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  1. (Phew! My apologies the holidays have been busy, busy, busy) For chapter 3 the best place for exerience is in the cave that you get the silver statuette in, I think. As far as $ goes, after you buy your shop Broad Swords go for 3000 gold if sold from your shop, so it doesn't take long to get more than you can hold, until you drop the 60,000 gold on the tunnel project. If you get the chance... after you fund the tunnel don't talk to the man you give the money to or his assisstants, then see if you can still make money with your shop, because I THINK you may be able to get back up to 999999
  2. I am currently playing Dragon Warrior IV rom on the Nesoid, with no cheats, fast forward, or external saves from the emulater. It has been longer than I expected to get to Chapter 3, but I am a fanatical grinder and that tends to slow down the story line. I have also been distracted with my fiancee's Kingdom Hearts I. The guide is on the same device that my emulators are on, so we have to share. I owe it to her because when I hplayed Dragon Quest VIII she was my "oracle". She basically read the guide to me as I played so that it was a smoother play without stopping to reference the guide. So n
  3. Chapter 3: When you arrive at the Armor Shop in Balmalmo it is out of stock. This means they will pay a good deal more for armor than you can get anywhere else. Simply run around just outside in the forest and grasslands to kill monsters(I had good luck in the forest to the north). They drop chests a lot, and there is a good chance it will be armor. When you run into a random Traveling Merchant instead of a monster sell them anything you want to make more space for armor, just don't sell them the armor. Save that for the out of stock Weapon Shop in Balmalmo. It can only be sold during the day
  4. I may have found a cut off point for the Metal Slimes in this area. I am pretty sure they stopped spawning after everyone reached level 14. If someone would be willing to test this theory in the future it would be great.
  5. Chapter 2 Quick Tip: Wizard having trouble with monsters who have spell resistance? Equip the Venomous Dagger to him and attack instead of cast a spell. It has a chance to paralyze the enemy, making the battle easier.(may be a good idea to keep it handy the whole game, if you know when and where to equip it).
  6. Wow, you have done a great service to the DW/Q community.... I am in awe of all this information. You deserve a "gold star" on this project.
  7. I almost forgot...the Alchemy! Just collecting materials to be a cheese artisian would be an adventure! (I considered myself quite the cheese maker in VIII)
  8. Bought Kingdom Hearts & Guide!

    1. Gooptek


      You're in for a great game, I can be sure about that.

  9. If you have any good "grinds" for DWIV on the NES, please post them here. I'll keep updating any I find as I go along, blah blah blah, etc. etc.
  10. Chapter 2: This one is close to the end of the chapter as well, but much easier to manage. The location is just outside of the Castle Town of Endor (the first civilization found on the continent after exiting the Shrine's portal and Inn). There is a mountain range to the west, running south-west. There are hills and forest around the mountain range on either side. As long as the mountain rang is in view (basically) run around and activate battles. It won't take long and you will starth to runn into a decent ratio of Metal Slimes. Don't Run (skip) from any other fights while trying to get Metal
  11. I am currently playing Dragon Warrior IV For the NES (the original) and I have found some handy spots for experience grinding. Chapter 1: Loch Tower has a room with squares in it that if run run over will restore Healies MP. It is room E on the first floor. Since you start at the top of Loch Tower it is near the end. If you exit Loch tower any other way than from the top (first floor you land in when using the flying shoes) you will be stuck on the island. If you exit the tower from any other points than the top floor just walk back in. It will take you to the top floor, where you can
  12. Nice, I wonder how much of a market there is for Dragon Quest culinary creations.
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