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  1. Here are March 2021 episode spoilers. 24-25 are early episode leaks found on 5ch (Japanese discussion boards) March episode spoilers for Dai 22. Off to the Department Store デパートへ行こう! Depāto e Ikō Air Date: 2021/03/06 23. Dragon Knight 竜の騎士 Doragon no Kishi Air Date: 2021/03/13 24. Dragon General Baran 竜騎将バラン Ryūkisho Baran Air Date: 2021/03/20 25. The Dreadful Dragonic Aura 戦慄の竜闘気(ドラゴニックオーラ) Senritsu no Doragonikku Ōra Air Date: 2021/03/27 Episodes 26+ will feature chapters not yet animated in any adaption. The 1991 TV adaption of episode
  2. 100 planned episodes in production. A chinese forum leaked it a week after it debuted.
  3. New episode title spoilers from March 2021 issue (January 21, 2021) of V-Jump. 19. The Final Secret of the Avan Style アバン流最後の奥義 Aban Ryū Saigo no Ōgi Air Date: 2021/02/13 20. Now, Slice Everything いますべてを斬る Ima subete o kiru Air Date: 2021/02/20
  4. New Dai episodes spoilers from February 2021 Animedia (January 10, 2021) 15. The Terrifying Curse Field 恐怖の結界呪法 Kyōfu no Kekkai Juhō Air Date: 2021/01/16 16. The Great Mage Matoriv 大魔道士マトリフ Dai Madōshi Matorifu Air Date: 2021/01/23 17. Immortal Saviour 不死身の救世主 Fujimi no Kyūseishu Air Date: 2021/01/30 18. Hyunckel VS Hadlar ヒュンケル対ハドラー Hyunkeru Tai Hadorā Air Date: 2021/02/06
  5. New episode title spoilers from February 2021 issue (December 21, 2020) of V-Jump. 13. The Decisive Moment 決着の瞬間 Ketchaku no Toki 2020/12/26 14. Blizzblazz General Flazzard 氷炎将軍フレイザード Hyōen Shōgun Fureizādo 2021/01/09 15. The Terrifying Magic Barrier 恐怖の結界呪法 Kyōfu no Kekkai Juhō 2021/01/16
  6. The manga rerelease has color pages from the original serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 1989-1996. I believe the anime remake will get to new content in April 2021. I think the 1991 Dai anime episode 46 will be episode 26 in the remake with the pace it's going at now.
  7. 09. A Single Shard of Courage ひとかけらの勇気 Hito kakera no Yūki Air Date: 2020/11/28 Dai was badly injured by Crocodine's Beast King Anguish Blast. When Maam tries to save Dai, the Heyedra controlled by Mystic Legion Commander Zaboera ties her up. Popp is shown all this by the fake hero party member Masopho, but he is unable to move due to fear. Seeing Popp like that, Masopho talks about his own past. He says he also once wanted to be a Mage of justice but.... 10. Onto Papnica Kingdom パプニカをめざせ Papunika o Mezase Air Date: 2020/12/05 11. The Demonic Swordsman, Hyunckel 魔剣
  8. 08. Hundred Beast Full Assault 百獣総進撃 Hyakujū so-shingeki Air Date: 2020/11/21 With Maam joining them on their journey, the three arrive late at night to Romos castle town, and spend their night at the inn. They are awoken by the echoing roar of Crocodine throughout the town. Crocodine, along with his Hundred Beast army are doing a full force attack against Romos castle. Dai soon gives chase to Crocodine and runs from the inn. Maam takes Popp to chase after but... Dai and Crocodine confront each other in the grand hall of Romos castle. Seeing Dai's fast growth he prepares to use the ho
  9. 06. The Beast King, Crocodine 獣王クロコダイン Jūō Kurokodain 2020/11/07 Dai was determined to leave the island to carry out the will of Avan and defeat the Demon King Vearn. Popp also boarded the boat with Dai headed for Romos castle. But, as soon as they enter the Demon Forest the two get lost. After meeting the girl Mina in the forest, they are in a pinch when they are attacked by monsters. They at saved by the magic gun using girl Maam. After splitting paths with Maam they become lost again, but before them appears the Beast King of the Demon Army, Crocodine, who has been ordered by Had
  10. New episode titles from December Issue (October 21st) of V-Jump: 05. The Insignia of Avan アバンのしるし Aban no Shirushi 2020/10/31 06. The Beast King, Crocodine 獣王クロコダイン Jūō Kurokodain 2020/11/07 07. Maam's Feelings マァムの想い Maamu no Omoi 2020/11/14
  11. 04. The Dark Lord Hadlar's Return 魔王ハドラーの復活 Maō Hadorā no Fukkatsu 2020/10/24 The fire dragon transformation skill (Dragoram) has turned Avan into a dragon, and he holds nothing back as he attacks Dai. Dai fights back with his knife but it's of no use even a dragon's skin is tougher than iron. To defeat Avan's breath of fire instead of the power move, Daichizan, he needed the speed attack, Kaihazan. When he finishes his training they all feel the presence of an evil power trying to enter the island. Avan's horrible suspicion is correct. The worst case plays out in who breaks throug
  12. A chinese forum has rumored 100 planned episodes. It'll take around 26 episodes to get to where the 1991 TV series stopped.
  13. 03. The Hero's Tutor 勇者の家庭教師 Yūsha no Kateikyōshi Air Date: 2020/10/17 Monsters that have turned violent are attacking humans on the island! In the midst of this uproar appears a man who seems the intellectual yet is playing the fool. He says he teaches heroes and will save the island but... can he be trusted? And the student who came with him is very suspicious...!While Dai is playing with the monsters as usual, suddenly the monsters turn violent. It seems some sort of dark power is affecting them. Sensing the danger Brass tries to help Dai escape Dermline Island, but Dai refuses. W
  14. I'm like a week late making this topic, but, oh well. 02. Dai and Princess Leona ダイとレオナ姫 Dai to Reona-hime 2020/10/10 Once again a ship approaches the island... from it comes the elegant and dignified Princess from the Kingdom of Papnica, Leona. While she has arrived at the island for a ceremony, when she sees the small hero Dai, she calls him "shrimp"... Good luck, hero (Cry) Credit goes to Mimas for translating the summary. Trailer for episode 2: For those of you who want to watch the new Dai online with English Subtitles, the links can be found
  15. It depends on the translator. I've had a translator that charged me $60 an episode.
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