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  1. so are we allowed to have avatars that are not relted to the DW/DQ universe now?
  2. Hey woodus, Can i have my name changed to Gothic Panda?
  3. Hey woodus, I was wondering if i may have my name changed to Ichigo Kurosaki? I love Bleach, so if u can thanks
  4. sry for nagging but ive noticed that youve been on lately so id figure id ask again Can i have my name changed to DragonRider F'lar. plese, thankyou
  5. I started playing final fantasy 7 again. other than that ive reall just been playin GTA: San Andreas. Good controversial game ( I used to be such a huge gamer.... look at me now)
  6. Yea i have all the books (ALL OF THEM) and ive read them at least five times and f'lar is my favorite char with jaxom close behind. I love anne mccaffrey books I am also glad to see a person who enjoys pern
  7. Hey woodus ive not been here in ages and want to upgrade my profile so can i have both(?) names changed to DragonRider F'lar
  8. can mine be changed to DragonKnight because of my avatar
  9. Iwould have to say dw7 becase it is more challenging than the others to get money and such my second choice would bg dw4 because i borrowied it from a friend and thought it was good too
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