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  1. The flash cards I use are written out in Hiragana/Katakana/Kanji and there is also audio. I have taken lessons at a community college as well as private instructors but I find that if you just do vocabulary all the time you will naturally pick up the grammar.
  2. The Mobil DQ3 is the SNES version minus the monster animations. Does the Switch version have monster animations?
  3. For me it would be Dragon Quest 4 for PlayStation 1. From what I have seen I like the overworld battlebacks and the battleback morphing as seen in the commercial.
  4. I like the Super Famicom Dragon Quest 6 graphics a lot more than the DS remake.
  5. I am playing Stars too. I like the FMV’s in the Rivals series.
  6. I beat Dragon Warrior Monsters 1 last year. It was the first Dragon Quest Monsters Series game I beat.
  7. The Joker/Goof off class is good because it has whistle which is great for raising levels as it summons monsters to fight right after use.
  8. What should I get once I get to the final casino? Frail of Destruction or two Liquid Metal Armors? I also have enough for multiple Falcon Swords along with this.
  9. On top of this I saved and on my first spin back I got four watermelons in a row.
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