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  1. I hate to do this, but I'm in dire financial need so I will be offering my entire Dragon Quest collection for sale on eBay, beginning today and continuing until it's all been sold off or my situation changes. Look for additional listings today and this weekend, as I have a lot to list. Most of my collection can be seen in another topic on the Den (unless it was purged) or on Flickr. If you have any questions, please contact me through eBay (or if you have my email I'll accept that too), as I can't guarantee I'll reply to PMs or even in this topic, since this site is only accessible to me at home.
  2. It's more like Monopoly than the pachesi of DW3 or DQ5's "T n' T" (treasures and trapdoors). Monopoly on steroids, or Monopoly with Wall Street investing would be a better description of Itadaki Street/Fortune Street.
  3. There's a decent article about the DS original (Itadaki Street DS) at the Dragon Quest Wiki (dragon-quest.org); gameplay is explained thoroughly.
  4. Now I feel old. I was 12 when Dragon Quest was released in Japan. When Dragon Warrior came to America, I was one of the few that actually went out to buy it.
  5. improving the Dragon Quest Wiki when not at work (Mon-Fri).

    1. robotnikthedrak


      You are very busy, I can tell. ^_^ I just wish I could get in touch with you, noble Zenithian. My messages remain unanswered....

  6. I've got those...very good guides; lots of excellent artwork. Enix did some nice ones for the PlayStation remake of Dragon Quest IV too. Now that I've got a decent digital camera, I'll have to get some high quality shots of the artwork.
  7. Smash Brothers Brawl. Picked up a new copy on eBay for $35. I'm also still playing DQ5DS with Bianca. We're at Granvania and I'm preparing for the trial. I'd like to do it solo this time.
  8. If you do a Google image search for Angel Slime, there's four good possibilities on the first page.
  9. Looks like the Japanese are taking cues from the French.
  10. I've got my DS back, and now I'm up to chapter 4 in DQ4DS.
  11. Okay...SEI decides Tingle is no longer needed in DQ, and they remove it. The only problem is they've also done away with full moon herbs (don't ask me what they're called now). Ah, let's corrupt this further...they also do away with all herbs and status fixing spells, to toughen up DQ. -- I wish this election were over.
  12. Granted. Only in order to fulfill your wish, now the world has no new music. I wish I had a second DS.
  13. Okay...but now you have no mind. I wish I had a swimming pool.
  14. You are given a banana tree to help feed all your starving monkies (and keep them away from my car!). Sadly, bananas don't grow where you live. I wish I had a good recipe for Fettucine Alfredo...
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