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  1. Not a programmer but have dabbled in that and rim hacking some. Just a hunch but the silver harp probably trips battles differently....ie, a certain part of RAM that triggers the battles gets kicked to the same value that triggers the battles randomly. Probably something I could fiddle with in the fceux RAM editor.
  2. Haven't been here in awhile but yes I do, esp as I just bought the cart used for my NES about 3-4 months ago and have been playing through it a second time. TBH I don't really get why it gets so much flak. The "steep" grinding curve toward the end is not THAT terrible, and that's about the only thing I can see someone having a problem with. I'm already working on the cave to Rhone ATM and it's pretty much like the final Castle in Dragon Quest IV for the NES in difficulty...a few "bungee runs" for items and then time to go through to the snowy hinterlands.
  3. I think it was Dragon Warrior II borrowed off my half-sisters boyfriend when I was 9. My older sister, whose big on RPGs, got pretty far into it. She got stuck waiting for the cloth to be made. I was not into RPGs so much. The first Dragon Quest/Warrior game I ever got into was Dragon Warrior IV for the NES, I was 14-15ish at the time, spent all of July through November of 97' beating it. I borrowed it from a friend who later sold his NES collection to me but had lost that cart (doh).
  4. For me, probably Dragon Warrior 4 for the NES. Impressive what a huge story that is packed on a tiny cartridge. And so much to still do and find even though I've beaten it twice. I'm more a fan of the old chunsoft 80s/early 90s graphic style as well.
  5. 1991 - First Experience, I was 8 years old, just got an NES, and my sister's boyfriend (now my bro-in-law) had Dragon Warrior II for the NES at his house and he let me borrow it, I never could get the hang of it, but my eldest sister spent every night playing that game, if I recall, she finally got stuck looking for the Dew's Yarn in the tower. 1998 - First time I actually played through a DW game, I borrowed Dragon Warrior IV for the NES from a friend many years later, and spent an entire winter playing through it, and I was hooked and started hunting down the first three games for the NE
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