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  1. I found a new interesting article about the new DQ8 port for the 3DS. It talks about the Seiyuu and their comments about their characters. http://www.famitsu.com/news/201506/11080194.html
  2. Isn't some of the script in the 3DS release different? There have been some changes, such as the fairy guy that gives you hints about the puzzle pieces which wasn't in the original PS1 release.
  3. I noticed SE changed the namee of some of the main characters... Act > Luceus Mar > Aurora Well, at least we're getting the game over here.
  4. A lot of you are probably wondering why Square Enix doesn't show as much love for Dragon Quest overseas as it does in its home country in Japan. This topic here is to discuss why Dragon Quest is not as popular overseas (outside Japan).
  5. Interesting... Now back to VPNs again...
  6. I just tried to log on the online mode, and I get the DQ-100-106-X error code. I thought Square Enix removed the IP block for Dragon Quest X on the PC for overseas players.
  7. I hope the quality of these are good. I'm using the HP All-in-One Office Jet 4620e to scan these. Are the file size for the images too big?
  8. Dragon Quest Souten no Soura Manga Rips Note: Volume 1 has been fixed. Apparently, some images from the first volume were missing, and some out of place images were in their, so I fixed them and re-uploaded. Volume 1: Dragon Princess!! 00. Prologue 01. The Novice Adventurer!! 02. Dragon Princess!! 03. The Journalist of Glen Castle!? 04. Train Panic!! 05. This is Our Dragon Quest Volume 2: Nice Guy of the Plains!! 06. Nice Guy of the Plains!! 07. The Desert Kingdom, Dolwarm! 08. Desert Attack!! 09. Special Ranger!! 10. Nice Guy's Requirement 11. The Hell King, Sola!!?
  9. Volume 3 chapter info has been added.
  10. If anyone is interested in adding me as a friend, feel free to do so. Currently, I'm in the Azran Region, with my Ruura Stone set to teleport me to that town (apparently, lots of level 80's like to hang out there). ドランザー (Doranzaa) CW287-312 Currently my Elf is level 19, and I'm a warrior class.
  11. I bought the latest expansion thinking I wouldn't have to enter a registration code for the first version, but I was wrong. I spent like $70 on ebay for a brand new physical copy of the latest expansion out. Since I have the full game already downloaded, all I needed was the registration codes to unlock the full game, otherwise I'd be stuck playing the demo. Well I tried entering the key and it said I needed to enter a game key for first version first. My friend in Japan, I paid through PayPal, and he bought me the game key for first version. I tested it, and it all works.
  12. The "Seeds of Salvation" trademark IS for DQVII 3DS for sure. The other one is for smartphone ports. I'm thinking the reason why Reggie told whoever messaged him about DQVII and DQX what he said, because I think Square Enix is going to publish it themselves in North America this time.
  13. Dragon Quest: Souten no Sora (Sola in the Blue Sky) Volume 1: Dragon Princess!! Chapters: 0-5 Release Date: 2013-06-04 Ch00. Prologue プロロ一グ PurorÅgu Ch01. The Novice Adventurer!! ã¸ã¤ã½ã“冒険者!! Heppoko BÅkensha!! Ch02. Dragon Princess!! ドラゴン・プリンセス!! Doragon Purinsesu!! Ch03. The Journalist of Glen Castle!? グレン城ã®ã‚¸ãƒ£ãƒ¼ãƒŠãƒªã‚¹ãƒˆ!? Guren-jÅ no JyÄnarisuto Ch04. Train Panic!! トレイン・パニック!! Torein Panikku!! Ch05. This is our Dragon Quest ボクé”ã®ãƒ‰ãƒ©ã‚´ãƒ³ã‚¯ã‚¨ã‚¹ãƒˆ Boku-tachi no Doragon Kuesuto
  14. I just got to Peregrin Quay, and killed off Eight, and Yangus for thr sake of leveling Jessica up to their level.
  15. DQVIII Mobile in ENGLISH has come out in New Zealand today on iOS. The North American version to come out soon. http://www.siliconera.com/2014/05/28/dragon-quest-viii-ios-likely-coming-west-today/
  16. I took a 2 month break from DQM2 3DS, and got int other games. I've been playing Final Fantasy X Remastered, and working on fansub projects, mainly for Future Card Buddyfight. I will be playing DQM2 3DS again sometime this week.
  17. Man! We need more comments on their YouTube channel than that. Help spread the word!
  18. I've been taking a break playing DQM2, and been playing League of Legends lately. I will continue my playthrough this weekend.
  19. I would be happy if Toei released it, and Discotek picks up the rights for it on DVD.
  20. Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken aired in Japan in 1991 on Fuji TV. It also aired again in 2007 on Toei Channel, and this time remastered. http://www.toeich.jp/backnumber/2007/date/1354.html
  21. The events of the game are being translated by bluesun (The Moonlighters /Pokemon-Originals) for your enjoyment. Please don't post these scripts elsewhere without giving the proper credit. Woodus chipped in $25 so bluesun could translate the story of the game. If any of you are interested in getting more translated, you can pitch in, too, and donate as well. If interested, PM me for more details. The next $25 bluesun will translate all of the Desert World's story. The 3DS version of DQM2 story has been changed a little bit to include some new characters, and monsters. Dragon
  22. Someone on gamefaqs has made a translation guide already. www.gamefaqs.com/3ds/726426-dragon-quest-monsters-2-iru-to-ruka-no-fushigi-na/faqs/68811 Very useful translation guide at that.
  23. As you may have noticed in my playthroughs that I haven't synthed any monsters yet. I like a challenge, and I have a habit of not synthing any monsters until I get lots and lots... well maybe like 60 or so. After I clear Sea World, I'm gonna start synthing. My Walkthrough for this game will be coming lout on gamefaqs this March, so watch for it.
  24. The Super G Size Monster of the Desert World - Orihalgon (a play on the words Orihalcon and Dragon) The Super G Size Monster of the Sea World is - Leviasama (a play on the words Leviathan and sama, a Japanese prefix) The Super G Size Monster of the Snow & Ice World is - Mammodius
  25. bluesun will also be translating cut-scene dialogue as well so you guys can enjoy the story.
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