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  1. Well, as a bit of nostalgia for myself this week i recently booted up my SNES after having it locked away in my closet for 3 or 4 years and began questing my way through the Lufia series. It's pretty cool to find out how much i remember about the game and it brings back some memories. Hah, i might start Dragon Quest (the first one again) again and see how much i remember from that game as well (which shouldn't be too hard)
  2. Ah lufia one of the best rpg's ive ever played i have the 2nd one on the snes (it's actually the first out of all of them i got) the 1st one presented a bit of challenge (omg that thing was hard as a mother it took me forever to get to lvl75 and beat the game and i was using a *coughemulator* and even with turbo mode it was hard!!!) the 3rd one i like a lot and the music was good i have to go find it in my room i hope i didnt lose it... it's one the best. The 4th i just stopped playing it... i didn't like it. NE Ways right now im playing Romancing Saga 3 wow it's an awsome [email protected]$$ ga
  3. The mimics are becoming quite popular to use in games although not all of them take the shape or form of a chest... There was one game i played which had Barrels as the mimics. Remember it's mimic so it doesn't have to take the shape or form of just a chest... but yea a lot of games have the mimic as an enemy nowadays.
  4. Oh ok I'll make a style similar to DW, but there are a lot of relations like DBZ, CT Im just interested in making a CT kinda guy... I love Chrono Trigger. But that's kinda small... usually i make humongous drawings. Say hi to the kids.
  5. So what would a 64x64 radius look like? And later would i need a scanner for that? So i could upload the picture?
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