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  1. The last time I saw a signed copy of just the game sell, which was right after the event, it sold for 560. So I was thinking $500 for the lot, shipped.
  2. Hey everyone, I've decided to sell a bunch of stuff that I just don't need/want anymore and I came across a Yuji Hori signed copy DQ VI for DS along with the T-shirt that came with is and a signed poster from when he came to Palo Alto for it's release. Does anyone have any interest in these items? I figured I'd ask here before trying to sell them on ebay or something. Make an offer!
  3. I know this isn't on this topic, but did they move Spike's spawn point or requirements? I'm through rank C and have tried both day and night and no Spike.
  4. I probably do, it's been a while since I played, thanks for the heads up.
  5. I used the liquid metal orb from the atlas battle and three bunny tails on my hero to beat Zoma. I would run at him in a circular angle to avoid his magical attacks and get behind him and wail on him. You have to dodge a lot to avoid his spells that surround him when you are close. My second in command was Terry, also with three bunny tails, and I would avoid switching characters until I was able to activate a coup de grace with my hero then switch to the other non Terry members to see how they were doing with the coup de grace build. If they are close I would use theirs then go back to Terry and pummel with the falcon slash/wind slash combo & coup de grace as they activated. If you have Erdrick's Orb from Nokturnus put that on Terry, it'll help.
  6. Sounds a lot like my first time beating him. Were all your team members max levels when you beat him? I surprised myself and was only at mid 90's when he went down the first time for me. Congrats! I know how satisfying it is to beat Zoma after that first encounter makes it look impossible.
  7. That button reversal really confused me when I imported my PS4. Still does when I am switching between the dashboard and US games/apps.
  8. Yeah, protecting the dwarf in Grannet was a huge pain, I think I did that one a half dozen times
  9. I find that surprising, I would think at those levels you should be able to make it work. Ignore the Marquis until King Hydra is dead. The rest of your team will usually attack whatever is closest so they will damage Marquis while you focus on Hydra. The accessories that I like are the prayer ring, because it replenished hp/mp on high tension, stimulating specs for the start tension boost and then usually an auto block accessory, I forget which one that is. Like I said above, I tried the metal madness challenge probably a dozen times where I focused on the support enemies over the Hydra and failed miserably every time and the first time I focused on King Hydra I beat it. Good Luck!
  10. Did you focus on him and ignore the horde or did you take care of the horde first? I found that killing everything else first gives you the room to attack and dodge. It makes the battle a grind, but its a safe way to make it happen.
  11. If you are interested I have a DQ VI poster and DS game signed from the Palo Alto release event. PM me. After reading about this contest I'm kinda bummed I deleted all the trophy unlock photos from my system.
  12. I got lucky on an ebay auction where the previous buyer didn't pay so the seller reposted it on a 24 hour auction and it ended for way less than the previous auction.
  13. Well, I finally plunked down the cash for this PS4 a while back and I have to say, It was totally worth it. Cost me $540, which is better than I thought it would be, but still quite a bit.
  14. Well, I went at an unweakened Zoma this morning and boy is he tough. It seems like he has a couple new abilities at full power but the biggest problem I found is that even with over 100% freeze reduction he is still able to freeze my team members into place because one of his new abilities reduces the effectiveness of all my abilities. He is crazy powerful, even if you use the liquid metal orb his big spells are strong enough to kill you in one hit so instead I just equip Erdrick's Orb so I can keep my HP. Terry, who is usually a rockstar in this fight, is basically useless so I just resorted to the Luceus strategy of attacking with fire slash from a distance. It takes a better player than myself to kill him, but I think it is possible. You just have to avoid most of his hits. In my best match with him I took away about 1/8 of his HP before dying.
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