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  1. Why does this surprise you? The Japanese are very close-minded and selfish. They don't give a damn about the US market unless it's 100% going to make them a profit. Never have, never will.
  2. For the main game, all they needed to do in order to increase difficulty was increase enemy defense/attack power or something. More often than not, my agility was so high (I guess?) that I had killed all the enemies in a battle before they'd even started. And it's not like I was grinding, either. Maybe if/when I buy a second copy of the game, I'll avoid most encounters. The great thing about random battles is you KNOW you're at the right EXP for that point in the game. With fixed ecnounters, sometimes it feels like "fight every enemy in your way" actually makes you overpowered...
  3. I beat the game around 50 hours and think I quit around 140 hours into it. Every grotto I got had the harder/newer enemies on floor 9 or lower. Finally decided enough is enough and sold the stupid game. I want post-game content to be challenging IMMEDIATELY, not 300 hours into it. I was fighting the same monsters over and over and over and over.
  4. I believe the complaining is due to the translations they receive when going on to a Nintendo system. While it's true that Nintendo no longer requires companies to tone down language and content of their games as they did in the past, it seems that Dragon Quest still goes by the old guidelines on Nintendo systems while the two games released on Sony systems featured much more... well... "dirty" dialogue. That's entirely coincidence, honestly.
  5. Some of those are REALLY bad, namely the jester and shepherd. Most of them are great, though. Maribel looks dead sexy in her costumes.
  6. Reading a lot of that is painful. I love the idea, but I highly doubt the original Japanese was that formal and clunky. "Subservient wench"? "Unfulfilling hedonistic excess?" Kids say words like "impotent" and "aplomb" in this translation, too. I know Plus Alpha can go a little extreme, but what they do is preferred to the stiffness of this game's original translation. They can reach some compromise, I'm sure. Dragon Quest VI had plenty of well-written and serious moments. So did DQV.
  7. The game took me about 85 hours. I thought playing it a second time would be daunting. And because it was my first DQ and I've played every other game in the series since then (to varying degrees of completion... DQ2 is confusing and DQ7 is so ugly/long, waiting until the 3D remake), I assumed maybe I'd not adore the game this time around. Turns out due to playing the game on PCSX2, which reduces the loading times dramatically, I might be enjoying myself more than before. I had to turn off the voice acting this time, though. It's well performed, sure, but they talk... so... slowly. I remember Empyrea in particular is really bad for this. This is the first time in a long time I've played an RPG and ignored stats, too. I'm doing what looks cool and feels right. I'm making Yangus a fisticuffs fighter and Jessica a knives/swords user. The hero is Courage. I've not decided on Angelo, yet. I'm doing this with the intent to make the game a little bit harder than the last time... for all I know, things will be easier. And if that's the case, hey, at least I've made things a lot more interesting than last time.
  8. How is there no longer an overworld?
  9. I don't understand where is the source that DQ7 3D is getting an orchestra. It's a nice idea, but it appears Siliconera reported that and everyone else parroted the same thing without checking facts. I can't read Japanese, so did one of the magazine ads or whatever mention this?
  10. The poor quality of the new translations is horribly exaggerated. DQ4 for DS is obviously terrible, but the other two remakes are amazing, particularly DQ6. The characters have their own vocal tics and quirks that make them characters instead of talking heads. I tell you this first so yoi can know I'm incredibly biased when I say DW7 has a very poor translation. I feel parts of it want to very charming but they wouldn't let it be. This is so dull and lifeless, and more importantly, unrealistic. Why would a kid say the words 'impotent" or "aplomb"? There is another moment where a guy starts three separate and.consecutive sentences with the phrase "my brother".. And these are simply the most glaring errors I remember. But yeah, people exaggerate how many puns are in the new translations. DQ6 knew how and when to be serious. I trust the new translation will be as respectful to the truly serious moments.
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