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  1. I tried it and it didn't work. Thanks for the advice though. Any more ideas? Update: I started the game using data and it worked. Maybe it was something with my router; I'll have to check that later.
  2. I just started playing this game and when I get to the point where I have to tap "venture forth," I can't do anything. I tap the button and it reacts like it can detect a response but it doesn't do anything. Has this happened to anyone else and is there anything I can do to fix it? I'm playing the english version on an S5.
  3. Yes, price does generally indicate quality. There's a fairly wide variety that a key can give for a specific price though. I don't know what all factors play into there, but I think the strength of your monsters plays a role. Other than that I can't say, other than that I have played through the arena with one set of monsters to get keys and got a very wide variety so I doubt family plays much of a role. However, the key is determined when you receive it, not when you appraise it, so if you are using save states, you should place them before you get the key.
  4. Ok, I have a slightly bigger problem. I beat the game and it tells me to save. I do and when I go to the title screen it only has new game option. I can see a .sav file in the folder with the game but apparently my emulator isn't detecting it or something. Anyone got any suggestions?
  5. Well I learned heal at level 10 on both of them so I guess that's the requirement. It's also kind of nice to have the same monsters throughout the whole game, mostly. I don't have to worry about getting heal back every time I breed/fuse and they probably won't leave my team. I should make sure the one that used the healer heart gets healus though.
  6. Yeah, I'm fairly sure I have the stats. One of them is a unicorn which has only 63 MP but the other one has over 100 of both MP and INT. I just thought it was kind of weird that it wasn't learning heal earlier when in the original games they learned it at level 2.
  7. After seeing this topic earlier I decided to start a new game of Caravan Heart too. It's been awhile since I last played it so I want to make sure I understand the mechanics correctly. I think that monsters that are fused learn the moves of the hearts used in the synthesis, right? The reason I ask is that I have two monsters that should learn heal and neither of them have learned it by level 9. If anyone knows what level they should learn it or if I did something wrong I would appreciate it.
  8. Yeah, it's kind of a shame that by the time they finish the game, no one will be around to play it because everyone will have forgotten about it.
  9. DQM2: Cobi & Tara +4 DQM: Terry -8 Dragon Quest 33 HP - DQM: Terry 222 HP - DQM2: Cobi & Tara
  10. DQM2: Cobi & Tara +4 DQM: Terry -8 Dragon Quest 65 HP - DQM: Terry 206 HP - DQM2: Cobi & Tara
  11. Sounds good to me, but I don't think we will have to worry about having to up it again in 2 weeks. DQM2: Cobi & Tara +4 DQM: Terry -8 Dragon Quest 93 HP - DQM: Terry 198 HP - DQM2: Cobi & Tara
  12. DQM -4 DQM2 +2 Dragon Quest 125 HP - DQM: Terry 182 HP - DQM2: Cobi & Tara
  13. DQM2: Cobi & Tara +2 DQM: Terry -4 Dragon Quest 129 HP - DQM: Terry 182 HP - DQM2: Cobi & Tara
  14. DQM2: Cobi & Tara +2 DQM: Terry -4 Dragon Quest 135 HP - DQM: Terry 174 HP - DQM2: Cobi & Tara 10 HP - DQM: Super Light
  15. DQM2 +2 DQM -4 Dragon Quest 137 HP - DQM: Terry 174 HP - DQM2: Cobi & Tara 16 HP - DQM: Super Light
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