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  1. How about falling asleep playing your not-plugged-in handheld, then waking up to find all the work you did is now lost due to not having saved for a while.
  2. Should everything a significant part of the population thinks is bad be illegal? Alcohol, pot, "hate speech", fireworks, not wearing a seatbelt, firearms, tobacco, certain religions, pop/soda, junk food, dirty movies, gays, anti-gays, violent video games. Now I don't think all those things are bad (some are), but many do. Where do we draw the line? How should these bad things be punished? Which jurisdiction should have power (Federal? State/Province? local?) Those are the questions that should be asked regarding all laws. No, I don't think everything the major population thinks is bad should be illegal. But the law usually reflects the general concensus. That's what happens in democracy. Furthermore, I think that making things illegal that people don't want illegal might be worse, but isn't always necessarily worse (for example, suppose a major part of the population wanted rape to be legalized... this certainly never should be, under any circumstance). As far as jurisdiction, I think federal government has too much oversight. Most laws ought to be handled a more localized level. I agree about the injustice in our legal systems. I recently heard a news story about a 60 year old man who was beaten to death in prison by his lunatic cell-mate. The killer was found not legally responsible because the warden of the prison was warned not to put him in a cell with anyone else due to his psychological issues. The guy who died... he was in there for refusing to pay a parking fine.
  3. I've never smoked marijuana, and never will. It's a mood altering drug, and has been associated with mood disorders. I don't need a buzz, and certainly not at the risk of permanently damaging my emotional health. The issue, for me, isn't so much about its legal status. For me, it's really about the culture. If everyone wants it, legalizing it will cause more harm than good. Why? Because if everyone wants it, they're going to get it, so whatever adversities would exist with it legalized, they would still exist with it illegalized, and then some (ie, drug cartels, black markets, etc). That may be the point we're at now. I contest that marijuana is not a good thing to smoke, and thus shouldn't be legal. However, given the current cultural climate, having it as illegal may be the worse choice. I'd rather see our culture change, but I don't see that being the direction. The law is a reflection of culture. As it seems (at least to me) that our culture is leading in the direction of more widespread use of marijuana, we can expect the law to follow. Perhaps fortunately, perhaps unfortunately.
  4. Pressing the right button on the wrong character, monster, etc. (for example, attacking the wrong monster, or healing the wrong character). Pressing the right button on the wrong spell, skill, tactic, etc. (for example, using Firebal when meaning to heal). Letting the game control your emotions (for example, getting insanely angry, for whatever reason (made it through 9/10ths of the dungeon only to die, get killed by the same player over and over, forgot to save, etc) and end up breaking something). Playing the game at the wrong time (for example, 10 minutes before dinner time). Overconfidence (for example, moving into an area you're underprepared for, fighting a boss you're underprepared for, playing against players you're half as good as). Maybe my worst: losing track of time (for example, get on the game at 8:00pm, finally fall asleep at 3:37am).
  5. I initially voted no, because I felt that they had been remade enough times already. However, upon further consideration, and after reading the comments here, I decided to change my vote. Frankly, I would be in favor of having the games remade in the style of DQ8. I know this will never happen, but if there were to be a remake of these games, that's probably the only style I'd want to play them on. Otherwise, I prefer the originals as they are, on my dusty old NES.
  6. Congratulations! I remember when I finally beat DWII. I was close to his age, maybe a year or two older. I got stuck looking for rogue fastfinger. I spent hours wandering around from town to town scrabbling for clues. I gave up and didn't play it again for about 10 months, then decided to pick it up again. I had to remember where I was, and when I did, I decided to do a more thorough search of his last known location. Bingo! Then I realized I still had a ton left to do. When I finally beat it, it was certainly a great feeling of accomplishment, and relief! So congratulations to him, he must have been over the moon.
  7. Easily DW VII. I believe my first play through was over 200 hours. However, like Wonderslime, cumulatively it would have to be DWIV, then probably DWII. On a side note: Hi Wonderslime! Nice to see you again!
  8. lol ur birthday is 8 days after mine.......i noticed in my help thread u had a debt problem. how can i help u?

  9. How is it that you only have 499 awards?

  10. Watching Bleach. So good. Subs only. Just passed the episode 200 mark.
  11. I've got a few games on the go. Oblivion: Game of the Year Edition. Assassin's Creed. The Wheel of Time. Lemmings. Final Fantasy II. And I'm soon to be playing DQIV-DS.
  12. That looks really good. I like the idea of the door automatically opening when you approach it, and then it closes behind you. Genius!
  13. Why?? Is the game hard to find or something?? Well, not it's not hard to find, it's just that I can't afford to buy it. I remember YSIII for Sega, and when I saw the preview for Ark of Nepishtim, I freaked. I want to play, but just am unable to do so at present.
  14. Right now I'm in the middle of Final Fantasy 7, and Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Game of the Year Edition. IMO, both decent games. Morrowind is crazy huge though. Really, deserving of game of the year awards.
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