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  1. Rhapthorne's Final Form (1st Phase) is a pain in the ass. I had to level up my other characters to around level 30, and Yangus did all the work while the others just stood there. Metal King Slimes, woot. Since his first phase is just about using the scepter till you summon all 7 orbs, I'm not recording footage of the first phase. That first phase was VERY annoying. After his first phase, I died on his second form, then I saved it.

  2. I have all the Japanese VHS tapes of Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken, and have converted them to DVD, now this is where my project comes in. My plans are revamping the episodes like this...


    Episodes 1-4 already have OP > Part A > Eyecatch > Part B > ED.


    Episoses 5+ are like this...


    Episose 5: OP > Episode 5 > Episode 6 (recap missing, a small scene with lightning crashing down after missing eyecatch) > ED.


    I have the Chinese version streams as reference, so I can place the eyecatches where they actually go in eps 5+.


    I'm going to fix all these issues, re-convert to vob, use DVD authoring software and add English subtitles. I will have my releases on Asian DVD Club. I should have the first 4 episodes in .iso DVD volume by the end of March. This is for FREE for fans by fans.

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  3. Yesterday I fought Dhoulmagus at level 44. In order to beat his first form, you need to quickly tension to 50, then use Big Banga, which will take out his two dopplegangers in one hit. After that, just do normal attacks till you beat him. I used 4 Lesser Panacea's during the fight with his 1st form, the 2nd form I used another 4, then I lost. He eventually beat me, so I'm going to fight both forms again at level 50. I'm not going to cheat by winning against his first form, then loosing on his second on purpose, then save it. This is to prove you can beat both forms (Yangus only) without dying at all.


    Right now I'm at level 48.


    You haven't seen anything yet... I haven't even got to the difficult bosses yet.


    For really really tough bosses that rack up the damage, where mid-heal, and healing items aren't enough, you'll need to be over-leveled to do lots of damage and kill your opponent first.


    The advantages of the mobile version:

    Combining items in the alchemy pot is instant, but the encounters are random encounters.

    Save almost anywhere.


    Advantages in the 3DS version:

    Combining items in the alchemy pot is still the same as the mobile version.

    no random encounters, making it easier and less time consuming to find Metal Slimes, Liquid Metal Slimes, etc.

    Photo Quests, which can earn you extra items, weapons, armor, etc.

    Save almost anywhere.

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