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  1. If only the offline version comes to USA I do not know if I will play it because I am learning Japanese and I want my first play through of the games to be with the online version even though I am far from fluent right now.
  2. I do not want to see the video because I do not want it spoiled just in case I ever go there.
  3. So I was watching television and I saw a device that you point on books and it reads what is printed and broadcasts it into an earpiece. I was thinking that they could use this to translate the Japanese language and broadcast the translation into your ear. Computer translation is already quite sophisticated and this is helped by the fact the Japanese language although difficult is quite conventional in form. I use a translation program to translate Famitsu articles sometimes and it does a good job. So what do you all think?
  4. I have one more for now. Sorry about the double post.
  5. Here are some of my original fantasy pixel images. I did them with Pixelart.
  6. I put the original Famitsu article through Google translate. The most important part is 12 still far off but they hint of another game that could be announced at the event. This DQ game is still a mystery. From 12:00 on May 27, 2021 (Thursday), Square Enix will broadcast live a commemorative special number that will release information on the "Dragon Quest" series, which will celebrate its 35th anniversary, and the latest work. Advertising The 35th anniversary special program, which will be broadcast from 12:00 on May 27 (Thursday), will include the first part "Dragon
  7. Is the fact that Aira/Aishe is a descendent of Keifer new to the remake or has it always been that? I beat Dragon Warrior 7 twice and the 3DS version once and when I did the Keifer download quest on the 3DS I thought it was new that Aishe/Aira was a descendent of Kiefer but I was just looking through my Dragon Warrior 7 USA guide and under Aira it says, “She takes after an old relative, a man you know very well.”
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