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  1. Currently Playing: Jet Force Gemini (class of '64 baby!) I'm about 10 hours in and just beat Mizar for the first time....this games controls/interface kinda sucks, but it is extremely fun so far, although easy. After I'm done I'm probably going to take a break from the games....one more month left in my senior year...can't afford to screw up now.
  2. Interesting....do you plan on taking your Thief right to Sage, or are you going to have him master another class or two first? -
  3. I know what you mean.... My fave is probably Dragon Warrior III. I LOVED experimenting with different party combonations at the beginning of the game. I spent entire weekends starting then restarting until I found one I liked, Hero - Fighter - Pilgrim - Wizard (Actually, I think that is the recommended party on Dragon's Den??). The GBC remake was the best as well. I upgraded from my old game boy to a GBC just for that game and it was well worth it. DWIV does have some cooler moments (Taloon's shop, cooler boss, etc.) but III is still my favorite. -Dane
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