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  1. The offline mode was indeed removed from all platforms except the Wii. Even if you buy an old Version 1 disk that has the offline mode files, the first thing the game will do is force an update that will patch the game and remove the offline mode. Unfortunately the game checks for an Internet connection and won't run without one, so simply being connected to the Internet won't work either. To restore the offline mode, someone will have to rig something up to either bypass the online check, or trick the game into thinking it's already up to date.
  2. To confirm w hat oka_chan1 said, on Switch you'll have instant access to your characters. No special setup or transfers needed. Likewise if you go back to the PC version your characters will be there. There are some advantages to having your data saved entirely on the server.
  3. Using Crysta is probably the easiest way. I pay with funds from the E shop myself. I have a Japanese 3DS and that accepts foreign cards. Switch doesn't though so it's harder to pay through the E shop on Switch if you don't live in Japan.
  4. We haven't tested every region. The regions that are known to be released are China and the United States. European regions were still needing a VPN. But there's a lot of European territories, it's possible some of them might be able to get through. We won't know for sure until someone tries and reports their results.
  5. It did not allow me to add you to the team. Please ensure that you are not already part of a different team. You can only be on 1 team at a time.
  6. Square Enix has made the vague statement of "For a number of reasons" (per Google translate) and did not go into specifics. We know precious little about what went on there due to the only known Chinese version Den player, Tommy, being inactive since shortly after the servers went live, and there being next to no news coverage of them. From what little I have been able to gather from searching around and reading some Google Translated Chinese comments, the servers were largely deserted. Given how quickly the game was shut down, I'm inclined to believe that was the case.
  7. Earlier today, the Chinese version of DQX officially closed. The Chinese site has a farewell message from one of the staff where they talk about attending an event and making memories with the fans.
  8. At current time, USA and China are the confirmed territories that have been able to get in without an IP block. It's not a world-wide opening. A lot of payers are still needing a VPN. We've known for a while, but we haven't been broadcasting it as we didn't want a sudden rush of foreigners jumping in and announcing to Square Enix with a bright neon sign that someone forgot to lock the door and prompting them to immediately restore it. We've instead had a gradual trickle of people coming in, which is a lot better than a sudden surge. My theory is that this is related to the shutdown of Chinese DQX. I suspect it's not a coincidence that China can now get into the JP server. I suspect that they released it to allow the Chinese players to migrate to the Japanese server. My theory is that the US happens to be controlled by whatever setting it is that was controlling China and we got to come along for the ride.
  9. Hello Gamemaster. Currently Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 is finished. Chapter 3 is currently in development. I am aiming to have it ready this summer.
  10. I use OffGamers to buy pre-paid webmoney cards when I need Crysta. https://www.offgamers.com/
  11. Team invite sent. I suggest using webmoney to buy Crystal.
  12. Not sure if you're looking for it in hiragana or katakana, so I put it in both. Hirigana is first. Katakana is 2nd. Akira あきら アキラ Tsubaki つばき ツバキ Tachibana たちばな タチバナ
  13. With the announcement of Version 5 and the likelihood that we'll be having people return to the game, or new players joining the team, I'd like to take a moment to cover proper etiquette with regard to Team Chat. Remember that Team Chat can be viewed by anyone in the Den Team, even if they are not online at the time that something is spoken. As such, please be careful not to put plot spoilers into Team Chat. This includes adding a spoilers warning before saying it. We really can't just choose not to see the chat, so a spoiler warning does not really work here either. So what is a spoiler? Here are some examples of spoilers: -Revealing that Character X is actually Character Y in disguise. -Revealing that Character X becomes something else, or gains some kind of special power. -Revealing that Location X is really Location Y. Use some better judgement here, and whenever possible try to refer to the version number rather than the specific world you are in. Version 2 and Version 4 please be especially careful about how you describe the maps you are on. Rule of thumb, if the information isn't obvious, don't reveal it. Example: The 5 Version 1 continents are not spoilers. They are clearly visible at the train station, the NPC's all talk about them. Everyone knows which races live on which V1 areas. Version 2 has a really big reveal, and talking about that reveal is a spoiler. Likewise, Version 4 has you visiting locations that you wouldn't expect to be able to visit, and stating what those locations are could be a spoiler. If discussing story with friends, please use Party or Friend chat rather than Team Chat. If any questions, please reach out to me. Thank you for maintaining the mystery of DQX for everyone on the team.
  14. For the top message you should just be able to press Enter to advance past that. Are you getting hung up afterwards?
  15. The Lobster Grand Prix has come to a close. To get your prizes you need to claim them on Hiroba. Here is the link: https://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/event/lobsterGP
  16. It is not allowing me to send you a team invite. Please make sure you are not already on another team. You can only be on one team at a time.
  17. If you haven't already done so, the best way to do so is to join the Den team.
  18. Try pressing Caps lock and ~ to change the conversions. Sometimes it can get a little thrown off from what you expect. Sometimes you have to press caps lock when the text window isn't open to get things the way you want them. If all else fails, disconnect and reconnect the keyboard to revert it back to a default state. Not that this is for the Switch. This is not applicable to PC. If you are playing on PC you can't swap between languages on the fly like this.
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