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  1. The above invite was completed a while ago while I was away by a team mod.
  2. 1st uniform change is up. Same for the mount. Take a look at it and see what you think. I'll be changing the colors again in a few days. We're going to try a few different designs and see what people think. You can post recommendations here if you have any ideas.
  3. There has been some interest in changing up the Team's Colors. We also have a new mount available that we can customize the colors on as well. I'm opening this up to the team now. This is your chance to give some feedback and suggestions. What kind of colors would you guys like for the team uniforms and team mount? They are not required to match. Everyone on the team is welcome to offer suggestions here.
  4. Invite went through this time.
  5. All invites sent except for Zerax. Zerax the game did not allow me to invite you to the team. Make sure your character name and ID is correct and that you are not already part of a different team. You cannot be on more than 1 team at a time.
  6. Invite is sent. Admittedly the name does not give a good 1st impression. It immediately puts me on guard. Be on your best behavior.
  7. Invite sent. To access the invite just pull up your main menu in game. You can't miss it.
  8. The game did not allow me to invite you to the team. Please ensure your name and ID is correct. Please also ensure you are not already part of a different team.
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