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  1. Forget being able to afford it, it really comes down to if you believe that SE is going to add enough content in a year to make up one whole new game. Because that's what it amounts to: paying the amount of a new game to keep playing the same game over a year. Personally I don't think these updates are going to amount to that much and therefore it is not worth spending so much on the game. I'd prefer to spend the money on some single player games where I don't have to rely on an internet connection. And that's using $5 per month; the monthly fee in Japan is about $10, if that says anything about what they would charge in the US.
  2. I wish I would have listened when they said drugs will destroy my body.
  3. I don't really like this kid but if I don't act happy I don't get food.
  4. No, you cannot recruit wild monsters. You do get a few more monsters are part of the story, but you are mostly supposed to use the breeding system to get new monsters.
  5. Levels in DQ5 aren't equal with the monsters. Often monsters that start with high stats and low levels will have low level limits, but they will grow a lot per level. If the stats are comparable to what you have right now then they will fight just as well as every one else. I think the king cureslime starts off pretty strong so you don't need to worry about leveling it too much. As for the great dragon vs. golem, I think their base stats were about the same but golem could equip better armor and weapons. Personally I liked having Son in the later boss battles, he had multiheal for when my cureslime wasn't enough.
  6. Yeah the numbers at the top don't match the numbers on Alex's guide but there are 32 different categories which is the same number as in that guide (00-31) and each group matches the different stages in that guide, monsters with 2, 5, 10, 100 to level 2. I think if you count the number of columns on that chart, starting with 0, it will match the number in the guide and give the number of exp needed for whichever level you are looking for. Let me just note that I just tried to match the numbers with some monsters with DQM2 and they didn't match exactly. Maybe they changed the numbers between games or maybe the chart is not correct.
  7. In the second game you go to different worlds by going through a door in the main area instead of the traveler's gates used in the first game. You go to different worlds by getting different keys; some of them lead to story worlds that progress the story and others you can get randomly and lead to generic worlds that have a few extra monsters to fight and catch.
  8. Yeah...we're never getting this game unless it gets fan translated, so I really can't look forward to it much. It does look really good though, just like their work with the first game.
  9. This means you haven't defeated the boss of that continent yet. Once you find the shrine in that area and defeat that boss those monsters will start to join you. Edit: Never mind, I didn't read that you found out already. The random world NPCs can be kind of boring sometimes though, most of what they say is very generic.
  10. I might try this since it's free. I hope someone here will put up an overview of the controls since I don't read a bit of Japanese.
  11. As long as the parent monster knows the skill, even in its base form, the child will learn it. The problem might come if the offspring doesn't have enough of a particular stat to learn the skill, but as long as you keep training them until they learn Heal (pretty much guaranteed) and HealUs (the one you need to watch for) you will continue to pass them to future generations.
  12. I didn't like Joker as much as the GBC games because of all of the changes they made to the breeding system (different ranks and you can't get a more powerful rank without having a monster at or near that rank) and because the islands made everything seem kind of confined. Joker 2 helped with the confining part though. As for the DBZ complaint, you do know that Akira Toriyama does the art for these games right? DBZ looking characters should be expected in general.
  13. Definitely panic mode at E3 but considering that most games are announced at least a month or two before they are released I might even put that before then. It's sad that getting the monsters games localized is like pulling teeth; the original game is what got me into the series.
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