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  1. Both invites sent. Please note that the team is now starting to approach the member limit. A time may come in the not so distant future that I will need to start trimming inactive members off of the team. I will be using the in game "last login" clock when trimming inactive members.
  2. Invite sent for one for the weirdest character names I've ever seen.
  3. All in One should be just fine even if you already own some of the versions.
  4. Yes you can skip to version 5 (new characters only) and you will be level 1. What class to use depends on what you are doing but Priest is always in demand. If you have no idea what you want to do Priest is always a safe bet. The dragon and octopus are Version 3 super bosses. You can get weapon skins by redeeming things you get for beating them.
  5. Perudu, game did not allow me to add you to the team. Make sure you are not already on a different team. Game will not allow you to be on more than 1 team at a time. Dukey, team invite sent. Check your menu. You can't miss it.
  6. You should be able to enter the code in Hiroba. I suppose you can try buying crysta with Paypal. I don't remember seeing an option to buy Crystal with Pay Pal when I get it. I always have to buy Webmoney to get Crysta.
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