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  1. Woodus it seemed like it was fun for you to keep this from us and now you let it out???? haha well i guess people can get anoying.
  2. Ive had this name for to log now, its time for a change. can you make my new name Forgotten Wolf?
  3. I know how you feel i get home from work and have 3 hours befor I go to sleep but i have homework and stuff to do in that time frame.
  4. Erdrick now thats a name I havent seen in a long time. Mr. 50 post per day, but most of them were actually on topic.
  5. Haha yes it dose, but i can't help you with that.
  6. Ill thank you for her sence she is a little bussy.
  7. Thetas why everyone loves this site, because woodus will go to the ends of the earth to get things done. (I think through the what ummm 8 years is it the site has ben up?) well to keep it going that long and still have some of the older members stay on this site you had to be making allot of people happy.
  8. I can see it damn your cpu woodus lol.
  9. wow thats funny caz wen i changed my name to Yoko they made fun of me.
  10. Not to rush you Woodus but me and Dragon Warrior Lover 2003 have been waithing for 2 months.
  11. Thank you Woodus, but 4 some reason it will say I have not selected an avatar wen it shows the picture that is strange. Do you know why it said that? O forget what I wrote it works sorry.
  12. Woodus I know this isn't DW related but I wanted to know if you could make an avatar for me? The person is from the feudal times so, I thought it might not be to far off, If you don't want to that's ok. Ps if you want to look I have the URL here, I just wanted the face but I think you already knew that. http://novacaine.net/inu-yasha/images/anime/04.jpg
  13. well i want to make my name Scsshomaru.
  14. O im sorrey woodus ill rember to explane better sorrey for the mix up. ps: nice xmas theme
  15. Ok let me re word this, alright i wanted to make it Yoko i just used thoes so it would be easyer for you to spot. im sorrey for the problume. so i just want Yoko no brackets again I am sorrey for the confushion.
  16. O sorrey i just thought id make the name pop out. well just make it Yoko sorrey for the problume Woodus.
  17. If you have any free time woodus i would like to change my name to [Yoko] thank you.
  18. o I never thanked you woodus so thank you
  19. can i change mine to Dee i just wanted the capatle.
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