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  1. Not a programmer but have dabbled in that and rim hacking some. Just a hunch but the silver harp probably trips battles differently....ie, a certain part of RAM that triggers the battles gets kicked to the same value that triggers the battles randomly. Probably something I could fiddle with in the fceux RAM editor.
  2. Haven't been here in awhile but yes I do, esp as I just bought the cart used for my NES about 3-4 months ago and have been playing through it a second time. TBH I don't really get why it gets so much flak. The "steep" grinding curve toward the end is not THAT terrible, and that's about the only thing I can see someone having a problem with. I'm already working on the cave to Rhone ATM and it's pretty much like the final Castle in Dragon Quest IV for the NES in difficulty...a few "bungee runs" for items and then time to go through to the snowy hinterlands.
  3. I think it was Dragon Warrior II borrowed off my half-sisters boyfriend when I was 9. My older sister, whose big on RPGs, got pretty far into it. She got stuck waiting for the cloth to be made. I was not into RPGs so much. The first Dragon Quest/Warrior game I ever got into was Dragon Warrior IV for the NES, I was 14-15ish at the time, spent all of July through November of 97' beating it. I borrowed it from a friend who later sold his NES collection to me but had lost that cart (doh).
  4. For me, probably Dragon Warrior 4 for the NES. Impressive what a huge story that is packed on a tiny cartridge. And so much to still do and find even though I've beaten it twice. I'm more a fan of the old chunsoft 80s/early 90s graphic style as well.
  5. 1.) Trim down before the wedding in September, need to loose 30-40lbs by then. 2.) Get back to making Youtube Videos, and improve my quality a bit more (editing, capture) 3.) Start finding what my next car will be, I've been driving the same one since I Was 19, and it has almost 300,000 on it now. 4.) Try and become a little more laid back and cool again...I feel I've lost that a bit being caught up in the adult rat-race.
  6. No, but I am wearing a Kilt, and I do look a bit like a thinner version of Taloon...so I'll be like his Musical Musketeered Brother. Thanks for the congrats on the marriage. It's a busy process. I might be posting some stuff to Youtube eventually, I do have the first four games in LP in the works (I'm working out the order to my quests to cut the grinding/slow parts out when needed). I know DWI and DWIII will be full on NES, but I want to find DWII and DWIV before I LP Those on NES cart. For some reason it feels special to be recording it off a real NES rather than emulators.
  7. DQ IV, so I could open a Lute Shop in Endor and perform at the battle arena. DQ IV, so I could open a Lute Shop in Endor and perform at the battle arena.
  8. Man, this thread is inspiring me to work on a sunken version of Charlock castle if me and my fiancee get fish again. That'd be awesome.
  9. Actually, the Famicom is about 5 months younger than I am...not the NES, the Japanese Famicom. I remember my older sisters playing Atari when I was a baby....now how many of you guys remember the Atari 2600? I learned of Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest in 91' when I borrowed DWII from my then future bro-in-law. I'm mostly stuck on the NES releases myself due to nostalgia.
  10. Man, it's been years, the last time I played through DW4 was 98'......that was the first game I played all the way through. I usually seek out grind spots based on my characters ability (or inability) to defeat them. For Chapter 1 I usually would do most of my grinding in the forest next to Izmit Village until the numbers were too low for my liking, then I'd hop in the tower and grind. Many levels were gained beating the tar out of Lipya's and Ducksbills. I had Ragnar pretty far along by the time Chapter 1 ended. For Chapter 2 and 3, I usually hung around Endor castle after I worked my way through other spots. Can't remember what I fought at the time. Alena, Brey, and Cristo was possibly the hardest chapter for me aside from the Monbaraba sisters Nara and Mara. That cave south of Frenor sent my party back to the healer/revivalist in Frenor so much....but later it would become another favorite grind for my characters.
  11. 1991 - First Experience, I was 8 years old, just got an NES, and my sister's boyfriend (now my bro-in-law) had Dragon Warrior II for the NES at his house and he let me borrow it, I never could get the hang of it, but my eldest sister spent every night playing that game, if I recall, she finally got stuck looking for the Dew's Yarn in the tower. 1998 - First time I actually played through a DW game, I borrowed Dragon Warrior IV for the NES from a friend many years later, and spent an entire winter playing through it, and I was hooked and started hunting down the first three games for the NES. Since then I've taken a peek at a few of the later games, and have been trying to get all 4 of the US NES releases, but only have been able to find III and I so far. So I'll live through emulation until then as I recall II and IV are rather hard to find on NES carts.
  12. Well..recently I just played through NES Dragon Warrior in 4 days while I was recovering from surgery in my man cave, and tapped out the gold and exp counters on my NES cart (65535 gold, 65535 exp). Right now I'm picking back up on Dragon Warrior II on my Samsung GSIII using the Moga controller I got for X-mas, I've not touched that savegame since 2010. Amazing how much I still remember of what I've done. Currently on the journey to Osterfair. I'm also in the planning stages of doing some new recordings of DQ/DW music here and there, and plotting how I"m going to do a few "Let's Plays" of my own (which some of those music recordings + some other bits may be a part of).
  13. Thanks. And no full instrumentation on Bass, but I do have a few recordings where I'm playing Dragon Warrior/Quest music (full orchestration) including parts on bass (ie. Triangle channel on the 8-bit NES).
  14. Hello there. Long time fan of Dragon Warrior/Quest games. Currently have only played the first four for the NES and a few of the SNES translations. Currently I'm getting into shape to do some LPs for Youtube, and currently learning my way through DW/DQ 2 for the NES on my Samsung smartphone using the Moga controller I got for Christmas. I also collect classic video games, mostly for the NES and Atari 2600. As well as tinker with the ROMs to figure out how the games work (though I'm not that good at it). What else about me? I'm a guitar player, and I also play Bass and synthesizer. I post YT videos in my free time (what little I have as of late), am getting married in September. Se ya'll around.
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