember it well. I didn't spend too much time levelling up either. If you don't, it's possible to skim by at a little over 50 hours. It's not that the bonus dungeons take up 30 hours of game time (altogether, they are about maybe 8-10) but it's reasonable to assume that if you do the bonus areas, you're probably going to try to be thorough and search everywhere, which adds up to about 80, minus the levelling up. By contrast, many here will remember I beat DQ7 in 105 hours, which is actually about the average. So I'm not too slow with RPGs either.
  5. Nice. You just got about 79 hours to go now. Seriously. This game is like the second longest PS1 RPG after DQ7!
  6. Tales of Destiny 2 (PS1 version) I think is better. But it's tougher to find. Grandia 1 is still, in my opinion, the best Grandia of the series and Grandia 1 is quite possibly the best RPG on the PS1, and that's even knowing it's inferior to the Saturn version! A great mix of play and story. Most RPGs either get too wrapped up in story (Final Fantasy) or fighting (any number of b-list PS1 RPGs--Legend of Dragoon, Saga Frontier 2, etc) I'm playing Star Ocean 2 now and it's keeping my attention by its sheer gameplay value. Story's not great shakes but it's not horrible.
  7. Lucked out on a copy of Castlevania: SON and I'm enjoying it now. Starting the reverse castle now. I'm also playing Klass of 99, a fan remake of the old Spectrum game, Skool Daze. Anyone here remember that game on the C64?
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