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  1. I found a level 91 map the other day and accidently tossed it so I'm still using the same level 89 map I've had for a while. Aside from that one it seems like all I ever get out tof that 89 is either low 70's maps or level 97-99 with Boss 12. All I want to do is get maps with the S level monsters for fire, ice, and water maps and then maybe a map with a nice number of S level chests for agate ingrediants..
  2. Yeah, I managed to find one that works with just the MC. I'm still using Thunder Thrust though, not sure if there's a better one. That's it. Thunder Thrust for spears or Hatchet Man for Axes. Same ability except for the name so its down to which weapon you like better. I use Thunder thrust with a Hero Spear so I can stay at max HP while hunting.
  3. Yeah, male character wearing maids outfit and maids mop just looks wrong... I used to stick my male main character in the maid outfit when i was trying to tag for Inn guests.
  4. I didn't even know I could discard maps without being asked to at the end of a grotto until long after I was already at 100.
  5. I keep level 1 versions of the Legacy Boss maps just so I'll have a quick and easy kill when I need orbs. I made sure to hold on to at least 1 grotto for each of the 12 regular bosses so they'll be available for quests and whenever I get around to filling out my invintory and need each of thier equipment drops. I kept the 2 maps I've found with S-level monsters (Caves and Ruins, still need the other 3 types), a low level, easy to get to grotto with MKS on the 5th floor, my best blue chest map, and my level 99 Greynarl map with a no enemies floor. I got most of those before I hit 100 maps and had to start discarding. Since then I've been looking up each new map on Yab's grotto search as I get it and just discarding them right off if there's nothing note worthy. On the rare time I do get something worth while I drop one of the useless ones I never even bothered finding the entrance to that I got while I was still working my way up to 100 maps.
  6. As far as getting the Slime hill trick to work it can take a while to find a map that will even give you a LMS in the starting spawns. Once you do get one though it really is a quick way to level your MC since he gets the full 40K expeience for each one you kill.
  7. Played it, but never beat it. I didn't find out there even was a DQVII until years after it had come out. Since then I've started it a couple times, but never finished it thanks to freak things happening like having a disc stop reading and then having to find a replacement or the power adapter on my portable PS1 dieing on my.
  8. All I know is if it does make it over here I'm pre-ordering it the first day pre-orders are being taken for it. If I hadn't already moved up to a 3DS a couple months ago I would have done it for this.
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