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    Many things happen, it might kill me sooner than I thought.
  1. A: not as much As Batman Q: who hasn't seen the movies?
  2. Woodus it seemed like it was fun for you to keep this from us and now you let it out???? haha well i guess people can get anoying.
  3. A: One ran into the side of my mom's car last halloween. A2: No it was Ozzy. and a bat. Q:If red states are for one side and blue states for the other, are the neutral/undecided states purple, white, or black? that was the joke A: I'll go with the safe answer and go with orange and black. Q: if a cat ran out in front of your car would u stop?
  4. A: if it involves biting the head off a chicken, then yes....... Q:or was that Marilyn Manson?
  5. Yeah but i killed 2 with 1 stone what is the meaning of life?
  6. Answer: because i was attacked by pirates Question: Where have i been for the last year?
  7. Admit it you only like me because I was forgotten. I wonder if anyone remembers my last name. Anyways I like leo becuase he reminds me of... well me. I like sm because he makes good posts. I like lily because she always has some sort of half sexualy and mostly funny joke to make, or some cutsy toic to make. I like Kalisilin because she will not take $#!& form anyone and will give what she receaves. It is actually interesting to see what some people will say. Thankyou I hit another rough patch but i have pulled through many a time in the past. Me a hero now there is a thought! *Up up and away!
  8. Ive had this name for to log now, its time for a change. can you make my new name Forgotten Wolf?
  9. I know how you feel i get home from work and have 3 hours befor I go to sleep but i have homework and stuff to do in that time frame.
  10. Erdrick now thats a name I havent seen in a long time. Mr. 50 post per day, but most of them were actually on topic.
  11. Ill be there within a year or so.....
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