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  1. DQM 4 probably, but i'll take anything . Or World of Dragon Quest, with Monsters-like mini game DQ Racing's might be a good idea also, yeah, I like that
  2. Man that's insane AI7 lol.. BTW, how much stats are added to fused monsters? And do they gain new skills or something with it?
  3. Holy... AI5 LOL Btw, what did you do with your 2 King Leos? Looks like you fused em in battle? And how's the performance of Citra on your end?
  4. Ah, are you getting rendering errors too? I'm getting some black triangles on the main character's character creation.
  5. Heya, what version of Citra are you using? Can you share please? Thanks
  6. I can only recall (some) of the mechanics in DQM2 3DS, but: More skillsets. Abides by the max number skillsets allowed by size. S = 3, M = 4, G = 5 and SG = 6. More traits, although there are some combination of traits that can yield negative traits/effects. Ability to hit entire enemy group if the size is G and Super G. More HP and MP.
  7. What changes will happen if you reduce a monster's size?
  8. Yeah. We need DQ7 and 8 to do quite well (among other things) outside of Japan to even get the slightest of chance that Nintendo will localize this.
  9. I'm very sad Diamond Slime and DarkDream is out Although, I'm very happy there are many variation of gold slimes.
  10. They'll probably release a Professional version of this later, like DQMJ2.
  11. Can I play this using my old 3ds xl. I used that to play DQM2 3DS.
  12. Man I remember these names. Limited characters = interesting names Blizzardy, GreatDrak, Divinegon, Metabble(!), DracoLord <=> LordDraco Also, pic of Kingslime is wrong; should be named Granslime.
  13. I wanna ride a Metal Star, like I have control of the Death Star. Or Sky Dragon, ala Dragon Ball! But on a side note, what's up with the graphics? Those black lines are kinda out of place..
  14. Here's hoping its not a crappy port. This gen's consoles' achitecture are much closer to PCs that last gen's.
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