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  1. Neclord approves of this review! On a serious note, the Suikoden games are some of my all-time favorites next to Dragon Quest in terms of RPGs. Suikoden II still being my absolute favorite in the series. I keep checking, hoping, one day Konami unveils another Suikoden title and hope it would come over to the Western part of the world.
  2. Decided to replay DQIX since I haven't played it in many years now. Just got past the Wight Knight and am currently in Coffinwell. Seriously, overleveled a bit (which tends to happen, as I like to get the best equipment possible before moving on -- this has been my thing since the very first game in the series). For my three other party members I made a: Warrior, Priest and Mage. All in the mid-to-low teens level wise. It's amazing how much I forgot since replaying this game. A lot of fun! Enjoying it a lot on my New 3DS XL since my old DSLite died on me sometime back. Figured it was time to u
  3. Currently replaying The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky via Steam. I own the game for the PSP and played it when it first came out and really, really enjoyed the game. Replaying the Steam version because XSEED is supposed to release Trails in the Sky Second Chapter later this summer (hopefully!). Just got done with the Prologue at 8 hours and entered the city of Bose. Will start up the main story again once I talk with some of the NPCs and look at my Orbments and the like. Trails in the Sky gets :thumbsup: from me!
  4. Been mostly playing Elder Scrolls Online when I have the time. Playing it with a few friends, and other than the occasional bug (quest bugs, mostly) it's been pretty fun. Also when I need to go around killing aimlessly, I opt for Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. Also since beating Dark Souls II I hop on it once in awhile for some PVP. Now if only FromSoftware (makers of Demon Souls and Dark Souls series) would make a new Kings Field again... I would be in heaven!
  5. Something about the newer Alice in Chains albums I find quite great and this song off their latest album is stuck in my head. It's easy for songs to get stuck in my head.
  6. Congratulations on your wedding, Michi! Great pictures. Really, the slime decorations are an awesome idea! I totally should of done something like that at my wedding. Ha!
  7. These covers are all great! I, too, also have covered Dragon Quest as well as many, many other video game songs on guitar as well. I have never uploaded any on YouTube, maybe I should record a few in the near future when I have the time. Dragon Quest, Wild ARMs, Suikoden and FF:MQ are some of my favorites to cover on the guitar. Again, great job on the cover! Sounds great! Btw, lonlonjp is a great guitarist! I have watched nearly all of his video game covers and yes I agree he is fantastic at playing!
  8. Good to see you back, Slime Master and Platty! It's been a long time for me as well. I still pop in from time to time, mostly lurking around but thought I would post tonight. Good to still see some of the older members around. Great to still the board in good shape. Got to thank Woodus for making one of the best forums on the Internet! Also, guess I should apologize for the necropost, as well. lol
  9. is totally back from the grave... ;)

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  10. Hammering away at Xenoblade Chronicles. Only have a few hours in so far, but enjoying it immensly!
  11. Is back and hoping to stay longer this time!

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      Welcome back!

  12. back and hoping to stay longer than the last few times.

  13. is back, and ready to start posting again!!

  14. Wow, I can't believe this thread still exists! I have been playing Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection. I mostly got it for The After Years, but I got to say, this is probably the best port/remake I've played of this game! FFIV DS was pretty good, but I am enjoying this one a lot more. I am off to kill the Dark Elf and reclaim the Earth Crystal! I can't wait to get into the Interlude and The After Years portion... I'm also plugging away at Starcraft II. Mostly playing with buddies in teams against others online at this point. I've completed every achievement you can achieve in
  15. is back after being away for many, many months!

