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  1. Some of these versions I have never played or finished and I am judging based on screenshots, commercials, or other video. Dragon Quest 1- Super Famicom Dragon Quest 2-Super Famicom. The Battlebacks including Battleback edges are better than the IOS version. Also cool graphic of castle at beginning. Dragon Quest 3-Super Famicom. Identical to IOS except animations are intact. Dragon Quest 4- PS1. Better Battlebacks compared to IOS version and more fulfilling town creation side quest based on Dragon Warrior 7. Dragon Quest V-Toss up between Super Famicom and PS2 mostly because of graphics. Dragon Quest VI- Super Famicom because better graphics. Dragon Quest 7- 3DS but my vote my change as I have not finished that version yet. The rest are either no remixes, not enough experience with game, and I haven’t played Dragon Quest 8 yet or finished 11.
  2. When you get turned to stone do you Age 8 year’s or do you stop aging as stone man?
  3. I like the character designs in DQ 2 as well as the non linerity. it’s not that I dislike DQ 3 it’s just that I like the others more. I also like the character designs and the gameplay of DQ 1.
  4. Best Dragon Quest 2 Dragon Quest 4 Dragon Quest 1 Dragon Quest 3 Worst Even though DQ 3 is last I still enjoy it.
  5. I like the monster designs. I beat the NES and IOS versions but I think the Super Famicom version might be best because the battle backs including edges look cooler. I like that it isn’t too linear. The game makes you think.
  6. I have to go with graphics for items and equipment. Dragon Quest has great art for equipment and items and it is nice when it can showcase them. Plus, I am a very visual person.
  7. I wish they would have ported the PS1 version. It has a lot better graphics.
  8. https://gematsu.com/2019/07/dragon-quest-xi-character-erik-related-announcement-set-for-dragon-quest-summer-festival-2019-on-august-3 Something concerning Erik.
  9. I am reading Firefox, the Bible, and Dragon Quest Monsters Manga Volume 2. I read the Bible before. I got far in the Legend of Dragon Quest but I quit for the time being because I have not beat DQ8 for a long time and I want to keep the experience fresh. I have also yet to beat Dragon Quest 11.
  10. I haven’t played it yet but I have the latest expension preordered.
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