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  1. You can just import it, baby! No Region locking! Best Buy has it up for preorder last I checked. Amazon too, with a placeholder date: https://www.amazon.com/Dragon-Quest-Heros-1-2-Switch/dp/B01NASEX0C/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1484413374&sr=8-3&keywords=dragon+quest+heroes+1+%26+2 Maybe I'll skip the Ps4 version and get this. Would this count as a preorder for the contest Platty? Ehh... I'd rather run a separate quest for that. The point of those quests are to encourage preorders to show Squeenix we want them. I'd rather there be 2 so people can show they want it twice as m
  2. Seems some of you dont really understand. Which honestly? Is the problem with todays society, your content to sit on the side lines, not doing anything, and then $#!&@ and complain about things when something is wrong. When instead, you can get off your ass, and try and do something about it. Pretty much sums up how the United States is right now. The problem with Shitposters is, you can try to play the nice route with them, and "disagree" and explain things to them, even with logic, facts and truths, and yet they will still respond with more well, $#!&. But w
  3. And that line of thinking, is why your not out there, talking to these negative posters, and giving them the actual truth about the game, and instead, sitting on the side lines and watching events unfold. You either do or you dont. Even people who hate mmos, or never played one before, I managed to turn them into fervently wanting the game, once they have received all the true facts about the game. $#!&@ about my methods if you want, I dont care, but at least my methods work. So you can do ME a favor, and keep your negativity out, you are however, free to get off your arse, and
  4. Gotta be done, its a no-brainer that if one person goes off spouting negativity on something, especially when that negativity stems from pure ignorance of the object at hand, unless he is contended, over 100 will just silently agree with him, and that many people will be much harder to sway in the future. But I understand if people are unwilling to take action, its time consuming work, and everyone's got stuff they rather be doing. I dont do this to be a "Hero". I do this because DQX is the game I want more than anything in 30 years of playing video games, and I believe I have so far,
  5. Due to the Switch presentation, and thus news on DQX, and of course DQXI, more threads and posts about DQX has been popping up all over the place now, new threads, talking about DQX and possible western localization. And of course, what brings with this, is the usual $#!&-posters saying the usual garbage. Be it on reddit, neo-gaf, news site comments, etc. Before all this I pretty much quelled near every doomsayer and shitposter, far as the english side goes, across the vast dimension known as the internet. But now, more of these trolls are coming out, and spre
  6. Will have to see when it comes then. As well as other questions I need answers to.
  7. We will see, thankfully I preordered my switch and Zelda in time, dunno how much longer preorders will be possible since many scalpers will try to get multiple systems of the 2 Million to be launched.
  8. The hilarity of it all regarding F2P mobile games is, some of em will make way more money, than AAA single player games that cost up to 10x more time and money to create. Mobius Final Fantasy for example, they been releasing these classes that you cannot have unless you spend 75 dollars in magicite to get each individual class, and you have a time limit to do it. So spend 225 dollars to get all 3 of the "Mythic" classes, and you get a Mythic echo pet. They back up these purchases with the Card summon gachas as well. Well, people wanted Mobile games, and would go far to justify why Mo
  9. Good, now I dont have to educate anymore of the "Bring XI over, forget X" people anymore. Less for me to deal with.
  10. Well, long as they are finally realizing they need to be proactive on promoting DQ themselves, then all good. I got DQ8 Preordered and DQH2 preordered. And will buy a copy of DQH2 for my friend so she can play with me. Now I gotta wonder how long its gonna take for them to sort it out with DQX and just localize it. MMOs are costly endeavors but they got many ways to cut down on costs drastically, available to them.
  11. PS4 for me, specially since I have a PS4 Pro. Oh ill get the switch console, but I will be playing it on whatever gives the best Display Quality, which will of course, be the Pro.
  12. Awesome, I cant wait to see this, how its all gonna really be like with the UR4 engine.
  13. More then a month actually but yea, if you dont like arguments and debates, dont read em? Don't mean to be rude here, but I dislike those who jump the gun, without even reading the post dates..... and I and probably even Moon could care less if your getting tired, sick, or not. This is the internet, if you dont like something, dont read it, click to play it, or listen to it. Same as in RL, you close your ears, put on some ear buds and listen to your favorite music, or walk away, and if you cant do either, ya just put up with it. Now you could walk over and tell the dudes, or girls, or a mi
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