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  1. It is because the mailing system in Japan is kind of halted right now. This should clear up by next month sometime hopefully.
  2. The blu-ray box has already been paid for. I bought an Amazon Japan gift card and applied it to the pre-order. I now owe nothing when it gets released.
  3. Yes I do. Currently in the process of revamping the translations, adding in the translations for both the recaps and next episode previews, translation checking. They will be ready when blu-ray is out. I will be releasing the WEB-DL ones a month before that. They have all the recaps and previews as well.
  4. I bought a $316 Amazon Japan gift card with my stimulus check I got, and applied it to my pre-order. Once the Dai no Daibouken Blu-ray Box Set ships on July 4, it will use the gift card instead of my debit card after it ships. I'm just hoping the Coronavirus doesn't get any worse over in Japan, or the set will be delayed. I wish all of the Happinet, and Toei Animation staff best of luck in getting through this.
  5. I will be buying it and ripping it for you guys. I already have it pre-ordered at $306 including shipping with Prime discount price. If anyone is interested in splitting the cost like 4 ways, that could work too.
  6. No duh. It's Japanese only. I google translated the info from the official site.
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/DQ_DAI_anime/status/1238390290441895937?s=19 The TV anime "Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai (1991)" broadcasted in 1991 has been converted to a Blu-ray BOX for over 30 years! In addition to all 46 episodes of TV anime, the huge addition of all 3 movies also included! Full of gorgeous benefits such as three-sided back case drawn by anime and gome-chan goods drawn down ♪ High resolution full-length full HD remastered video scanned from high resolution 35 mm original negative! Enjoy the adventures of Dai again with vivid images! https://www.amazo
  8. The final episode of the first season (episode 32) TV Broadcast version. When the DVD Box set came out, they made a lot of changes because they made a second season. Episode 32 TV Broadcast version DVD rip: https://mega.nz/#!H8hDBAyZ!sdiX6kWo9NCUUu-Cfj5eXOpGG_bxslHpaZpeGBKP_oQ I made a post about this on Element7's YouTube channel: Actually it was included on the DVDs, but on the extras disc. The extra disc featured the TV broadcast version of episode 32, and the TV broadcast version of episode 33. The TV broadcast version of episode 32 and the DVD/Remastered TV airing on A
  9. I just watched both versions of Dragon Quest Abel episode 42. Both versions are the same until after the eyecatch. The second half has a lot of changes, and an alternate ending not shown on the DVD/Remaster version.
  10. Torrent: https://nyaa.si/view/1214491 DDL: https://mega.nz/#!d4tWyYrR!kCHHvi-kqPEYet27l_-LiLBOXf-9-IE1Ln0pPctUHko I made more than a few dialogue corrections in this release. bluesun translated some stuff for me from the Japanese wikipedia for Dragon Quest: Legend of the Hero Abel. Apparently they aired 32 episodes originally and then the show got cut so the second half of episode 32 is a conversation with an old woman, who says everyone but Tiara ended up dying. Then 3 and a half months later, they actually animated a second season showing what happened, intended for foreign ma
  11. Also, there is an additional 25 second scene not shown in the TV version that was is the DVD version. 11:50 to 12:15. The audio is off by a second or so, but it isn't my rip. I plan on fixing it when I upload the subs.
  12. Got good news guys, the lost episode is on DVD but in the extras section of it. Will reupload the subs of it with the DVD rip. Here is the raw in the meantime: https://mega.nz/#!3gIGXSzD!aOiatYZAoczUsQgWHZslwUwIKkoY3XYwIuqKOHV5Tvo
  13. Here's the lost episode translated. Torrent: https://nyaa.si/view/1211939 DDL: https://mega.nz/#!94UGGQYb!WCyGsGHD1frmzblMJb1sjBvpXIR70G5DDpOsxWWQQC8 Enjoy!
  14. I just paid her, she's working on it today. I'll have it released tomorrow.
  15. It's gonna cost me $30 though. I can pay it, or anyone else who wants to can. Same day translation. I just noticed that the last few minutes of the TV/DVD version of episode 32 is on the last few minutes of the lost episode 33. Episode 32 ended like normal on both TV and DVD versions Then there was a 4 month break. After that, Episode 33 aired, then had showed what happened before the events with Adonis, and the last few minutes showed what we see on episode 32
  16. But I'll get it done first, haha.
  17. I have a translator who will get it subbed this weekend.
  18. Here's the lost episode: https://mega.nz/#!8gkgBKjC!Wq-X-373w6NFBx1QABnVcBtZevC90eQou1ZoLaO1xgw The resolution was originally 320x240, but I upscaled it the best I could (640x480) without it looking too nasty. This is the best one we have for it, sorry.
  19. Here's the lost episode: https://mega.nz/#!8gkgBKjC!Wq-X-373w6NFBx1QABnVcBtZevC90eQou1ZoLaO1xgw
  20. I posted this in the other Abel Yuusha thread also. The missing episode is found here: https://nyaa.si/view/1148357 It's in the Abel Yuusha TV avi folder not the dvd one.
  21. If you're looking for the missing episode, it's here on this torrent: https://nyaa.si/view/1148357
  22. I want Funimation to get it. I really do. If Toei Animation adapts the new remake right, it would last about 3 years (less than 150 episodes) and that covers all 349 chapters, with them using 2-4 chapters an episode.
  23. I'm talking about the 1991 Dai no Daibouken. Netflix will probably get exclusive rights to the old series.
  24. Now that Netflix has the rights to Dragon Quest: Your Story, do you guys think they have the rights to Dai no Daibouken as well but won't announce it yet?
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