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  1. You should be able to enter the code in Hiroba. I suppose you can try buying crysta with Paypal. I don't remember seeing an option to buy Crystal with Pay Pal when I get it. I always have to buy Webmoney to get Crysta.
  2. My "physical" copy of V5 arrived today. I can now confirm that the code contained in the physical box for Switch works just fine. Physical buyers need not worry. (It's not "really" physical. The box just has a slip of paper with a download code on it and a registration key.) Digital purchases have been fixed too, so those are safe to buy now.
  3. There's long been interest in creating English guides for the game, but the game is so large that it's a truly intimidating job to take up. You know what might be good? If the work gets split up and we had more than one person working on it. Like say 1 person did Version 1, another person did Version 2, someone else did Version 3. etc. I'm just thinking out loud here, but something like that would make it so that it wasn't such a massive task for one person to take on.
  4. If you are on the free trial that lasts till about the end of version 2. Late V2 is also when you'll gain access to the cut scene viewer for the events of the extended offline mode (no longer playable except on Wii)
  5. You'll still need to use your JP account. The disk is just an installer, nothing more.
  6. All reports of this issue have been for digital purchases. None of us import players have yet received their physical boxes (which just contain a slip of paper with a code on them) so we haven't been able to test yet, but surely some Japanese players have received them by now and there's been no mention of issues with the physical orders. In all likelihood the physical ones are fine, but we can't be 100% certain until the shipments start arriving and we begin entering the codes.
  7. Here is an update: If you purchased a Switch digital V5 and found that your code did not work, here are the next steps: Square-Enix and Nintendo attempted to have codes re-sent. Check your email inbox and see if you have a new registration code. Make sure it didn't get caught by a spam filter. If you received such an email it should contain the correct code. If you received no such email or your code still does not work, you'll need to contact Nintendo support using this form: https://support.nintendo.co.jp/app/ask_na/NA/1/device/1/subject/レジストレーションコードについて Language barrier might make this tough. They have updated the Nintendo E-Store. If you buy V5 now, it should send you the correct code. Here's the announcement page: https://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/news/detail/080c993fb3b58e26c1d2265bf9da0af3/
  8. Square-Enix has reported a bug with digital purchases of the Switch version of Version 5 for DQX. Distribution codes for other platforms are getting sent out when it's purchased, which means it can't be registered on the Switch and you won't be able to play V5. Square-Enix is investigating the issue. It's not clear how widespread this problem is right now, but I strongly advise all Switch users to not purchase V5 digitally until this issue is resolved. In the event that we have to contact Square-Enix support to get this issue resolved, the language barrier could make that very tricky. I know today is the V5 release and everyone is excited about that, but I very strongly suggest biting the bullet and waiting to make the purchase if you haven't already done so until this issue is fixed. As this is a critical bug, Square-Enix will likely be resolving this as quickly as possible. A little patience could save you a lot of headaches. Their official announcement can be found here: https://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/news/detail/33b879e7ab79f56af1e88359f9314a10/
  9. In game there are several in game chat functions. White chat is local chat that anyone close to you can see. Pink chat is between you and a person on your friend list. There are chat rooms that you can invite people to in game. Green chat is for anyone in your current party. These will appear as blue chat. Brown is team chat, and that can be seen by anyone on the team. Control F for friends. Control P for party. Control T will get you to team chat. I think Control C gets you local chat. You can use the tab key to toggle between the colors.
  10. An unofficial team discord exists, someone set one up a while back. I don't use Discord so I'm not sure if it's still going. Anyone is free to set up any discord they like. I'm never going to mandate that team members use discord though.
  11. For a basic plan I believe it is 1,000 crysta.
  12. It doesn't ask me for my birthday when I buy Crysta.
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