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  1. Ah Quest 64, managed to get close to the end of the game without the use of a memory card and it was a rental on top of that. Anytime that game is mentioned this song pops up in my head.
  2. Curses! That article is so friggin misleading that I got a bit excited and was like "Aw yeah!". Turns out that there isn't a US release date and I got all happy for nothing. God I want to play DQX so friggin bad it's not even funny at this point!
  3. I saw the first topic he posted in regards to going all bonkers with the ramblings and porn posting, though he was nuttier than a snickers bar. It seemed he was really trying hard to troll/harass for some unknown reason though its tame by many standards. Then again I'm pretty much desensatized to the point of just saying "That's nice" and going back to doing whatever I was doing in the first place. Since he got the boot, this would be appropriate.
  4. I would be up for it, besides those games that were remade on the SNES didn't come out here unless you got them via emulation with the english patches. They have 4-7 remade already so why not just go ahead and remake the first three? Seems rather silly to just leave out the Erdrick/Roto/Loto trilogy in the dust while the other games in the series get attention.
  5. Computer parts heading my way in a few days, looking forward to that. Also, pancakes are the bomb diggity!

    1. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      Same thing for me, too! (Both computer parts and the pancake thing.)

  6. Heya KagE and welcome! Yeah it's a bit late on my end >_>; You can bet your medical herbs I'll be hitting up DQ X whenever it comes out to the states, even if I'm on FF XIV ARR. Insane? Probably but sanity is way overrated these days, lol.
  7. Late welcomes are never a bad thing lol, I accept the feels peoples
  8. Dragon Warrior 1 was the very first RPG I played on the NES followed by 2 and 4, for some reason Dad forgot to get the 3rd game in the series but I managed to play it on emulators so no biggie. DW series and Ultima IV were my main RPGs during that time.
  9. Been playing Fallout 3, Witcher 2, Dragon Quest VI, Torchlight 2 and also got the testing thing for FF... ; Oh crap! *runs away while getting chased by a thousand moogles with NDA hammers*
  10. Welcome to THUNDERDOME! Wait a minute that was wrong, I mean DRAGON'S DEN! *echos and random stuff blows up in the background along with a sheep running around caught on fire* By the way, IV happens to be one of my favorites as well Ah the days of NES and Dragon Warrior (at that time)
  11. Hahaha, better late than never in any case. Thanks for the welcoming
  12. Busy week ahead what with jumping back to Fallout 3, Witcher 2, Dead Space 3, beta testing an MMO and hanging out with people inbetween.

    1. RyuKisargi


      Don't forget your Gauss Rifle and your Destablizer!


    2. Eniix Lingod

      Eniix Lingod

      Those two and must not forget to triple tap along with setting fire to said creature, because double tap isn't enough especially when dealing with Necromorphs <_>;

  13. Ah no rush Ljink, I've got plenty to keep me occupied though so I'm fine with waiting of course I don't speak for everyone else. >_>; lol
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