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  1. Version 1: Weddie Story http://wikiwiki.jp/dq10dic2nd/?%A1%DA%A5%EC%A1%BC%A5%F3%A4%CE%C2%BC%28%A5%B9%A5%C8%A1%BC%A5%EA%A1%BC%29%A1%DB Story translation by bluesun ===Overview=== You, the "Hero" are murdered by the Lord of the Underworld, Nergel. But you talk to a mysterious voice and agree to reincarnate as a Weddie. ===Incarnation=== In Rein Village, Hyuza and a Weddie are having a mock battle. But Rubecca calls out to Hyuza and distracted, Hyuza kills the Weddie. They go to do a funeral at sea for the Weddie, when your soul enters it and brings it back to life. Everyone
  2. I know this is from last month, but... http://www.shonenjump.com/p/sp/1605/dq_dai/ Also, Toei took down every single ddl link (that I've looked through on the internet for Dai no Daibouken episodes. The Catalan-Japanese dual audio episodes which have been up for years has been taken down. All the Arabic episodes have been taken down, which those have been up since like 2011. I think this is a sign they're planning for streaming the series/make DVDs soon.
  3. I have a translator if anyone is interested in continuing the project.
  4. Has anyone tried making a partial English patch for Dragon Quest X? It shouldn't be that hard to patch the menus, items, weapons, armor, accessories in English.
  5. I already decompiled the rom, was going to do all the menus and stuff. Go ahead and send me the tools.
  6. well, not cracked but...lots of scratches and permanant smear marks that won't come off. I was trying to use a wool pad (not metal) to get rid of an annoying mark on the right hand side of the screen. I think the right hand side of the screen was wore out or something, that's probably why it had that large mark on it.
  7. My 3ds top screen got cracked, so I need to get a replacement for it off ebay. My boss walkthrough will resume after I get that fixed. It'll be fixed in the next 2 weeks.
  8. Rhapthorne's Final Form (1st Phase) is a pain in the ass. I had to level up my other characters to around level 30, and Yangus did all the work while the others just stood there. Metal King Slimes, woot. Since his first phase is just about using the scepter till you summon all 7 orbs, I'm not recording footage of the first phase. That first phase was VERY annoying. After his first phase, I died on his second form, then I saved it.
  9. Yangus Only VS Jahagaros... DQVIII 3DS (JPN Ver) Yangus Only VS Rhapthorne (First Encounter)... DQVIII 3DS (JPN Ver) Yangus Only VS Ruin...
  10. Still waiting to get the next episode previews translated, then I can get going on the DVD authoring process.
  11. Yangus Only VS Marcello... Note: This battle is based on luck with his Whack spell. You can get through the whole battle without it working, but having the holy Talisman equipped sure helps. Everything else about this battle is easy.
  12. Currently, I'm doing side quests and stuff. I'll be facing Leopold sometime later this week.
  13. Yangus Only VS Lettuce (Empyrea): Executioner fest... Yangus Only VS Gemon:
  14. I just fought Captain Crow, and beat him, but I didn't save on purpose so I can record the battle. I will have it up later tonight after I get off work.
  15. Does anyone here have and use DVD authoring tools? If any of you want to help with the DVD menus and such, I'd appreciate it.
  16. I have all the Japanese VHS tapes of Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken, and have converted them to DVD, now this is where my project comes in. My plans are revamping the episodes like this... Episodes 1-4 already have OP > Part A > Eyecatch > Part B > ED. Episoses 5+ are like this... Episose 5: OP > Episode 5 > Episode 6 (recap missing, a small scene with lightning crashing down after missing eyecatch) > ED. I have the Chinese version streams as reference, so I can place the eyecatches where they actually go in eps 5+. I'm going to fix all these issues, re
  17. Yesterday I fought Dhoulmagus at level 44. In order to beat his first form, you need to quickly tension to 50, then use Big Banga, which will take out his two dopplegangers in one hit. After that, just do normal attacks till you beat him. I used 4 Lesser Panacea's during the fight with his 1st form, the 2nd form I used another 4, then I lost. He eventually beat me, so I'm going to fight both forms again at level 50. I'm not going to cheat by winning against his first form, then loosing on his second on purpose, then save it. This is to prove you can beat both forms (Yangus only) without dying
  18. Now it's time for a MAJOR Liquid Metal Slime grind-fest... will be facing Dhoul Magus around level 45 or so.
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