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  1. Invite should be sent to you.
  2. This is something I have not commented on until now, but I can no longer put it off as its becoming more and more relevant within the team. Recently, there have been some external tools developed that affect Dragon Quest X, such as changing the text displayed on screen to appear in a different language, and possibly other functions. I've been asked about them and their use, and I've seen a few disputes occur within the community regarding them. The time has come that I need to make my position on them known. As leader of the Den Team, it is my responsibility to promote and encourage a safe and rule abiding manor of playing Dragon Quest X that follows Square-Enix's Terms of Service. Tools that change or modify an MMORPG or its files are typically viewed as a big no-no by the companies. As it is my job to keep the team safe, the position I take is that I advocate playing Dragon Quest X as it is delivered by Square Enix and the way they intend. There is no other position I can take on this. I am a central figure in the Dragon Quest X community, Square-Enix is aware of me, as is much of the general community. I cannot in good faith take any other position other than to encourage usage of the game as intended by the company providing it. I cannot encourage any behavior that could potentially result in a ban from the Dragon Quest X service for any member of the team. I am not going to make a rule saying people on the team cannot use such tools. It is not my place to tell other people how how to manage their games. Even if I did try and impose any sort of rule like that, we all know it would not be followed and would only cause dissent within the team. Instead, I will say that anyone that uses any external tools does so at their own risk. Should Square-Enix decide to take action against someone running any kind of tool or add on to Dragon Quest X, it is between you and them and you will have to address it with them yourself. I'm imposing a few team rules regarding this, related to etiquette. -There is no requirement nor expectation for anyone on the Den Team to use any kind of external tool or program with Dragon Quest X. Be it a communication channel such as Discord or a tool or add on program, all of these are fan-created and are not formally associated with the team, even if team members participate in them or are involved in their creation. -Team members are not to be harassed for their personal decision to either use, or not use, such programs. Everyone's individual choice on this is to be respected. I will not tolerate harassment within the team on either side of this issue. What is most important is that we support ourselves as a community and look out for one another. Fighting about whether or not any of us are using add on tools is not going to benefit us, and will just make us look bad to ourselves and to others. Never forget that we speak not just for ourselves, but for the English Dragon Quest X community as a whole. It is no longer just me that is the face of the DQX community. It is all of us. Remember that, and make sure we put our best foot forward and show that we can come together even when we disagree on things. ~Cranberry
  3. Invite sent. Consider renaming your character. ああ is the equivalent of naming yourself AA. Which looks like a bot name. You may get assumed to be a bot.
  4. All invites sent. Any particular thing that's prompted this sudden influx of new players? Not that I'm complaining, just wondering what changed in DQX that we suddenly have a rush of new guys.
  5. I re-sent the invite to you Zio.
  6. All invites sent except for Pollo143. The game did not allow me to add you to the team. Make sure you are not already on a different team. You cannot be on more than one team at a time.
  7. I will be trimming inactive team members today. If you find yourself removed from the team and wish to rejoin, re-request an invite here in this topic.
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