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  1. Demon's claw. 80~ power or so and can inflict poison. I'm fairly sure he earrings are better, unless you're using Bikill. She also gets the Angel Leotard in the remake, which gives her some much needed elemental defense. In both version, savestates should utterly own the Casino. The Falcon sword isn't worth much in the remake (Solo's critical hit rate isn't good enough for it, sadly.) The Armbands were the best thing there, IMO.
  2. The loss of her criticals is likely tied into her weaker overall stats. Or maybe it's just a hidden number, like ID resistance and the like. Unless you have an emulator, the casino's a $#!&@ to tackle. You have to win chips via the monster arena, and that's just flat out unreliable.
  3. Alena has Cristo level HP in the remake. It's.. roughly an 100 point drop or so from before, by about level 40. http://www.rpgdl.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=30 http://www.rpgdl.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1386 The first topic is based on the NES version, and the second is off the PSX version. The second topic is taken ten levels later or so, and Alena has a bit less HP than her NES version. (-_-) The loss of Metal Babble shields hurts a bit, but with the AI off, Cristo can simply use Increase one.. and bam. Mages can take hits. AI off in the NES version kicked ass. Bosses couldn't handle sap (Hell, even Necrosaro was weak to it), and Increase made them all cry. PSX version was pretty much the same. One of my favorite parts of the PSX version was Death Pisaro (Necrosaro). His AI was much improved in general. Too bad Bonuce is still a OPB thing for him.
  4. Hmm. Dragon Warrior IVR has to be my favorite. An old classic NES RPG, with PSX level graphics and music, and an outstanding extra chapter added. Gameplay balance was improved (Nara and the mages have actual HP, Alena was toned down, no MBS in the casino, AI's optional.. etc), on top of the extra chapter. Pisaro kicks so much ass.
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