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  1. We can add you to the team with your character name and ID.
  2. I need your character name, not the race you are. Or did you actually name yourself Pukuripo?
  3. One way to get them is to exchange mini medals for them from the medal king.
  4. Invite sent for Xiados. Leibach072 you need to provide both your character name and ID. Why did you post the picture upsidedown?
  5. We have reached the maximum level for our team in DQX! A big thanks to everyone that helped do the team quests, and especially Rin who truly dedicated herself to completing these and is a very big factor in having gotten us to this point! To celebrate the milestone, we will be having a celebration at Remina's town, appropriately called もじゃ Town. We'll be temporarily switching the team house to his town this weekend for the occasion. It's a weekend affair, but the main celebration is going to be held at 5PM Pacific time this Saturday, August 29th 2020. Brin
  6. Will need both your character name and character ID to send an invite.
  7. We are still having a lot of problems with inappropriate behavior in team chat. I don't know if you guys have noticed, but a number of people have left the team over it. I don't want to start taking draconian action, but we as a team have got to start treating each other with respect. We are getting far too many people not showing respect to others in chat, or saying inappropriate or hurtful comments. I really have not wanted to take the step of setting up tools to monitor and log the chat, but I'm on the verge of having to take that step. Think abo
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