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  1. If the block is your issue you wouldn't be able to get on at all.
  2. The game did not allow me to add your friend. Remember that if they are already on another team, they can't be added. You cannot be on more than 1 team at a time.
  3. ChuckMasta added. We are at 239 once he joins. worraphat I could not add you. Make sure your character name and ID is correct and that you aren't already on another team.
  4. The game did not allow me to invite either one of you to the team. Make sure that your character names and IDs are correct and make sure that you are not already a member of a different team. You cannot be on more than one team at a time.
  5. That's not your character ID. Your character ID will be something like LL123-123 Some letters and some numbers. Sorry for the delay just now noticing this message.
  6. Sorry, I forgot all about this. Did you still need help with the quest?
  7. I'm honestly surprised. I thought there were a lot more women on the game than these numbers suggest.
  8. Sorry for my delay! I'm sorry for those that missed the party. But thank you very much for the birthday wishes! I appreciate it!
  9. Sure thing. I'll need your character name and ID to add you.
  10. A celebration that can occur only once every 4 years! It's Cranberry's Birthday Party! 2/29 at 06:00 AM Pacific Time 23:00 Japanese Time. Location: Cranberry's in game DQX house! ガタラ住宅村 水没遺跡地区 7424丁目 4番地 Invitation to the team to attend! It is not necessary to bring a gift. The party will feature both Japanese and English players. To help everyone enjoy the party, アートゼンテさん and テンコさん are available to help with language translations. Hope to see you there!
  11. What is the quest number? Make sure you say the phrase in white chat so the NPC can hear you.
  12. Cranberry


    My apologies for missing it. I intended to come on Friday but it completely sipped my mind after the chaos of the work day.
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