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  1. Finished the game last night. Got the standard Medea ending. Reached the Dragovian Sanctuary but didn't face the Lord of Dragovians yet. I kinda don't feel like doing all the extra stuff. Really loved the game (didn't finish it on PS2 when I had the chance) but I think it's too much of a hassle since I'll have to spend several hours grinding in order to get a chance on the Trials and Memories Lane. So I think I'm done. Time to play some Metroid 2 remake.
  2. Finished the Cassino side-quest last night and spent some time getting tickets. Got enough to buy: 4 Liquid Metal Armors 2 Falcon Blades 1 Gringham Whip. Awesome upgrades. I think I'll mess around with the alchemy pot next and see what I can get. Why would you sell your 3DS?! I really didn't like it that much. I had a New 3DS XL with A Link Between Worlds, Pokemon Y, Kid Icarus, Mario 3D Land and Resident Evil Revelations. Got tired of it and sold the whole thing. Bought an Old 3DS XL for 1/3 of the gig I got from the previous one and I kinda wish I didn't. I
  3. Defeated Dhoulmagus and Evil Jessica this sunday. Now I'm just joking around completing the Codex side quests and trying to upgrade my equips since I'm still using the ones I bought from my first visit to Argonia. I'm considering spend some time hunting for Metal Slimes so I don't have to grind later on. What bothers me is that the world map is so vast but so... empty. They could add some more stuff to it or scale it down a little bit. Want to sell my 3DS so I might start moving as fast as I can in order to complete this game before selling the handheld.
  4. My Xbox 360 DVD Drive just died last week. I have it for 5 great years and never had any problems before, so I'm not mad at my old friend, just upset. The C6 Capacitor and R1 Resistence just exploded while I was replaying Bioshock Infinite by the hundredth time. Sent the drive to this guy in São Paulo who's supposed to be a console repair specialist. Still waiting for a response. Hope we both have a happy ending, bro. =)
  5. Played a lot during the last couple of days (gotta thank the holidays for this). Just arrived at Argonia. I have my party at level 25 and have been doing all the Codex Photo Challenges until now. I have a total of 95 as I'm writing this. Also played a couple of rounds in Monster Arena until I reach Rank D. I'm using an Axoraptor, Skeleton Soldier and a Fowlfighter. Found 48 minimedals. I reckon that altough the maps are vast they are pretty much empty and the geography is boring. You pretty much roams around trying to find the chests (which are always in a corner) while avoiding some p
  6. Angelo just joined my party. Still unsure if I should go swords or bow with him. Forgot how the voice-acting was great in this game. I really wish I could play my 3DS on the bus so I wouldn't have to wait so much between my game sessions.
  7. Got the orchestrated one. The awesome music is back. The only thing bothering me now is the oversaturated colors. Wish they also had a patch for this.
  8. Dude, I think that might be going too far. I mean, who could even handle that size?Is it even possible?Someone posted a video on Facebook of it. 18 inches is the current record. Wow. She must be something else. So... We are still talking about snow. Right?
  9. Bastion and Transistor. The games are awesome, love the solid gameplay, the atmosphere, the story and the amazing soundtrack. Really, at this point I'm willing to throw my money on anything Supergiant Games release.
  10. I really wanna get the game. But the syntethesized music and the over saturated colors made me unsure if I should. Games are definitely not cheap here in Brazil, so I gotta be careful. I'm considering maybe take the PS2 out of my closet and give it another go.
  11. Lords of The North - Saxon Tales Book 3, from Bernard Cornwell. The first two books are awesome. Sometimes Cornwell focus too much on the mundane aspects of life in Britain back in the old days. It's not unusual for him to spend 10 pages describing daily activities of the characters, which will make no impact on the story whatsover. I believe he is doing this just to make you feel more close to the caracters, more attached to them. Kinda works, but sometimes it's boring as hell. I have to confess that I'm having a hard time reading this one. But I expect to finish it as soon as possibl
  12. Wow. It's been a long time, since my last login. After 4 years working as a Management Consultant I finally got a job as a Software Developer (back to my expertise). I'm working for the biggest e-commerce company in Latin America. Colleagues are nice, environment is great, the job is awesome and the payment is not so bad. Finally have some free time to spend with my family and friends. And I'm not half stressed as I used to be when I was a consultant (My health was terrible back then). Also discovered myself as a wanna-be photographer. Bought an used Nikon P520 and while learning how t
  13. Played a lot of this came after the release but never finished it. Today I just loaded my old save file and found my characters in level 41 and my log report saying something about me eating some fygg that now I should wait to become a mortal. I have no idea what to do next. Last thing I remember is that I took the magical train back to the realm in the sky and defeated some bosses next to a huge tree. That's where I stopped playing long time ago. I've been reading the walktroughs on Gamefaqs.com and according to what they say all that's left for me is to beat the final boss. Prob
  14. Haven't heard about Top Coder or Code Chef before. Thanks, Faolan. I'm signing up in both right now.
  15. Awesome App, Yoon. Thanks a lot. Reminds me of my youth when I used to spend the whole day with the PC on and Dragon's Den's maps in my browser while playing DQ on my GBC. Also, do you mind if I help you translate the app to Brazilian Portuguese? I thrust you have a strings file for the app, right? Keep up the good work.
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