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  1. Oh yeah, this will be great. Also will be great to keep watch over the wifi part as it sucked we couldn't save Joker DS' tourneys....
  2. I have brought this up for some BYOND Linux host testing. If things work out, I'll keep it up for awhile... Jump in via byond:// Have fun!
  3. Yes, you can play on multiple devices and it will carry your progress over on each. I play at work on my phone then at home give the Nvidia shield a run on it. Plays real nice on the tablet for sure. See if you can get on a VPN and update the game that way. Anyplace in SE Asia might be enough to push you over.
  4. Were you able to buy gems from a sideloaded install or was that with a regular one? Might buy a bunch to get 20% bonus
  5. Anyone try buying gems yet? Don't have a sufficient balance at the moment but it does factor in your currency when you check. I'd like to take advantage of the bonus gems promotion they have, but not with $1 heh heh
  6. We're going to be waiting for a little while longer. Just picked up an update -- end of July for the release date. Interesting way to hype it by ending pre-registration 30 days early
  7. You can dual-home a PC no problem. There is a catch (always is for this) -- in your situation this is probably OK, as the wired connection doesn't have internet access. When you set the wired connection up, make sure it does NOT have a default gateway defined. This prevents traffic from going out that path UNLESS the destination is within that network. As your wi-fi connection will have a default gateway set, all other traffic will go through it, so you will have internet connectivity that way. If that is still a problem, you may need to change the NIC order. The order of operations so to speak. In XP, this is under network connections .. advanced menu, advanced settings, adapters and bindings. Any other OS, probably similar spot but couldn't tell you exactly where to look. I would make note of the existing order, then put your wired NIC at the top. It should get first consideration unless traffic isn't destined for it, then it will go out the right way. I don't think this is an issue, but it's something to check out in case nothing else works. Something else to note. Does your Airplay app allow you to specify the NIC you want it to listen from? I'm wondering if it's listening to both and it is coming in from the wi-fi network because it is 'closer.' If you can force it to only listen from the wired connection, that would be good also.
  8. I got a boring beetle. Heh. Don't lock your monster selection if you don't want it. You only get one lock, then you're stuck with it.
  9. Hell yeah, if you're as old as I am, you will remember the Bard's Tale -- and no, not that spoony bard from InXile Entertainment, not touching it, even though I bought it just for the emulated classics! *ahem* Anyway, Brian Fargo is making Bard's Tale 4, and a kickstarter is coming June 2! Make sure you get it, or I will send TARJAN to your house. And I will, too!
  10. This is intriguing. I wonder how well i could do this using windows 7.. I can tweak a proxy script i found online to get the traffic routed properly, it worked great when one of the private world of warcraft servers i used to play on went TOR due to ddos attacks. Then just route dns traffic to it and it becomes none the wiser. I might not get nearly the same performance that you got, but if it works under win7 we could get more peeps to try it.
  11. I am getting too old for this. Not going to give this a look, this type of game doesn't interest me... Oh well, back to waiting for monsters remakes...
  12. That is interesting about what Sega did -- they basically just stopped announcing their IP block outside of Japan, presumably that's where they were getting hit by DDoS. If I were a) in their shoes, b) didn't really want foreigners playing my game, and c) discovered my business was getting screwed by said foreigners through the interwebs, I'd do the same thing and consider it closed. Now, take all that, and imagine if Square Enix did it....
  13. It's funny, I checked the Apple Store reviews for DQ8. A whole lot of complaints about it not being the same as the PS2 version. It does reinforce an argument against enhancing stuff for other regions: Remakes or ports won't necessarily be the way you expect them to be. I would be curious to know how many people refunded their purchase with the Android game once they realized it wasn't a replica... I'll buy it, because it *IS* the game we should've gotten back then =)
  14. Do NOT be surprised if the only thing that comes out of E3 (DQ related) is DQ8 for mobile.... The 12:20pm (says am haha) 6/12 announcement would probably be FF7 before it would be a DQ
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