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  1. I'm playing w/ a modded PSTV, which is pretty much a console Vita. The details of how to do hack and patch is abundant on sites dedicated to such things. Gbatemp and reddit sites focusing on Vita modding are great places to start.
  2. They went and done it! https://gbatemp.net/threads/itadaki-street-dragon-quest-final-fantasy-30th-anniversary-translation.499133/ The patch translates in game menus, making the game playable if you know how to play Fortune Street. I can tell you first hand that it is awesome.
  3. I was searching the net and came across this recently dropped English translation update for Itadaki Street on the PS2! Though no character bio/dialogue is present, everything else is pretty much one hundo. If you haven't played this one in English, I HIGHLY recommend it. https://www.romhacking.net/translations/3191/
  4. How did you access the Jap download? Also, when is release date for PS4 and PSvita!
  5. Before my PC crashed, i had a xl sheet of all kinds of info on this game (breeding weapons etc). Does anyone have it or a link to it? Thanks in advance!
  6. Sphere mode adds a bit of a twist to the game by letting you use an second dice that has abilities on it. Abilities, or spheres, can be set on this second dice. The spheres you get to set have various effects depending on the class of your character. It adds a tad more variety and excitement to the game.
  7. They also added Kefka from FF3/6! Also, character dialogue is voiced! Gimme some sphere mode and get this in Engrish plss!
  8. Torneko Taloon (DW 4) had one of the most unique chapter/story in any Jrpg, multiple appearances outside of DW/DQ and his own SERIES of spinoff games! Kinda dropped it there mojo.
  9. Vita has had recent Firmware hacks, pretty much allowing customization and editing of software. Even if this doesn't come stateside perhaps a fan translation could be done. The translations of the PS2 and PSP Itadaki Streets were awesome.
  10. So here's the REAL question. Do the monster formulas from the original gameboy (and Prima Guide) work in this one?
  11. Hopefully this comes to the states, but probably unlikely. Would be perfect for my PS TV.
  12. I hope to play Young Yangus (and Torneko 3) in English before I lose all my HP in real life. Someone please make this happen...
  13. This is random, years later, and a little ironic, but is anyone selling a Ragnar figure? I have nothing to trade and just want to buy.
  14. I did a play through and here's a few things that probably need clarification. With all these kinds of games, there's always something that's left out of the rules, like the aforementioned deck running out. Typically, at some point there is always some self made rules that fill these gaps. Here's something I ran into in my first play through. The concept of declaring to not draw, or declaring your opponent to stop drawing made the process of taking turns somewhat enforced. It's almost always lucrative to be drawing a card, so every turn, every time we would declare each other to stop drawi
  15. This looks awesome! I will try a play test today with that you got so far! I never thought I'd be able to play this one when I opened it years ago, but DQ lovers are the best! It's not my first time popping in here and getting help from this great community! Can't wait ti see the final product! I digested this I think I may know what some of the item cards are supposed to be, from their effects in the card game as to the PS1 Torneko game. Rod of Passhiruura - I think the phonetic is 'Bashiru-ra' but that don't sound like anything DQ. It's closest effect is the Dispel Staff IMO, which w
  16. Sounds Awesome! Thanks for taking the time on this. I can't wait to see who it plays!
  17. Is there any live links to the board editor? I can't find a downloadable link anywhere. Or perhaps someone has this file?
  18. Oh, that's so awesome! Thanks for the help! My fiancee and I both love DQ so it's fun when we can do something together like these kind of games. I cant wait!
  19. I scooped it off ebay. Every so often some vintage DQ card games pop up. I missed a DQ4 game, but as of this post there is a DQ5 game on auction http://www.ebay.com/itm/Japan-Enix-DRAGON-QUEST-ALL-STARS-CARD-GAME-New-1990s-dq-i-ii-iii-iv-v-/261982138576?hash=item3cff5a30d0:g:pJ0AAOSwAL9UeTSk I asked for translation help with a previous card game and Chichi came through! Hopefully, this one is interesting enough to try to translate as well. I love the Torneko games, so I am hoping that someone could help.
  20. After falling in love with Fortune Street for the Wii, I looked into other versions of the game. I came across a English translation of Itadaki Street Special for the PS2! This version basically swaps out the characters from the Nintendo universe to Final Fantasy characters! Has anyone else played this version? It has a few changes from the Wii version. Different Maps - Some repeats but new maps from the DQ and FF series. Characters - Along with the FF cast, there are some DQ characters that are not in the Wii versions, such as Yangus. Winning Criteria - It's slightly different. If you wi
  21. I was doing some spring cleaning and came across this Dragon Quest Stand alone card game. It's based on my favorite DQ spin off, Torneko no diabouken! I bought this a while ago but couldn't play it because it's in Japanese. I can't translate much, but it looks like you build mazes and try to get treasure while not trying to get monsters. (Much like the Torneko game!) I scanned the instructions and cards in hopes that someone can help me figure this out. I would love to play this one! If anyone on here wants to tackle this (or knows someone who would), that'd be great! Check
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