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  1. Right now, I'm playing Fire Emblem 10 (Radiant Dawn, or Goddess of the Dawn) and am currently 22 hours into the game. Dx The first part is annoying and the RNG apparently hates me.
  2. Yeah! ^_^ Thanks How about Gonzales?
  3. Hey Woodus, could you make this an avatar and resize it for me, and have the background all white, so, erase the black at the sides. Thanks alot! http://i.i.com.com/cnet.g2/images/2006/215...4_screen036.jpg
  4. Playing Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth for the PSP and Summon Night for the GBA, which is almost complete
  5. I just beat Kingdom Hearts II, it was so freakin' easy, even on Proud Mode! 12 hours ^_^
  6. I'm waiting for Ragnarok Online 2 which i will play hardcore as soon as it comes out. I'm almost finished Tales of Legendia. My brother pre-ordered FFXII and i beat Radiata Stories again.
  7. Dragon Phoenix to Klaius ( sorry ^_^)
  8. hmm i wonder what level he is ....... ( im lv.15 T_T its so hard to level...guess they just want to follow tradition in the DQ games) anyway thanks Atticus
  9. i'd like my Avatar like this http://deli.deadleaves.net/doodles/ro/33.png just um...shrink it to dah head..im lazy. kthxbai. Yah teh bestor ^_^
  10. Could you change my name to Dragon Phoenix? (sounds kinda weird lol...Half Dragon half Phoenix...*creates an imagine in his mind....* hmmm weird)
  11. lol i hope im not a bother i may be changing my name to Sky but im gonna think about it and i'll tell u next year
  12. Can i change mine to Chaos_Dragon i would be very appreciated =) (i hate my name now so i want a diff one like Chaos_Dragon XD)
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