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  1. i have necropolis, belive im in post game as the mole arena seems to have stoped and the lava pit one is still being made(but fully available to walk around capt mayday says to head to moles den and check it out my party is: tyrantosaurus(miracle mallet) lv 33 +2 HP:366 MP:67 atk:461, def:299, agl:206, wis:110 thunderwind slash:38 guerrilla:39 attack3:48 magic slime(minus scepter) lv 28 +4 HP:239 MP:300 atk:198, def:249, agl:238, wis:414, aquapothecary:45 cleanser:80 wisdom3:27 metabble(partisan) lv 28 +6 HP:32 MP:426 atk:285, def:610, agl:536, wis:364 bang+zap3:15
  2. as of now lost canvas is around half complete anime wise, the manga is completed, im just waiting to see some of the later fights animated
  3. ill try to avoid spoilers, but the 26 esp anime of ss: lost canvas ends on a incomplete note if you know the out come from saint seiya, is there a lost canvas part 2 or something? and I know its been afew years but hi all to new and old faces
  4. trust me, if you want a challenge the big consoul versons are not for you, so what didn't you like about GBA verson?
  5. dw3 for gba ff1+2 dawn of souls LOTR:third age for gba
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