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  1. today'S purchase.... had to go to about 12 different stores to get my copy.. sheesh. finally
  2. currently playing DWM: Joker, about 40 or so hours, now on Fert isle. and I have to agree with Culix: level grinding sucks big time in that game.... BUT I keep playing it... go figure (video games are even more addicting than cigarettes...)
  3. Hey Woodus Could you upload this one as my new (and for the next year or so) avatar? thanks
  4. yupyup, got that right. I wonder though how you managed to spell it right, when french isn'T your native tongue, and when french people can't spell it right
  5. I always knew that there was something particular about the Cypress Stick
  6. this seems to be an interesting project.. if you ever need any help, you know where you can find me... and yes, I'm also available during night time, if you ever suffer from insomnia also, on a side note to indo: By that statemet, do you imply that you never played your game so far, as a real game play and not game test?
  7. How are things with you MB? Been a while since you've been around... hope that everything is going well for you.

  8. Hello!! Just here to say I'm alive even if without internet and all ^^

  9. i have it somewhere here.. lemme find it and upload it edit: here's the link. http://rapidshare.com/files/122996075/ItemDW4.rar.html
  10. First one was the original DW game.. was about 5 or 6 at the time... only spoke and read french, not english... it helped me learn it, although it was old english... I thought in the beginning it'd be a game like The Legend of Zelda, but my deception was only for a short time... I remember well seeing for the first time "A Red Slime draws near! Command?" I finally had an image to put to the monster that was hidden under my bed after that, DW2 DW4 and years later (thanks to the magic of emulation) DW3 in 1998.
  11. Just in case you dont know clive baker released another game for the 360 and ps3, the reviews werent positive but you might like it. The game is called jerico. Hum... I do now own these systems, but I guess I'll have to borrow my friend's ps3 to try it out heheh
  12. Just started a Clive Barker's Undying game while at lunch at work... had that game for years and never thought about playing it... but now I crave for more horror action games like this one.
  13. Gugs, let's all be nice, and no one will get hurt... Back to the topic, purchased today the Sonic Collection for GC (alas, the Mega Man and Mega Man X collections were b/o), and I've barely started playing Sonic 1.
  14. Restarted a diablo 2: LOD game, and currently am about 14 hours done... currently running through Tal Rasha's Tomb, in Act 2.
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