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  1. I hate to do this, but I'm in dire financial need so I will be offering my entire Dragon Quest collection for sale on eBay, beginning today and continuing until it's all been sold off or my situation changes. Look for additional listings today and this weekend, as I have a lot to list. Most of my collection can be seen in another topic on the Den (unless it was purged) or on Flickr. If you have any questions, please contact me through eBay (or if you have my email I'll accept that too), as I can't guarantee I'll reply to PMs or even in this topic, since this site is only accessible to me at home.
  2. Thank you all for the comments. Flying Ragnar, I still have some extras. I'm sure we can discuss a deal so you can get one; send me an email.
  3. I wanted to update my post to make a few corrections, but was worried somone might think I had added something past the deadline. If the judges don't want to accept my 10th piece of evidence (a LEGO version of Erdrick's shield), then I'll understand. Here's what I wanted to fix: I received the DQ6 posters from Mimas, not Michi. I uploaded EVIDENCE 10 to Flickr at 10:59 AM (Mountain Time), and added it to the set 'zenithian's entry...'
  4. Here we go... EVIDENCE 1 (see within for EVIDENCE 2 - 9; if I finish EVIDENCE 10 before the deadline, I will add a reply to this post). As you read this, I hope to convey to you my “Passion” for Dragon Quest – all that it was, and is, and yet will be – in all its forms. I don’t think I’ve ever posted on the Den how I was introduced to the series, so I will begin there. I remember seeing the television commercial for Dragon Warrior, and wanting to play that game. I had played Dungeons & Dragons briefly with older siblings that had since moved out of our home, and this new game appealed to the would-be-hero within me. It wasn’t until the summer though, that I was introduced to the world of Alefgard. I was asked by one of my father’s coworkers to babysit her step-children that were visiting for a few weeks during work hours. I was 15, and so my Dad would drop me off at their place in the morning, and then pick me up on the way home. On one of the days that I was there, one of their friends came over with some of his Nintendo games – one of them was Dragon Warrior. They were about to go outside to play, and as I was also house sitting, I asked if it would be alright if I tried Dragon Warrior. The friend informed me of how far he and his brother were, and how he didn’t want me to mess up their progress. Yet he reluctantly agreed, and deleted the third file so I could play. I remember opening the chests, speaking with the people of Tantegel, exploring the castle, and then moving my hero – me – to the nearest village. I evaluated the shopping choices; I think I bought the bamboo pole and a small shield, and then went out to explore. I died – a lot. I also learned as I continued to play – the importance to stay near a town until I became stronger, the value of saving up money – and not dying – and after I learned the heal spell, of the free magic from the old man behind the counter. And I enjoyed every minute of it. A few hours later, the friend went home, and took his games with him. As I too went home, I knew I had to have that game. Soon after, I had my Mom take me to the mall on other side of town to go to a specialty game store. I bought a new copy of Dragon Warrior off the self, and we went home. I had to start all over again, but at least this time I spent my money on a club and some herbs. From the moment I bought Dragon Warrior, every time I was on our NES was to play it. And I wasn’t the only one who played that game. I introduced it to my younger sister, who was 9, and although she wasn’t as absorbed in Alefgard as I was, she became more interested as we got older. After making maps of Charlock Castle, defeating the Dragonlord and restoring the ball of light to King Lorik, I wondered if there would ever be another game like this, maybe one where I could travel the oceans. Some time later, we visited my brother and his family in Arizona. One day while we were there, we went to a nearby mall. I was looking through some magazines, and found Nintendo Power, volume 27. Of course, I had to have it, because now I knew there was not only a Dragon Warrior II, but also Dragon Warrior III! My sister and I looked, but could not find either game in any store. We eventually found Dragon Warrior III at a local video rental store; I talked the owner into allowing us to rent the game for three days. I spent nearly every minute of those three days playing Dragon Warrior III, much to the dismay of my sister and my parents, but I made my way through from Aliahan all the way to Zoma. As the credits rolled, and that great music of Sugiyama’s played, I was told I had to turn it off now, because it was time to return the game. So I contacted the only ones I knew of who might be able to sell me the games I knew I had to have. I saw Enix America Corporation’s address on the back of the instruction manual, and wrote them. They replied with a postcard containing a number of mail order businesses that sold video games, complete with phone numbers. And so I called, until I found and bought Dragon Warrior II and III. On another day, while at Albertsons, my sister saw Dragon Warrior IV. We rented it, again for a few days, yet this time I wasn’t as selfish and we both played it. Unfortunately the game had a bad battery, so we only could get so far each day before having to replay everything again the next day. We were getting better though, because each day that we had it we were able to get a little further in the game. We made it as far as the