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  1. Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Yangus Only playthrough


    Is it possible? Yes... but very hard and annoying much later in the game.

    The final boss before you unlock the post-game content you have to have everyone alive when facing Rhapthorne, but there is a creative way of doing the Yangus only challenge during that boss fight, which I'll get into that later.


    I played up to the point where you get the ship, then going to Princess Minnie's Castle. I then started a new game because I wanted to distribute my skill points differently.


    Here's the breakdown of my new playthrough....


    VS Zaban


    VS Oceanon (Khalamari)


    VS Tortured Soul

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  2. Alright, after several tests in the game, this is the scoop...


    The first time you load the game, you HAVE to have your VPN turned on when you click new game. After that, once you finish creating your character and have access to the map, exit out of the game completely, turn off your VPN. Open the game again, it should let you connect without it, if it doesn't completely exit the game and try again. It seems it only does a connection check every once in a while. I turned on the game without my VPN succesfully 5 times just now and have been playing it without it disconnecting on me for sure.

  3. Even though it's region locked on the Japanese Google Play Store, the game itself is not region restricted. Once you have the apk, it'll let you download the game's data even in the US without a VPN.


    You can get the apk here:



    How to set up Dragon Quest of the Stars.


    1. Install the apk file.

    2. Open the game.

    3. Install the game data.

    4. Once the game data is installed, turn on your VPN.

    5. Start a new game.

    6. Create your character, go through it till you get to the map.

    7. Completely exit the game.

    8. Open the game without the VPN turned on. It does a connection check every once in a while. If it tells you that you can't connect, completely exit the game and try again. Eventually it will let you connect.

  4. http://dq8.org/dq8_quest.html






    Hopefully someone here can translate these... maybe Mimas can?


    Just to let you know, in order for the Slime Pudding to appear, you need to kill 30 slimes. It will appear south of Farebury (Trapetta) day or night. Also, don't forget to take photos of these monsters to complete their respective quests.

  5. Same here. My copy and Cranberry's copy will come on Monday as well. (I bought hers because I really wanted her to play it)

    Walkthroughs are already showing up on YouTube thanks to






    Hikaru Games

  6. I deleted it, but here's the video of it on YouTube. The only thing in the livestream that was worth keeping was the Dragon Quest of the Stars trailer, gameplay of Dragon Quest Builders, and gameplay of Dragon Quest XI. Everything else was just talk. The majority of the 1 hr 30 min livestream was just talking.


    (Beginning of video starts at 10 minute 06 seconds mark)


  7. I'm recording the Livestream now if anyone is interested in watching it later or couldn't cause of real life stuff. Will upload it later today.


    Dragon Quest Heroes II, and Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 was just talk. Just 1 gameplay image for Joker 3.

    So far just a trailer for Dragon Quest of the Stars, and gameplay of Builders.


    Also, apparently, DQXI will be for both PS4 and 3DS.


    PS4 graphics for XI is beautiful. 3DS graphics are way different. in the 3DS version, you can see 3D model world on top screen, and 16-bit on bottom screen. You can even switch between 16-bit and 3D model battles from what I saw.

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