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  1. Okay so it back online however how long do you think they going to keep it up for though eh?
  2. If you people really want the service why not run a fund event of some kind and save up to 10k dollars, then offer them that for DQVC code so you may implement it your self on whatever website for however long you want. Also strictly mention that you will not resell the code to other companies or party's, since they may say no unless you mention you are not interested in selling off the there company secrets etc.
  3. Also whoever viewing this knows anything more about the details of this game please add it just maybe it might click in my head what the name is for it is or other people.
  4. Indeed, never played that game either however my mind seems to disagree and thinks zool is what I am talking about but it not, I am surprised that with this much information about this game no one knows about it, must have been a game that was under many people radars, if so then I might never know what it called. That too bad I liked that game very much and would love to know what it called so I may experienced it again at least once more before I die in this life time.
  5. I checked the game you mention but it not that one either, it design is more close to Zool then anything else for back drop themes, and the character kinda looks like fancy pants. Plus you do not get to choose a character to play. It not 3d only 2d side scroller.
  6. I also forgot to mention it is a platform game. I thought about it some more, now I can remember that if you completed game you could not escape the planet if you did not find all ship parts, and crew. Apparently the character you play crashed on the planet. The nodes had colors indicating certain stuff like if you found the hidden map, or all cups collected. Starts off as a yellow node and then changes green for items found or red for items missing maybe. I checked the Sega collection list of games and still no luck I know it might be in there though because I can remember playing a mars
  7. Maybe someone can help me? Check out Games Non Rpg, post called name this game. Been trying to figure out what it called.

  8. Hello people. Having troubles looking for a certain super Nintendo or Sega game, here are the details I can provide to assist me in naming it. It has the similar world map such as super mario world in super nintendo where each stage has a node to choose on map, however instead of finding keys to unlock certain stages on map you find square map pieces, not mention there is collectibles like cups I believe 3-4 of different cups with different colors. Also you can find hidden ship parts, and crews, can't remember what else you can find. I believe the map starts as cheese land t
  9. Random theme everyday? Maybe, but I prefer picking your own theme because you are still not going to get your preferred item due to randomness selection with in the theme. Btw making 1,000,000 by gold bracers alone would be costly and take a while, compared to get XP, free loot not to mention gold after battle, so there fore my method has more benefit out of the doubt.
  10. Hopping back on dragon quest 9 for minor grinding and completing all quests!

    1. Democrobot


      Good luck on that. I can't even beat Mortamor Lv.1 yet.

    2. Descender Sivs
  11. Hell no ! I believe some knight in last dungeon I forgot name haven't played in a while that you can steal dark shields from are about 8k, easy to grab too I think, plus the rare curse skull helm once in a while.
  12. Having a casino in this game would be perfect imagine trying to roll for those annoying 1% drops in high level grotto's. Or any equipment you can only get from chests . Or items like silver platters. But instead we have to make do with in game online shop that random on a theme for 1 WEEK! SInce it out so long I wish we ould just pick the theme we want for that day but only once would be awesome!
  13. All mobs with that loot are around last dungeon on world map, some aromr dude, spiked slugs and killing machine.
  14. Quite a few without trying, found night blight I believe it called in realm of heaven, steal rate for dark shields pretty high, sell 8,600 gold plus rarly get skull helm which are good for appollen crowns ;].
  15. Minor expenses are gold bracer, gold ring. If you have anything slighty faster methods that makes this much with not too much expenses please provide some ideas, made 200,000 today. Took less then 10 mins to $0.00, Like real life money eh :].
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