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  1. I beat the game but I only used one monster job and I forgot if they changed the character’s graphics.
  2. I beat each USA version and I like both for different reasons but I prefer the PSX version more. I found the overworld battlebacks, the towns, the monsters and the dungeons look better in the PSX version. Most of all I found the main characters and the Spirits in battle look better in the original. The Spirits and main characters look more generic in the remake even though they have more detail. I think some graphics lose some of their stylish charm sometimes as they are made more realistic. The only graphical thing I did not like in the original is the over-world. I liked the originals
  3. I published a short story on Amazon Kindle years ago that had a similar ending.
  4. I really like the style of several of these segments for Rivals but I have never played the game. Are all these just the opening FMVs?
  5. Thanks for sharing. Really nice traditional animation.
  6. I suspected there was something amiss with The Almighty even before he revealed himself to be Orgodemir in disguise.
  7. I chose Nera because she is the prettiest. That makes her the best.
  8. I like Loto more as I prefer the Japanese stuff like boxart and title names. Really the only thing I like more in the USA versions are the voice acting from what I have heard of the Japanese on Youtube. I mostly play USA versions though because my Japanese needs work.
  9. This was from the current event where you capture light from the 8 bosses and one giga boss. The 1000 gems were from a single bracket. I was surprised they would give out that much in a single bracket.
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