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  1. What was up with the alternate name they gave Erdrick in the direct? I think I'm missing something Japanese.
  2. From left to right we have heros 5,2,7,1,6,9, and I'm blanking on the guy with the goggles, is he supposed to be from 10? (Yes, I know #5 isn't actually the "hero" in 5.)
  3. I would have liked to see the "hero" from V, (ironically DQV and FFV are my favourite entries in their respective series thus far.) Also, while it's awesome to see Erdrick, he looks a bit...dated. (He is from games from over 25 years ago after all) I think he could have been modernized a little better, but to be honest I can't put my finger on how....
  4. Sadly it looks like the fan translation is likely fake news. Regardless of plausibility, (which now I have my doubts), the source in the linked thread claimed to have received c&d from Square Enix and halted the project. Suspiciously this claim came quickly after users pointed out suspicious details about the translation screenies. I personally find the claim suspicious because history suggests it's extremely rare that Square Enix pays any attention to DQ fan translations.
  5. Um, there have been tools for extracting .pak files for quite some time. I'd poke around, but I'm getting the PS4 version. I do tend to grab every version of DQ games though... *grumbles about lack of US 3DS release*
  6. Wish I could play, but the Square Enix store hasn't even shipped my Edition of Lost Time yet. 😢
  7. Didn't see this mentioned anywhere, so I figured I would share it with you guys: Some people with hex editing skills have discovered code in the game J-Stars Victory Vs (PS3/Vita) indicating that Dai from the Dragon Quest manga/anime will be a playable DLC character. Namco already anounced that there would be no paid DLC for the game, so if this is true the character will likely be FREE. I've already imported the PS3 version, and if this information holds true I am seriously considering importing the vita version as well.
  8. Erm, generally speaking ALL the Itadaki Street games (all the way back to the Famicom days) are "crossover" games. Very few of them aren't.
  9. Day 2 of Nintendo's E3 Event at Best Buy is today from 1PM to 5PM EST. Show up at your local Best Buy in force with your DQ swag and represent!!! I definitely will be. I couldn't get to the first day this past wednesday, but I'm headed there shortly.
  10. Do you have a PS3? PSN+ is actually a GOOD DEAL. They're not going all Live Gold, requiring PSN+ for video services and whatnot. At least with PSN+ you get a TON of quality games. A TON. FOR FREE. AND THE LIST UPDATES WEEKLY ALMOST. I have 30+ games on my PS+ download list, for both my Vita AND PS3. Um, they're free as long as your Plus subscription is paid. The second your sub expires, you're locked out of all those free games. Atleast PS+ is technically cheaper than XBL Gold.
  11. There's still a trickle of hope. Word is there will be 2 more Nintendo Directs this weekend... Bear in mind: the Japanese version of DQX for WiiU, (let's be realistic, if we get a version of DQX it will likely be the WiiU one), came out just this past march. It took over a year between the Japanese and US versions of DQ7, just about a year between Japanese & US versions of DQ8, and a year between the Japan and US releases of DQ9. Also, you forget that we just got a US release of an Itadaki Street (Fortune Street) game. Before that was anounced I didn't think we had a snowball's chance of ever seeing a US release of any game from that series. If they're willing to bother with Itadaki Street, I'm sure they'll continue to release actual Dragon Quest games.
  12. Exactly which remakes had bonus dungeons? Did they do one for any part of DQ1+2?
  13. 1. It's my understanding that the DMJ2 that we got IS the pro version. 2. There are way WAY more than 2 Itadaki Street games that need to be translated. The wii one is the ONLY one we've gotten, and the series has been running since the NES/Famicom. 3. Why stop there? I know this is mainly for Dragon Quest games, but there is a HUGE chunk of the Enix (NOT Square-Enix, or Square, JUST Enix) library we don't have due to the period of time Enix USA shutdown and their return to give us PSX stuff like Valkyrie Profile & DQ7, and Mischief Makers on N64. Mischief Makers is the only Enix game we got in the west, but they did make other N64 games. I want Terranigma on the VC so badly.
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