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  1. Just for the heck of it, played through Zelda 3: A Link to the Past again, beat Ganon, and saw the ending. One little aside I noticed: Silver arrows are surprisingly powerful. They one-hit kill almost all of the enemies that are vulnerable to them. Known exceptions: Vitreous (2 hits) Ganon (4 hits)
  2. I changed my mind on Dragon Warrior III, decided to try my hand at a solo speed run. Sound tough? You bet it is! However, I have the advantage of maxed out stats and excellent equipment (thanks to some GameShark codes), so it's not as hard as it may seem. Fast, Female Hero Lv. 99 Strength 255 Agility 255 Vitality 255 Intelligence 255 Luck 255 HP 999/999 MP 999/999 Equipment: Rubiss Sword (unequipped) Wreck Whip Light Armor Ortega Helmet Hero Shield Goddess Ring
  3. Just for kicks, I've decided to start playing through Dragon Warrior III for GBC again. I chose as my characters: Kate, Female Hero Nora, Female Warrior Tami, Female Cleric Yoko, Female Thief Current progress: Building up gold to get the best equipment from Aliahan
  4. These days I mostly play Kingdom of Loathing and PhantasyRPG
  5. Mammon's dead. The strategy I ended up using was pretty simple: Wind Cutter Lv3, Wind Cutter Lv3, Healing Potion, Wind Cutter Lv3, Wind Cutter Lv3, Healing Potion...until he was dead.
  6. As it turns out, Warriors can't be Sexy from the start. Thieves and Clerics can be, though.
  7. gamefaqs may have a tip for that anyway I going start Grandia III now and in Disgaea got to Ep 5 I did look on gamefaqs, didn't have a specific strategy for him. I'm focusing on building up my defense, thinking that if the locals can't hurt me much, Mammon won't be able to hurt me much either.
  8. Beigis is now dead. Mammon utterly obliterated me three times. I'm not sure how to beat this guy. He's far tougher than the other bosses...one of his attacks reduced me from 250 or so HP to 30 or so HP. Ouch!
  9. Still Playing Quest RPG: Brian's Journey. Element power is now maxed out at 50. Just killed Guilty. Only have two bosses left - Beigis and Mammon.
  10. WELL I hope unlike Quest 64 that it was 100% done unlike how USA got a 40% done game with huge emtey towns and such . PoPoLoCrois: Someone Stole the part need for the Flying Ship and now how get ALL the way back were I started to get were he is Quest RPG: Brian's Journey is definitely more interesting to play than Quest 64. #1. No more empty town syndrome! #2. Elements have been fixed so the game no longer favors developing Water and Earth to the exclusion of everything else. Now, combination spells (such as Healing - Water + Earth) require that ALL elements involved be develope
  11. Those names sound like I heard them.....and I think the "Quest" is dead give away to were Does this happen to have something to do with Quest 64? (gasps) Anyway I in Episode 3 of Disgaea and got Flonne to join PoPoLoCrois Got the Knight to Join me and going find the Flying Thing some guy made Ding ding, we have a winner! Quest RPG: Brian's Journey is, in fact, a close relative of Quest 64. It's not truly a port, because the games aren't identical (the spell system was changed, a few areas are missing, and some new bosses have been added).
  12. I am playing Quest RPG: Brian's Journey for the Game Boy Color. Defeated Solvaring, Zelse, and Nepty. Still need to defeat Fargo, and the final bosses in the castle. Got my element power up to 29. Learned all the spells.
  13. Time for another DW2 update. Party Members: Ryan LV12, Eric LV10 Towns/Castles Visited: Lorasia, Leftwyne, Cannock, Hamlin Towns/Castles Got Best Equipment From: Ryan: Lorasia, Leftwyne, Cannock, Hamlin Eric: Lorasia, Leftwyne, Cannock, Hamlin Keys Collected: Silver
  14. Status update on DW2: Party Members: Ryan LV7, Eric LV1 Towns/Castles Visited: Lorasia, Leftwyne, Cannock Got Best Equipment From: Lorasia, Leftwyne, Cannock (Ryan); Lorasia (Eric)
  15. I just started playing DW2 today. Status: Party Members: Ryan LV3 Towns/Castles Visited: Lorasia, Leftwyne Towns/Castles Got Best Equipment From: Lorasia
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