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  1. Loool Billy MK tellin' it like it is. xD I guess a secondary healer does make it a lil' easier on the more "tame" bosses. Not a bad idea using Helm Splitter for that effect.
  2. Interesting point on the Priest VS Sage... What's the Ranger specialize in? I was never quite sure. Any reason for a Sage over a Priest? o: Seems pretty ambitious. Kabuff?
  3. Whoops, ignore this. D: Idk if we can delete posts.
  4. Hahaha alright!! :D I'll check out my designs right away. Yes this is awesome!! O:
  5. Ah it's no problem. Somethin's up with my AR DSi so I can't make save files or load them. I think I'll be OK as long as I see the Brown Afro & Dragonlord Claws eventually on DQVC. Thanks for the offer man! ^_^ And awesome, yeeaah!!
  6. King Zenith, are you still making character models? o: Five dollas for you right now if you are, man. Sent you a PM with questions.
  7. ._. At least... does anyone have codes for Dragovian Claws? Tbh that's the only thing I want cheat for... I spent a whole day trying to break down Weapons codes but I didn't get anywhere close.
  8. How'd ya get those images of your characters? Always wanted to know how people did it.
  9. Lol. Gladiators are too good... Kinda wish the other fighting classes could make decent comparisons with them. :/ Can't believe Armamentlists are so slow! It's a shame with all that style.
  10. Now that we're way past the times when DQVC has new offers... does it all recycle? I would hope so.
  11. What's your favorite team in DQIX? I'm not talking about the best team necessarily, but what you like to play with. I'm thinkin' 'bout restarting with 2 fighters, a Paladin and either a Priest or a Sage. Any tips for the last character? I know Priests have great healing, but I'm not sure if I used Sages right... are their support spells really only useful against bosses? I might just want a better overall healer then. Sucks that no other physical attacking class is even close to being fast enough to compliment the martial artist.
  12. Well I just restarted my game - kinda sad that I couldn't save my high-level characters buuut I guess it doesn't matter,
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