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  1. Just got a copy of Dragon Warrior Monsters(1) at the local flea market :D

    1. Mou-rie-SHOU-rie


      is the battery still alive? (memory)

    2. mdb510


      :o Nice find!!
    3. robotnikthedrak


      Sometimes the longest path is actually the shortest path... and vice versa. ^_^

  2. So starting the long synth chain to get the divine battler

  3. Yeah for some monsters it seems that they join around a certain percent, like for example I couldn't get bjorn at 78% but when some monsters missed and I got 37% he automatically joined. Also Greygnarl can be quite good, sacred slash already deals 1.35 zap damage not to mention big hitter and zapmeister, increases it to 1.65 zap damage and a 1000 atk cap. I would give him hero of the heavens, uber knight stop before gigaslash, uber attack boost, and either zam ward or a skill set with steady recovery.
  4. So if I was a monster, would I be slain?

  5. Hurrah! Finally got a Zenith Dragon in dqmj2, now I just need to work on getting Rigor...

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    2. Alistair Jacknife

      Alistair Jacknife

      It is a little easier with having two copies, and abusing tag mode(start new game on one, trade over scouting team, tag mode with file with monsters and scout them) :D

    3. Democrobot


      I wish I could do that, but my other copy is Japanese.

    4. Alistair Jacknife

      Alistair Jacknife

      Stupid region locking

  6. I can only think of one My Komodo for wifi WMC rookie class, named Toast because it knows scorch and toasts my way to victory
  7. Mainstream: DQIX, So that I could become the guardian of the world Monsters: DWM II, So that I could raise monsters and live in Great Log plus all those keys if anything bad happens like the island sinking I could just move to a new world.
  8. Grotto: Greygnarl it was so awesome to fight him again Legacy: Orgodemir, Its funny when he uses fly swatter
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