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  1. Damn, you can't fight the Evil Clown over and over anymore and keep selling the thunder staff. How am I supposed to get the mink coat now,
  2. It's much worse than that. The DQH side is facing a Wii U display. That's a guarantee no one will see it.
  3. I wish I could agree with you Mimas but a part of me is hoping that this game isn't a success. I really didn't like the direction they took with DQIX. I've been a huge fan since the beginning, own Japanese versions of the games that didn't come to NA, and played alll the fan translations, etc. but IX was a real disappointment to me. I felt it got very tedious and repetitive after awhile, especially after you acquired a couple of the good grotto maps that give you lots of Rank A or S chests and LMS floors. I felt the story was bland and the characters uninteresting. I also felt they dumb
  4. Its kind of bad when you consider VIII and IX both did over 2 million in their first weeks. http://andriasang.com/con268/dqx_debut/
  5. Its not that it hasn't, it's that it hasn't been YET. MMOs and such can take a long time to be translated. There's a quote floating around of someone working on the game,saying releasing it in places like America could take as much as 7 years. Which must make it a big MMO as well. Yeah, that's a crock of ****. FFXI came out in the US less than a year after it was released in Japan, and DQX seems a much smaller MMO than that.
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