  16. That's because Warcraft 3 is all about micro-management. Instead of rushing (where you can make 200 units in other RTS games, like Starcraft), you have to think how to best make up your party of units, through micro-managing. It takes a lot of time to become really good at Warcraft 3 because of the mechanics Blizzard implemented. Some people hate it, others like it. I'm in the middle. It makes for good strategy, but at the same time, I would like to just make 50 units of one thing, 40 of another, and just rush with force... this will not work with Warcraft 3. It's a great game, and probably my
  17. Well, I've put in about 4 hours now into Suikoden Tierkreis. This game is fantastic! It's HUGE! I found out this game is 256 MBs, which for the DS is almost twice the size of DQV and DQIV (they were on 128 MB cards). My bet for this is because it has VA's for all the important scenes. Most of the VA's are actually well done, some are so-so. It's some of the better VA work I've heard on the DS, though. I've read this game takes roughly 50 hours to complete (that's without doing everything). The music is superb. The story is just starting to pick-up (where I'm at) and within the first 10 mi
  18. Getting ready to start Suikoden Tierkreis for the DS. I've looked at the book, and it looks like Suikoden (since this game is a spin-off of the main series). I've read reader reviews, critic reviews, and it's getting a lot of praise. I can't wait to start playing!
  19. Well, I finally got Star Ocean: The Last Hope for the XBox 360 today (more like started playing it at around 10pm, or so). I've been playing it for almost 4 hours non-stop, if that tells you how addicting the game is! The game is a prequel to the series (need no previous knowledge of the series to play, although I have encountered a few references to past games already), and takes place approximately 300 years before the original Star Ocean. The game starts with a lengthy CGI intro. A.D. 2064, WWIII has broken out and Earth has become inhabitable (except for underground cities in Earth). After
  20. All games I currently have are put aside until Friday (no time this week)... that is when I get Star Ocean: The Last Hope, and I'll be playing that. Once I complete that game, I'll probably end up either getting Dragon Quest V for the DS, or playing DaMarsMan and Maxim's translation of DQIIIr for the SNES in ROM format. So looking forward to the new Star Ocean. From what I've read, many people are enjoying it.... I really hate not having a GameStop or EBGames in my city.
  21. Wild ARMs has one of my all-time favorite intros to a video game. It fits the game perfectly, and the song is one of my all-time favorites (as nerdy as it sounds, it's one I play quite often on my acoustic guitar). Michiko Naruke is such a great composer (one of my favorite female composers, right next to Miki Higashino of Suikoden fame). Such a great game. For $5 it's a steal! For progress in my game: I currently have Avin, Mile's and Martie in my current party. All characters are around level 4-5. I'm off to complete my final task to become a part of the adventure guild of El Phildan
  22. Just started up: The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermilion. This game is made by the same creators as "Ys", "Brandish" and "Sorcerian" games -- Nihon Falcom. And, as with those games, it boasts a GREAT soundtrack (Nihon Falcom always makes great soundtracks to their games, especially the Ys series). The game is for the PSP, and I'm not that far in yet. Just viewed the opening cinematic and just got control of my character. It's a trilogy, so I'll be playing all three in order (I managed to find a buyer online selling all 3 brand new for a reasonable price, about a month ago). The graphics
  23. Would it be worth getting the remake? I've never played Wild Arms but I've been interested in getting into the series for a long time... and I'd prefer to start with the first game. If you never played the original for the PSX, then I'd say get the remake for the PS2. It does add quite a bit of stuff (more characters, storyline, etc.). I own both, but I still prefer the original (something about the 2D sprites and backgrounds were simply gorgeous in the original WA). Either way you go, definitely give the Wild ARMs games a try. A fantastic RPG series, in my opinion.
  24. Just got to the Ancient Hospital on Blue Dragon. My characters levels are around 11-12. I had to grind for a little while, as I'm playing in Hard mode, and it was kicking my ass pretty good, haha. Quite a difference from normal to hard, I tell you what! I'm actually enjoying it more so because of the up in difficulty. It's like going from FFII "easy-type" to FFIV (NDS). Night-and-day difference in difficulty. It was a free content download from XBox Live for hard mode. (From what I read, there is Ultra/Impossible mode upon completing Hard mode and starting a New Game +, not sure if I have the
  25. SoM is bad ass! One of my favorite SNES games (loved the soundtrack, as well). After you have played that one play Secret of Evermore and Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret of Mana 2; you can find it fully translated on the web)... that is, if you never played those games before. Both SoE and SD3 are fantastic games, that shouldn't be missed.
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