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  1. Samsung Galaxy S4 mini 4GLTE Android version: 4.4.2 Status: Haven't played game yet ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T Android version: 4.2.1 Status: Haven't played game yet
  2. Steve Jobs, 1955-2011. You will be missed by everyone. :(

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    2. Warez


      Oficially, Bill Gates said that the world lost a great mind but in secrecy he is partying probably

    3. King Considerate

      King Considerate

      Missed by everyone? Kinda speaking for err'body there.

    4. PrimeSlime26


      RIP Steve. I LOVE MY IPOD!

  3. The truth is that on August 10, my old PC went kaput and I couldn't log onto DQVC for the next few weeks, therefore putting my DQIX gameplay on hold until I got a new PC (which was two weeks ago). When I resumed, the L button on my DS Lite got stuck and I'm going to send it to Nintendo of America to have it repaired eventually.

    Other than that, I /emoticons/slimeys_ws-slimebigsmile.gif" alt=":D" data-emoticon="" srcset="/emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

  4. You've been on Cloud Nine for quite some time!

  5. hello...im dario, in writing this to you cause im knew in the whole dq escene n im going to star playing dq3 and since dq3 is your favorite installment in the series,i would like you to give me your opinon about which version should i play, the nes, snes or the gbc? thank you and cheers from colombia...take care

  6. Here's my copy of DQIX that I bought yesterday: Since I couldn't find a marker and the image seems to be a tad disorganized, I decided to add my username via Photobucket.
  7. Let's add perfect bred-in resistances too. Oooh. Good idea. And since we're filling up the farm with maxed monsters, might as well fill the egg roster with the children of maxed monsters. Because absurdity turns into epic if its over the top enough. YES! Whoever said no GBC game can't have over 1000 hours of play time? Now, that's a lot of game playing hours whereas between 40 and 60 are minimum. I even beat a game in less than 24 game playing hours.
  8. A TGB-Link emulator you say. Where could I find one and, if possible, is it free? My emulator of choice, just because of it's link capability. http://www.emulator-...oy/tgbdual.html Enjoy! (Beware, TGB seems to crash more often than others. Always make sure to save your game!) Thanks for the link. I'll make sire that I'll save my game just in case.
  9. A TGB-Link emulator you say. Where could I find one and, if possible, is it free?
  10. It just dawned on me that there's a website that specializes in searching for in-print and out-of-print books. It's called Harvest Books and if you put down the name, the author, and (optional) the ISBN, they will look for the nearest available copy of that book and how much it'll cost. Maybe this will help out those, such as myself, who are looking for those Dragon Warrior/Quest guidebooks.
  11. Ouch. That's cool that you have both though. In my experience, Tara's Adventure is tougher to find nowadays. You think finding the DWM games are tough, try finding the strategy guides for both DWM1 and DWM2 at affordable prices. The guidebook for DWM1 that I've found on Half.com cost almost US$800, and I will not pay that much for a ten year old guidebook to a ten year old game.
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