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  1. I would be excited for Your Story if it was announced for USA. Please don’t spoil anymore because I have yet to see it and it’s still not available here.
  2. and I really like the graphics a lot more than the DS version which I have been playing lately and I am near the end of the main quest.
  3. I looked around the internet and you can have your drawings copyrighted.
  4. I do not want the designs copied so a watermark would not prevent that. I do not want it copied giving credit to a different artist.
  5. I read the Romancing Saga review. Nice work. Does it have enemy scaling?
  6. and I was wondering how I could put it on the internet without people copying it? Big Dragon Quest fan but this is original stuff.
  7. Here is the original article complete with gorgeous pictures! Apparently Halo Slime is added to the mix! This will be on Yahoo in addition to various other entities. I edited some of the article for length. Hope they bring this here. https://www.famitsu.com/news/201911/20187006.html The stage of the “Brave Cup Autumn 2019” decisive battle is the cinema! “Dragon Quest” (hereinafter referred to as “DQ”) series of characters and monsters fight as cards, a smartphone and PC (Yahoo! game), a digital card game that is being distributed for free from Square Enix for Nintendo Switch, Dragon Quest Rivals ”. Starting from the “Hero Cup 2018 Spring” held in May 2018, the “Hero Cup” held in a short span every three months is the official nationwide that determines the player who stands at the top of each bullet = “Hero” Tournament. On November 9, 2019, the 7th “Brave Cup Autumn 2019” was held. Before going to the interview, I will explain the pattern of the fierce battle spread out at the tournament! The costume is different from the past, and the stage this time is a movie theater. An attempt was made to screen real-time live viewing of the event in Kanagawa / AEON CINEMA Kohoku New Town, the venue for the final competition, in Kyoto / AEON CINEMA Kyoto Katsuragawa and Aichi / AEON CINEMA Nagoya Chaya Since it is a movie theater, it is okay to eat and drink. The day will come when you can buy popcorn and juice, sit on a relaxing seat, and watch the famous game of DQ Rivals on a giant screen. In the Fall of the Brave Cup 2019, the first qualifying will be held for all players to participate in the game, and offline qualifying will be held with the winning players. The final tournament was held with 8 players, including the top 7 players, and posesi who won the first place in the September rank match “Empty Hero Cup”. [Players participating in the final tournament of the Brave Cup Fall of 2019] ・ Posesi (ranked 1st in the September 2019 rank match “Empty Hero Cup”) ・ Nakamo player (1st place in offline qualifying) ・ Hachikuji Rapuru (2nd place in offline qualifying) ・ Kite player (offline qualifier 3rd / "Brave Cup 2019 Spring" win, "Brave Cup 2019 Summer" participation) ・ Empty player (4th place in offline qualifying) ・ Shigre Ninomiya (5th place in offline qualifying / "Hero Cup 2018 Winter", "Hero Cup 2019 Spring") ・ Large medal player (offline qualifying 6th place / “Brave Cup 2018 Winter” runner-up) ・ Mame player (7th place in offline qualifying / “Brother Cup 2019 Summer” runner-up) 半 分 Half of the participating players have strong players who have participated in the past Brave Cup, and the players who participated for the first time have achieved good results in monthly ranked matches. The final tournament is a BO3 conquest method with 3 leaders & decks open system, and the player who wins 2 first will be the winner. In the quarter-finals, Mame player in the first game, Kite player in the second game, Nakamo player in the third game, Sigre Ninomiya player in the fourth game and advanced to the semi-final. Mame player won the first semi-final game. In the second game, Nakamo won the game, and the final match of these two players. ――I thought that Desta Moore was quite effective (*) for “Renkei”, but it cannot be used in Grand Prix rules. * Desta Moore is the third legendary rare card. While on the battlefield, the opponent's tension will not accumulate, and it will have the effect of making it impossible to attack. Futaki: A card with a high usage rate, but it will eventually be disabled under the Grand Prix rule. It was a good card. -I thought that instead of using Destamoore, a card with similar performance would appear in the ninth edition. I thought about adding a card that denies the “renkei” system that was just implemented by Futaki, so I did n’t. The 9th installment is “Renkei” and I want you to fully enjoy the battle. Even if you put a counter card, it may be the next bullet. ――When tension became important, I felt that it would work well with magical swordsmen who have a lot of means to collect tension, such as Tametra and Togekonbo. Futaki There were many cards with the effect of raising the tension in the second bullet, but as I said earlier, it will no longer be usable in the Grand Prix rule from the ninth bullet. Instead, in the 9th installment, we will add a card that has the effect of increasing the tension for all occupations. In addition, the effect of Lv.2 of “Hero Eleven” of the hero card can activate the “renkei” effect even when tension is not accumulated. Speaking of “Brave Eleven”, the effect of “Looking for the passing time” of Lv.3 is particularly strong. --------------------------————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— during the match, adding the `` renkei '' card that you used. Jitsu Futaki is also loaded with material. Legendary Rare Card companions have a “renkei” effect, so if you activate Hero Card Lv.3, you can collect all the companions that have been defeated in the battle. If you are. -I didn't notice it. By the way, I'm sorry to hear that many times, but with the 9th Grand Prix rule, the 2nd "Unleashed Power Trap" and the 3rd "Phoenix and the Earth's Life" card pack can no longer be used . What kind of battles are expected to be achieved when the usage rate and popularity of the dark dream are eliminated, such as Destmoor and Lamia, and the implementation of “renkei”? Futaki First, I think the decks used will change considerably. The 2nd and 3rd cards have been very active recently, so it will be very big that you can't use them. In terms of play, I think that it will be a battle that goes back to the origin of placement and tension, with the addition of a card that makes the placement gauge aware of the fact that “renkei” comes in and fights with the tension gauge. With the disappearance of Lamia and Dark Dreams, the board layout will become more and more important. This time, this time it is also the timing of “new chapter start”, which is a new occupation introduction bullet, this time we are adjusting consciously. -“Ketos”, a common legend rare card, has the condition of the second special victory following Lamia. Is there a special production like Lamia when you win? Futaki of course. After all, special victory must be made to win, so the production is also particular. By the way, there is also a production skip this time. Although the recipient can take a workaround, I don't think it will be seen in the environment as much as Lamia, but I decided to implement it in consideration of usability. ――I heard that “DQR Battle Mileage” will be introduced from the 9th installment. Futaki Many players are playing monthly ranked matches at their own pace. In the midst of that, we wanted to prepare something that players could aim for in their daily play, and introduced Battle Mileage. Here, new themes are added every week, so the idea was to create something that can be targeted at a weekly pace, so that even those who can't play much on weekdays will be able to try together on the weekend. In daily missions, you can't catch up unless you play on weekdays to some extent. -Will the daily mission disappear and battle mileage be introduced instead? Futaki In addition to the daily mission, the cumulative winning rewards for ranked matches are integrated into battle mileage. This function is based on the so-called “Battle Pass” system in other games, but Battle Pass has become common in recent games, and you can enjoy various rewards while playing with tricks. I'm glad if you can. -There is a premium pass version, and if you purchase it, the reward seems to be gorgeous, but is it something you have to buy at the beginning of the play? Futaki No, there is no problem even if you purchase a Premium Pass after raising the level of Battle Mileage first. For example, if you purchase a Premium Pass after raising the level to 10, you can earn all the rewards up to level 10. I think that the more you advance your battle mileage, the more you feel like you want a premium pass. In addition, if you purchase a pass, you will be able to use an additional mission called “Premium Mission”, but you can also advance the conditions for achievement before purchasing the pass. --That's good! Then, please tell me about Futaki's featured card in the ninth installment. In the 8th interview, you recommended Jijaku. Futaki Nikijikaku like the core of the construction card has the fun of trial and error by replacing the card, I would like to recommend such a card again, but the merchant-only card "Type G" This is a card that you should pay attention to. Although it is not a legendary rare card, the attack power is increased by skill boost, and depending on the value, “penetration”, “aim shot”, “attack twice” are granted. A card that has a dream of being able to attack more than 20 points at a time directly against the opponent's leader if it is raised to 10 or more attacks that can attack twice. Because it costs two, it can be combined with Motherwood, which gives haste ... I am looking forward to the various constructions coming out. -Finally, please give a word to readers who are looking forward to the ninth edition. Futaki finally came up with a new occupation “bandit”! 盗 You will find it more interesting to steal your opponent's cards than you thought. I think that the environment will change drastically by updating the Grand Prix Rules, so please enjoy the battle of the new environment! ”DQ Rivals official live broadcast Vol.14“ 9th card pack special right before the release! ”Will be delivered from 21:00 on November 20, 2019 (Wednesday), which is just before the ninth delivery. [Program URL] Click here for YouTube LIVE Click here for Nico Nico Live Broadcasting OPENREC.tv is here [Performers * Honorifics omitted] MC: Kana Ueda (voice actor) Guest: Tomokazu Sugita (voice actor) Management team: Yusuke Tomita ("DQ Rivals" producer), Tatsuhiro Futaki ("DQ Rivals" producer) Saitobuy, Manativui (Shueisha "V Jump" editorial department) More new information may pop out in the program! Check it out!
  8. In Dragon Quest I the Magician and his variations are human I think as are the knights.
  9. It is interesting you should mention this because when Dragon Quest 6 was about to be released Square Enix held a trivia contest where they asked what’s the maximum number of people in the party. Square Enix’s answer was eight but I argued it should be seven since the game has seven main characters who are people. The only way it could be eight is if a Slimeknights was a human ‘person’ riding a Slime.
  10. Note not the actual titles but the translated titles as the originals are in Japanese.
  11. Some of these versions I have never played or finished and I am judging based on screenshots, commercials, or other video. Dragon Quest 1- Super Famicom Dragon Quest 2-Super Famicom. The Battlebacks including Battleback edges are better than the IOS version. Also cool graphic of castle at beginning. Dragon Quest 3-Super Famicom. Identical to IOS except animations are intact. Dragon Quest 4- PS1. Better Battlebacks compared to IOS version and more fulfilling town creation side quest based on Dragon Warrior 7. Dragon Quest V-Toss up between Super Famicom and PS2 mostly because of graphics. Dragon Quest VI- Super Famicom because better graphics. Dragon Quest 7- 3DS but my vote my change as I have not finished that version yet. The rest are either no remixes, not enough experience with game, and I haven’t played Dragon Quest 8 yet or finished 11.
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