beginning of chapter 4 before having to return it. Now that I was on the mail order company’s mailing list, I received their catalog from time to time. So I found and bought Dragon Warrior IV. I was also on Enix’s mailing list, receiving issues of the Warrior World newsletter. It was thorough this newsletter that I learned of the upcoming Dragon Warrior V, for the SNES. I left home and went on a two year mission for the LDS Church; it wasn’t until I returned home that I found out from my sister’s Nintendo Power subscription of the cancellation of English localization of Dragon Quest V and the planned substitute of Dragon Quest VI to be North America’s Dragon Warrior V. By this time though, Enix America Corporation was in its final days. We kept receiving Nintendo Power, and eventually learned there would be no Dragon Warrior V. I started working for a friend in his startup internet business, in the days when most had no idea what it was or what it could do. It was here that I searched for – and found – other fans of Dragon Warrior, and learned of all the other Dragon Quest games I was missing. I found Dustin’s DQ Shrine, Dragon’s Den, Darkniciad’s Dragon Quest Midi Shrine, the Dragon Quest V “walkthru written by Luke Drelick, Danny Seminara, and Cie Siyavash Sharp”, and Ian Kelley’s Dragon Quest VI walkthrough and FAQ. I remember making audio cassette recordings of the midi of the Dragon Quest V overworld theme to share with my sister. I also found eBay, where I entered several bidding wars so I could have the Dragon Quests that I thought I could have in no other way. I paid $125 for a used, but complete, Dragon Quest V. I rejoiced when I saw Enix was returning, and I shared that joy as I posted about the soon to open enix.com. Since then, I have bought every North American release, and nearly every Dragon Quest that has only been released in Japan. I started my own fan site for Dragon Quest, Zenithia.com, and although it has not seen an update for many years, I am still pleased with what it did in its early years, and that it remains further evidence of the Dragon Quest fans in North America. Over the years, I have amassed a very large Dragon Quest collection: games, guidebooks, manga, magazines, posters, figures, cards, pencils, and other merchandise. I have posted photos of most of my collection on Flickr in the set 'zenithian's entry for the Ultimate Dragon Quest Superfan Contest' (EVIDENCE 2 - 9, http://www.flickr.com/photos/30187772@N03/sets/72157627548931723/). I share my love of Dragon Quest with my family and others. To family I have given extra copies of these DS games: two Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime, two Dragon Quest Monsters Joker, one Dragon Quest IV, one Dragon Quest V, and three Dragon Quest IX. My nephew uses three framed Dragon Quest posters that I own to decorate the room he has with us. I lent Plattym3 my copy of the Dragon Quest Monsters Caravan Heart guidebook as he played that game and prepared the Monster Heart Skill Guide now found on Gamefaqs. Twice I have given away excess cards from the Dragon Quest Card Game to Den members. I arranged with Michi to trade some excess Dragon Quest Legend Items Gallery items for some Dragon Quest VI posters so I could distribute them to other Dragon Quest fans in Utah, as we did not have any Dragon Quest VI Best Buy events. I have commissioned art from another Dragon Quest fan so they can buy another Dragon Quest game. I contacted Woodus, Dwaine, and Dustin Hubbard about starting a knowledgebase for North American Dragon Quest fans, which has evolved and become the Dragon Quest Wiki. Since that summer when I first played Dragon Warrior, I have been a devoted fan of Dragon Quest, limited only by the time and financial resources that I must dedicate to the other responsibilities of life. If I had greater resources, more spare time, and could visit or live in Japan, I know my collection would be even larger than it is, and Zenithia.com would be as great in reality as it is in my dreams. I am a Dragon Quest superfan.
  5. It's more like Monopoly than the pachesi of DW3 or DQ5's "T n' T" (treasures and trapdoors). Monopoly on steroids, or Monopoly with Wall Street investing would be a better description of Itadaki Street/Fortune Street.
  6. There's a decent article about the DS original (Itadaki Street DS) at the Dragon Quest Wiki (dragon-quest.org); gameplay is explained thoroughly.
  7. I can help with translation into English; J'ai pris cours de français pour quatre ans et ont vécu au Québec pour deux ans. Aussi, ma sœur est une instructrice en français et aime Dragon Quest.
  8. Now I feel old. I was 12 when Dragon Quest was released in Japan. When Dragon Warrior came to America, I was one of the few that actually went out to buy it.
  9. improving the Dragon Quest Wiki when not at work (Mon-Fri).

    1. robotnikthedrak


      You are very busy, I can tell. ^_^ I just wish I could get in touch with you, noble Zenithian. My messages remain unanswered....

  10. I've got those...very good guides; lots of excellent artwork. Enix did some nice ones for the PlayStation remake of Dragon Quest IV too. Now that I've got a decent digital camera, I'll have to get some high quality shots of the artwork.
  11. Smash Brothers Brawl. Picked up a new copy on eBay for $35. I'm also still playing DQ5DS with Bianca. We're at Granvania and I'm preparing for the trial. I'd like to do it solo this time.
  12. Do you want/need any more NPCs? If so, I'm willing to be one.
  13. If you do a Google image search for Angel Slime, there's four good possibilities on the first page.
  14. Looks like the Japanese are taking cues from the French.
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