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  1. Years back my father bought me some of these on a business trip to Japan. I am glad they are finally getting translated. I am watching the anime on Crunchyroll but I am not all caught up yet.
  2. Wow... it looks really nice.
  3. There is one more neatly nestled caveat to this remarkable story. Around the time Dragon Quest 6 DS was being launched in USA Square Enix held an online Dragon Quest 6 trivia contest. The final question was “What is the maximum number of people you could have in your Dragon Quest 6 DS party?” Square Enix said eight but I correctly answered seven since although your party could have eight characters the maximum number of people in the party is seven since the eighth character is some sort of slime and thus not a person. I than thought I was wrong because I thought a Slimeknight was a human and thus a person according to the trivia but years later I found he was not a person at all but a slime with a non animate human puppet so my initial assertion to the answer to the trivia contest was correct and I should have won.
  4. I remember reading somewhere that the knight is a puppet of the slime or vise versa but I was playing Dragon Quest Swords the other day and each entity appeared on opposite sides of the screen before going to the center and joining. Puppets do not do this under the accepted limits of medieval fantasy puppet technology. Does anyone know where it said one is a puppet of the other because I remember reading this online?
  5. I also do not like when they change the box art except for Dragon Quest 3 Gameboy Color. Oddly enough I like the voice acting better in the US games from what I have heard of the Japanese on YouTube. I still like the games though. It’s weird because the titles we think are the Japanese titles are usually the translations not the actual Japanese titles so they sound completely different.
  6. If only the offline version comes to USA I do not know if I will play it because I am learning Japanese and I want my first play through of the games to be with the online version even though I am far from fluent right now.
  7. I do not want to see the video because I do not want it spoiled just in case I ever go there.
  8. So I was watching television and I saw a device that you point on books and it reads what is printed and broadcasts it into an earpiece. I was thinking that they could use this to translate the Japanese language and broadcast the translation into your ear. Computer translation is already quite sophisticated and this is helped by the fact the Japanese language although difficult is quite conventional in form. I use a translation program to translate Famitsu articles sometimes and it does a good job. So what do you all think?
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