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  1. https://gematsu.com/2019/07/dragon-quest-xi-character-erik-related-announcement-set-for-dragon-quest-summer-festival-2019-on-august-3 Something concerning Erik.
  2. I am reading Firefox, the Bible, and Dragon Quest Monsters Manga Volume 2. I read the Bible before. I got far in the Legend of Dragon Quest but I quit for the time being because I have not beat DQ8 for a long time and I want to keep the experience fresh. I have also yet to beat Dragon Quest 11.
  3. I haven’t played it yet but I have the latest expension preordered.
  4. I go into this dungeon thinking there will be Metal Babbles but I went into the wrong dungeon. I get to the end and fight Baramos. I have a lot of seeds on me because I ran out of space in the storage area. Once I start fighting I tell one of my monsters to use Mega Magic. I didn’t know this would use all my mp. I still have a monster that knows heal all. I tell one of my monsters to summon another character and he does so. The battle is draining because I have only one character left with healing magic and positive mp. With one solid stroke of good luck the extra summoned character doubles the attack power on my monster that knows Quad hits. Eventually, two of my non summoned monsters die along with my summoned monster. I am down to around a hundred HP on my remaining monster and then it takes Baramos down with the fourth Quad hit.
  5. Little update here. I bred Pizzaro and I have the ingredients for Esterk. I have beat S class also.
  6. Yeah. Plus, you can advance in the game without paying any so you can check it out yourself. The story is well written(I have yet to finish it). It’s main mode is you experience a story segment, go through a short dungeon, and there is so sort of conclusion. There are multiple other things you can do to gain power apart from this.
  7. I have Smash. When can we get the characters and do we have to buy something?
  8. https://www.famitsu.com/news/201905/27176819.html I put it through translate on my IPad and this is what came out. “A new genre for smartphones where you can enjoy the Draque experience" “New presentation is June 3”
  9. I do Scribe Japan vocab flashcars every week but I want to do more. Very professional app. Vocab building is the key to learning Japanese. I also do other stuff to learn Japanese.
  10. Wow. The two covers are so different I wouldn’t think they were by the same artist. IV is so minimalist while III has so much stuff going on.
  11. I just found out that Yuji Horii’s birthday(day and month only) is two days away from mine.
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