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  1. I'm so glad the Japanese live long lives! if any of them pass away they should have successors and plenty of ideas left behind. I think dragon quest will continue for decades, I'm not too worried
  2. My god. I didn't even realise this website had a music section. I think I'm in heaven Thanks Erdrick!
  3. Oh god. This reminds me of the time that I overslept and missed my final because I stayed up late studying for it. What f$*&ing killed me about that is that I KNEW the material. I crammed it all in the night before and then didn't even get to vomit it out onto the paper the next day. I just had to flush it. That kind of broke my spirit. The rest of the week I alternated between being angry at myself and just utterly depressed. Sent from my Galaxy Note II Funny you say that, that almost happened to me today :/ luckily I told my brother I had an exam the day before, so he woke me up about 45 minutes before it, which was just enough time to get ready and go get a taxi there(RIP $25). I did fairly well I think, except for one question. Of course it was one of the only things I didn't go over.
  4. Time to deprive myself of sleep for a week so I can pass my exams :| fun fun fun
  5. Any reason why we won't get both? I assume the script for both of them would be the same, ps4 version might have some voice acting though. We'll get at least one of them, I'm sure of it. There's no reason not to localize it really.
  6. Ps4 version for sure. I really loved the grand scale and exploring the environments in DQ8
  7. I actually really enjoy the puns. Names like cyclown are more fun than literal names like "tornado monster" for example. The dragon warrior names are too literal. Unique punny names makes the series stand out more, most of them are really well done too. The accents are great as well, the only game that might have gone too far was dq iv ds. I remember trying to understand what everyone was trying to say in ragnar's chapter. I got used to it though. Yeah the opinion that the localisation sucks is popular enough for this to be somewhat unpopular :|
  8. My 9 year old brother started playing DQH the day after I bought it. He absolutely loves it. He's been watching dragonball a lot recently so the familiar art style probably helps. He's tried to play some of my ds dragon quest games in the past too, but I don't think he has the patience for them.
  9. Oooh 18th, not bad. Being below games like Rugby world cup and NBA seems a bit worrying though since they're not very good. But then again, they are multiplatform games, and heaps of people buy sports games, so it could be a good thing. Being above mario maker and disney infinity also seems to be a nice achievement. I wish we had the numbers. If we can get over a million sold westward, or close to it, I'll be so happy.
  10. Unless you want it complete in box, the cheapest option on Amazon right now is $38.50 discs + case with no manual. This is assuming you live in the NA region. There are ways to bypass region lock without any devices. I used to to this to play JP DDR games on my NA PS1. I think we're looking at the same one. It costs $101 for me. $39 of it is postage. Maybe one day I'll see it for sale at a reasonable price
  11. Oh okay, cool. I don't know much about that game honestly. Anyway, played the first couple hours of dqh and got up to the airship. Things I really like about the game: - Artwork is stunning. I've never seen akira toriyamas creations look so good - Graphics are great - Runs really smoothly (so far) - The music (most songs only go for 30ish seconds and loop but it hasn't bothered me as much as I thought it would) - Characters are charming and funny, just like in the other dq games - Battling the monsters in real time is a cool new experience - Has enough depth and strategy to avoid being a mindless button masher Things I don't like - No multiplayer - No free roam. I know it's supposed to be like a dynasty warriors game, but a bit of exploring would be nice I'll also mention that it feels a bit easy, but not too easy. Also the story seems to be quite simple. Neither of these factors affect my enjoyment of the game enough to be negatives however. Overall, I really like the game and I'm glad I bought it. Looking forward to seeing what the sales of it are like, and if we're gonna get more games
  12. Goodluck erdrick. I've been there and done that. Keep doing what you're doing for a while, and if you know she's interested in/has feelings for you, ask her out somewhere. Worked for me. Only lasted about 6 months for a bunch of reasons though (both shy, neither of us had a jobs and still 100% dependent on parents etc). I've never been in sales or stood anywhere selling tickets or cookies, but damn, he got you good. Of course it's for charity, but what an opening line! That's exactly what I thought too. I was going to ignore him and walk off, but I didn't want to feel like a complete dick. Also, really wanted to know if he knew about DQ lol. Then we spoke a bit about games and uni, until finally it was too late to not buy something. I would feel like a complete jerk if I didn't. I think the term for this sort of thing is emotional engineering :| He got along with me really well so I pretty much couldn't say no. Or maybe he was a genuinely cool guy. I will never know.
  13. I'm guessing you meant to say never instead of ever? Because yeah, I'd rather not play the ps1 version, it looks outdated and the translation will be very different from what I'm used to (I've never played a game that uses the old names). It will still play and feel like a dragon quest game, so I would still enjoy it though. Maybe one day I'll download an emulator and play it. The cheapest I can get the game online is $100, and then there's the region lock which I'll have to get around somehow. Its simply not worth playing a physical copy.
  14. I think some characters from DQ IX would also be cool. Maybe Aquilla and Pavo? (not sure if she can fight actually, I know she can't join the team) None of the others are interesting enough imo
  15. You and me both. DQ8 was the first DQ game released in my region, and I was absolutely amazed by it. I think I was about 10 and I just remember playing the demo over and over again. No matter how hard I tried though, I couldn't beat geyzer during the demo time :| takes too long to grind levels and beating the boss with extremely low level characters has to be near impossible. Then my brother bought and beat the game, traded it in for some reason, and I bought it and played through the whole thing myself when I was about 12 Buy dq 4, 5, 6 and 9 for the ds! I'd also recommend buying 1,2 and 3 on the phone. They're all great remakes of the original game and I highly recommend them. Only game main game I've never played is 7. and 10 too, but that doesn't count imo
  16. Bought dragon quest heroes and on the way out of the shopping centre, some guy asks what game I got, and of course, he had never heard of it when I told him. Then I ended up having a good chat with him and bought one of the lottery tickets that he was selling. It's only $20 goes towards helping deaf people and I could win $500,000. F**k it I thought. That's my good deed for the year.
  17. Not entirely true. Both alena and jessica's actors have voiced main characters in the witcher. Everyone else is a complete nobody pretty much. Not that it matters. I like the voices though, they seem to fit the accents given to them in the ds games. Not sure about the older versions, never played em
  18. Damn, this means nothing is currently in the works :| Will probably be another year at least before we see anything It does seem like a lot of people at SE care about the future of dragon quest here and would like to bring over more games, can't see why they're having so much difficulty with that. If we're lucky dq heroes will sell really well, Christmas isn't that far away, so who knows, maybe it will. Then early next year SE will announce a localization of one of the 3ds games. One can dream right? Something has to come soon, as the admins of the dq social media can't talk about DQ heroes forever.
  19. Maybe the game is actually selling!!! or it could be all one big conspiracy. Who knows with SE
  20. More likely than you think. Where I live dq gets sold out everywhere. I think the only dq game I see around sometimes is dq ix. I didn't buy dq 5 the first week it came out and I had to drive some place over an hour away to buy it. Also, adverting at my local game store (eb games) seems to be good, on the ps4 section of their website there is dq advertising in the margins. Not sure if the actual stores are advertising it, but I'll see when I go buy the game on monday.
  21. Personally I just skim over the reviews, and if most of them positive, then the game is probably good. I think that's what most people do these days.
  22. I was actually thinking about getting this. Found out it cost $190 where I live. NOPE. For comparison, the regular version cost $100. No way that stuff is worth $90 :|
  23. I don't see SE doing this for dragon quest games, especially if heroes sells well. I'm just really interested in seeing what happens to the dragon quest page after heroes comes out. Hopefully they use it to announce another localization. Fingers crossed...
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