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  1. I don't mind at all. Anyone willingly to donate to me $30 via PayPal? If so, PM me. I only want the guide for the codes. Whoever has a scanner can scan the guide, I will ship the guide to them, and they can keep the guide.
  2. I just ordered the World Master Guide, and the February 2014 issue of V-Jump so I can get those codes.
  3. That VJump issue has a code with it that gives you a 'V-Long Key' which lets you access another world where you can Scout V-Long (that red dragon). V-Long must be a pun on Shenlong (Shenron) from the Dragon Ball franchise. The Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Iru and Luca's Marvelous Mysterious Key World Master Guide (comes out same day as the game) will include a code that gives you a 'Popular Pirate Outfit' and 'Super Marbled Beef', which can ensure capture of any demon that can be Scouted. The codes can only be used once. even if you have more than one, you can only use one per game. codes
  4. A new article on Siliconera for DQM2 came out today: http://www.siliconera.com/2014/01/09/dragon-quest-monsters-2-hack-like-dungeon-system-end-game-players/
  5. I betcha the main story will be around 40 hours. All in all, will probably clock in 200+ hours. I played Terry's Wonderland 3D to death, and clocked in around 140 hours. I had almlst every monster besides ones you can only get by going to Japanese McDonalds, and ones by egg only.
  6. The new monster Miracrea: Miracrea is a combination of the words "miracle" and "create". To create a miracle.
  7. Mysterious Keys: You can make keys at the key shop in Malta's castle. to make keys, you combine a key sold by the shop with a 'word' you give it yourself. Depending on which type of key and the word, the other world will differ. The words you can use depend on the 'titles' you have collected. if you use words that are rare, there might be rare monsters in the other world... Professor Monster seeks new species fusion: as well as the previous patterns of fusion in previous games, a new type of fusion, new species fusion was revealed. New species fusion monsters will easily raise
  8. Don't pay attention to the regular price. the special price is the price it's always sold at. Also, I finally found a good video recorder that actually isn't sensitive to the n3DS viewer (software used for the capture device to view it on your PC). Got the kinks out now, and doing recording fine now.
  9. A new article on Famitsu just came out today sharing details about the mysterious keys, quests, and a new race from DQX. www.famitsu.com/news/201312/31045454.html
  10. I still have some kinks to work out before starting a playthrough. ZD Soft Screen Recorder never fails me with emulation recording and captures video flawlessly for me, but for Katsukity' n3DS Viewer program things are a whole different story. The recording doesn't lag at all for me, but the only problem I encountered is both the top screen and bottom screen have some parts cropped out during playback of recording. I tried using fraps, and got to select where on the screen I would like to capture. It showed the whole thing, but was very laggy.
  11. DranzerX13's Katsukity 3DS LL + Capture Card Unboxing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvR2JV-NK-g Quality Test: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leztZ3bguhs
  12. My 3DS LL with capture card finally shipped. Will be in my mail in 3-5 business days. Will do a playthrough of Terry in HD, but once DQM2 is out, will shift to this game. You guys can use my videos for screenshots, etc.
  13. A new article of this game from Siliconera states that after beating the game, you can make Slime and Giga bodies. Also, the 3DS version changed it to where you can't get any random world keys till post-game. You can also trade these keys via StreetPass.
  14. Well they haven't blocked this yet: http://www.mediafire.com/watch/e4b8nhvax5wzjc4/DQM2%20Trailer%20Subbed.mp4 Edit: I filed a dispute, and they unblocked the YouTube video.
  15. Here's the trailer English subbed. Note: bluesun from pokemon-originals translated it. I jsut timed and encoded it, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RWs8SDwFx0&feature=youtu.be
  16. made this report to Siliconera while crediting Woodus for it. Good find, Woodus.
  17. Android/obb/comsquarewhatever/ then your apk and obb. You put the comsquare folder in the obb folder. If any of you guys wish to donate to me via paypal, PM me.
  18. The apk and obb files both need to be in android/obb folder.
  19. When you get to the title screen, and you tap screen to start... There's two different load game tabs. Left one takes you to latest priest save. Right tab takes you to world map save. Another new nice addition is that you start with 500G.
  20. The ones who received my PM's with the files needed to install the game, let me know how it goes with playing the game. One of the most interesting changes when it comes to gameplay is that there is another way to save besides talking to the priest. Now you can also save on the world map.
  21. another new article on DQM2 for the 3DS on famitsu: http://www.famitsu.com/news/201312/12044514.html You can "Dress Up" Iru and Ruka anytime! After fulfilling certain conditions in your adventure, you will be able to obtain clothing items that Iru and Ruka can wear. In this game, you can change your clothes during your adventure. Of course, your clothing is also shown in StreetPass Battles, so change into and register your favorite clothes.
  22. the portal app leads you directly to the play store (if you don't have the game) when you click on the game from the portal app. If you're in the portal app, and said game is already installed, that game you click on will take you to the game itself rather than the play store.
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