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  1. I beat the NES version years ago as well as the IOS version more recently. Still upset that they did not localize the Super Famicom version as it had nicer Battlebacks and Battlebacks frames. I still remember when it was announced and previewed for NES.
  2. I do not have much memory left on my IPad so I would have to buy a new Ipad(my old one is kinda old too) if I want to play this game.
  3. I beat the hardest TNT board in Dragon Quest 5 DS.
  4. Maybe Tarantino could direct a cgi movie based on Dragon Quest I,II, III, IV or VI.
  5. When reading horizontally they read in the same direction we do. When they read vertically they start on the right.
  6. I think the hero should have married Nera. I mean she is prettier after all.
  7. I wrote a short story years ago on Kindle and even before that for a creative writing class that used the same concept as the ending.
  8. A Tactics game might work better on mobile because you just have to touch the square where you are headed instead of going through all the squares needed to reach your goal.
  9. I just beat my first Dragon Quest Monsters game, Dragon Warrior Monsters, last year.
  10. I would be excited for Your Story if it was announced for USA. Please don’t spoil anymore because I have yet to see it and it’s still not available here.
  11. and I really like the graphics a lot more than the DS version which I have been playing lately and I am near the end of the main quest.
  12. I looked around the internet and you can have your drawings copyrighted.
  13. I do not want the designs copied so a watermark would not prevent that. I do not want it copied giving credit to a different artist.
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