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  1. I ended up deciding to do 1 disc worth of episodes per week. Disc 1 is done, however I'm making some changes to Disc 2. I decided to downsize the Blu-ray encodes for Disc 2. 1920x1080 (4:3 extra black bars) > 1440x1080 (4:3 no black bars) plus FLAC audio. https://nyaa.si/view/1260840 (Disc 1 Episodes 1-9)
  2. The Japanese Netflix release doesn't include the eyecatches, but everything else is intact.
  3. Btw, the episodes of Dai on Netflix are based off the Blu-ray masters and are in 1440x1080.
  4. https://www.netflix.com/jp/title/81271003 This might be indication that it's coming to US Netflix
  5. Sometime next week, I'll be making a torrent for the Blu-ray rips (with English fansubs) of just the films first. Short films 2 and 3 never had English fansubs to begin with, and now will be the first time. The first short film is just a pilot that was shown at the Toei Animation Fair a few months before the TV series aired in Japan. As for the episodes, they've been Quality Checked, Translation Checked, recaps and next episode previews all translated. I will release the episodes the week after that because I need to time shift the subtitles to match the Blu-ray video and audio.
  6. Long time no see, Mimas. Also, btw, On Sunday, June 21 at 8pm JST (4am US PST same day) a Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai" special livestream called "Dai-suki TV #1" will be on YouTube. Atsumi Tanezaki, who plays the role of Dai, will also appear! Please stay tuned. Note: Dai-suki is a pun on Dai's name, and the word Daisuki which means "like" or "love" (ex I love anime) https://dq-dai.com/news/2020061801.php
  7. Toei Animation US already released an English subtitled trailer of the the 15 second teaser on YouTube. Obviously, Crunchyroll will get it. It was the same for the Digimon Adventure remake. There was an English subtitled teaser for it months back, and then Crunchyroll got that. They get most of Toei's stuff simulcasted.
  8. As I posted on nyaa: There was a Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai 2020 anime/game livestream that showcased information on the new anime remake and the 3 games coming out. I have taken the 2 anime development trailers they have showcased from the nearly 3 hour livestream, and included just the Dai anime remake development trailers for your convenience. The first one was about 45 seconds and at 1920x1080. The second one was 1m30s and I had to crop it to show just the development trailer because part of the video screen showed the team talking about a certain scene, so I cropped that out. Luckily the trailer screen was actually a good size, so the quality is good, but I had to downsize it to 1280x720. Anyways, enjoy! Here is the MEGA link to the folder: https://mega.nz/folder/xEJUBabC#2shNH72rsCOcpeFy7a7rYw Here's the scorpion scene from episode 2 in the 1991 TV series: Here's about that same scene in the 2020 remake: The quality has improved a LOT. I like the new animation.
  9. It is because the mailing system in Japan is kind of halted right now. This should clear up by next month sometime hopefully.
  10. The blu-ray box has already been paid for. I bought an Amazon Japan gift card and applied it to the pre-order. I now owe nothing when it gets released.
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